"Sir, Can you teach love?"


Suzy is a 19 year old student of Seoul HS, Science club president, good leader, and a responsible child. she was living a normal teenage life with her bestfriends Myungsoo and Ji-Eun (IU) when a young bachelor named Ok TaecYeon became her professor.

What will happen when the world turns around and acidentally fall in love with this certain guy?


My new story though I am not yeat finish with my other fanfic but I just wanted to write this ^_^ 



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CNBDania #1
Chapter 9: Aaaaaaaah, what a sweet story!
I love taeczy characters here, it's not overly describe but so natural, and make us think, that's the way they are. Tahank you for this wonderfull story. Am i still have a chance to see another update?
ilabya32 #2
Challey #3
Missing your story.. Hope you cud update soon, thank you:)
TaecZy-MyungYeon #4
Chapter 9: aww cute taeczy <3
TaecZy-MyungYeon #5
Chapter 8: update soon pliss :D
miss_hana #6
Chapter 8: update, please, i like this story!!))
schwarmmy #7
pls. update soon!
Where's Myungzy????
SkullMaki #9
Suzy and Jr. ? Sounds good but i ship TaecZy better x)
AngelGhurl97 #10
Hope to read the updates soon..!!!