Jealousy Completed!

by FreakyVamp
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Mir Seungho Joon Thunder G.O


This is my first fanfiction / One Shot in English.

English is not my mother language, so I am very sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes >.<

I hope you will like this OS, even with the mistakes.

Sorry, but I could not upload my self made cover... Sorry guys :( Makes me really sad >.<

But anyways thanks for reading :)


Seungho is in love with Mir, the Maknae.

But Mir does not have the same feelings, or so Seungho thinks.

After Thunder's accident on stage, Mir is inseperable from his best friend.

This does make not only Seungho jealous, but also Joon.

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jhengchie () says about chapter 1:
i dn't really have an MBLAQ ship bec. i am not that familiar with them but this is cute ^^

I do love it when the younger turns to be the older one in their relationship ^^ waahahahah go Mir!

GenerationX () says about chapter 1:
this is so lovely! they're really cute!^^

kiddilove123 () says about chapter 1:
kyeopta!!! haha :) love it

Yeolah () says about chapter 1:
aw cuteee >__________< <3

MIRaclebiased () says:
Aish.. I can't choose which couple I like more T.T mirho or joomi T.T

OoAidanoO () says:
This is soooooo cute!! MirHo all the way!! ♥

Applescent () says:
Omoo...This story is so cute!! Mirho forever! >_<

kami_wings () says:
YAY! Another Mirho fanfic! The plot sounds interesting! Can't wait to read more! ^-^

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