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Trigger Warning
by supergirl94ily
291 subscribers | 12610 views | Updated | Created
Tags   donghae   drama   eunhae   eunhyuk   superjunior   | Report Content | A A A A


Eunhyuk, Donghae, Super Junior




They've given the  fan services, even confessed their love on live radio broadcast.

But is Eunhae real?




They're ғυϲƙing real. Just that its a secret. 





Hello Eunhae minionsss!!


Omg Im writing an Eunhae fic. This fic is practically my baby :O

My first ever Eunhae fic, heh. These cuties had been giving me ideas since i first saw them hugging onstage and hell i know they cant NOT be real.  


If you guys are subscribing and upvoting, i thank you beforehand. I'll work hard to deliver very much Eunhae love to you guys :DD


Ps- I dont own the boys. *sighs*  



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Yukiharu86 () says about chapter 20:
aawww Hyukkie so cute he just jealous XD kkkkkk, OMG daebak.... Oh angst?? oh I loveee it if u want to write it ^0^b, thanks for update author nim, Im so very enjoy it :)

Yukiharu86 () says about chapter 3:
OMG!! so cuteee >__________< yaayyyy!!! I so loveee it, you greattt author ^0^b daebak!!!

Yukiharu86 () says:
hiiii I'm new reader,.. Your FF so interest I lovvveeee it :D

Hyukkie191 () says about chapter 20:
Kekeke, Hyukjae is so.. Adorable xD The reason he doesn't want to tell the other members is that he doesn't want to share Hae! :p And nice chapter btw! ;)
Update soon~

brattygurl () says about chapter 20:
Hyuk is so cheesy with his reason to not tell the others about their relationship, but at least Hae now knows that it's not because Hyuk is embarrassed about their relationship. Hopefully Hae feels more secure about Hyuk's feelings.

You mention angst, do you really have to give us angst?! But I guess even though Hyuk had his cheesy reason to not tell anyone about them dating and even though Hae doesn't feel insecure about it, they still need to tell their friends/members. They can't hide their relationship forever.

eunnahaela () says about chapter 20:
That's the reason hyuk didn't want to tell the members about their relationship? Keke.. Jealousy too much, eh? Thanks for updating.

HyukkieMyHubby () says about chapter 20:

elfishy_hae () says about chapter 20:
So cheesy and fluffy...thanks god u make the angst short like that, dont make them too much suffer neh author-nim??? hope the angst will not so bad..can't wait for ur next update!

daya219 () says about chapter 20:
I thought the angst would be a little be longer but i like it =) when would Hae know that Teuk's knows? & when would Hyuk know that Chul'a knows too? I want it to find in a funny way then a big drama lol idk just an idea lol... i like your =P & the story of course! Cant wait for more

fannykyuhyun () says about chapter 20:
Nice work!!! I'll patiently wait for the next update!

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