My fanfiction is breathing!?! OTTOKE?????

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Choi Yoon Joon is your average teenage girl. Seriously. She's average. She's not a nerdy, secretly good-looking ulzzang, rich, or even smart. She's just...average. She does, however, like to read fanfiction. But one day she magically gets transported into an actual fanfiction! That would be any fangirl's dream, right? WRONG! Yoon Joon didn't get transported into any normal fanfiction, she got transported into a CLICHE fanfiction. Will she survive?


Character Charts:

Choi Yoon Joon (aka Squiggle Squiggle Squiggle/~~~)

  • Normal (seriously...she's normal)
  • Apparently a straight-A student
  • Works at a coffee shop
  • Her hobbies include reading fanfiction, watching TV, and breathing.
  • Her favorite color is neon green.

Kim Jonghyun

  • Player
  • Rich
  • y
  • Likes Yoon Joon
  • Kingka

Choi Minho

  • Super athletic
  • Rich
  • y
  • Likes Yoon Joon
  • Kingka

Kim Kibum (aka Key)

  • Diva
  • Rich
  • y
  • Likes Yoon Joon
  • Kingka

Lee Jinki (aka Onew)

  • Obsessed with chicken
  • Rich
  • Chicken
  • y
  • Chicken
  • Likes Yoon Joon
  • Chicken
  • Kingka
  • Oh, and did I mention he's obsessed with chicken?

Lee Taemin

  • Maknae of the group
  • Adorable and friendly
  • Rich
  • y
  • Likes Yoon Joon
  • Kingka

Okay guys, as you might have figured out by now, this fanfiction is a complete parody of the cliche fanfictions on here. As usual, it will be a SHINee fanfiction where Onew is chicken obsessed, Key is a diva, Minho's the sports freak, Jonghyun's the player, and Taemin's the adorably cute maknae. Please don't take this fanfiction seriously because it's a PARODY.

Also note that my writing will be vastly different than it is normally (if you couldn't tell by the title). Again, I'm paradozing the way some people write their stories on here. So be ready for excessive punctuation, smiley faces, and colorful comic sans font.

Oh! Before I forget, here's a spork:

Feel free to use it to carve out your eyes. You may need it.

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Haminho #2
Chapter 3: Oh my god I died......lolololololololololol the fork was useful XD
hoyayeobo #3
Shinigamirukiasr #4
Hahaha, this parody was so awesome. I found it on the Fails of AFF tumblr and saw you posted a link here to point out the cliches and all of that and gosh that was a good laugh
iamkpoplover #5
Chapter 4: squiggle squiggle squiggle haha XD
Tinkle_Star #6
Chapter 4: OMFG PLEASE MAKE MORE. It's seriously hilarious and I actually like it better than most of the fanfictions today C:
LovesYoseob #7
I thought comedy was misspelled on purpose.
elisaexplosive #8
This cracks me up every time! xD
PureBride #9
Chapter 4: Oh my... this is sooo funny XD Anyway, thank you so much! Thanks to you I know what I should NOT do and write from now on! I'll try to improve! :3
elisaexplosive #10
Ahahahaha I read this again xD Laughed my off!!!
imperfect_narcissist #11
Chapter 4: LOL. OMG. This is hilarious. Damn do I love the squiggle squiggle squiggles.