The Golden Hotel 3 (골든 호텔 3)


An ordinary girl gets to be a New Trainee inside SMent.

Meeting new friends, new faces and challenges lies ahead.

When you get involved in
EXO's activities, you all fly over to Chicago.

However, the unexpected happened.

An emergency landing was needed but then. . . .

the plane suddenly took off the moment you step out.

Leaving only


and EXO M

In the middle of nowhere. . . .

Oddly, a
Five Star Golden Hotel is located there.

What mystery dwells inside when they found out they're not safe. . . .

dying one by one as they play games with a so called







The Golden Hotel
SHINee x Boyfriend x You

The Golden Hotel 2
Super Junior x You

The Golden Hotel 4
TVXQ x JYJ x Teen Top

Please log in your AFF Account.
You will be one of the Main Characters.
This is a YOU Fic.
Just think of what name you want.

I never read any FFs except when friends suggests it.
This all started because of a Dream I had.
Then that's where I created TGH and so on.

I'll try to make this interesting and beware of some Goryness and Skinships.
This idea is mine so DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. TGH will have a SERIES.








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marsyaadriana #2
Chapter 54: Omg haha I might have cried a tad bit but your story was DAEBAK! WOW! The way you write every chapter makes me want to read more and more but at the same time in my head(please don't let them all die) WOW. The way you write is amazing :) Please type/write more stories. It would be amazing :)
figi2504 #3
Chapter 54: ohmigosh. You killed me with all of EXO's deaths. So awesome though. and creeped out.
jinki-pinkey #4
It's that time to re-read again :D. Still creeped out though D:
Gaby160 #5
Chapter 54: BEST STORY EVER !!!!!!!!! THIS AUTHOR IS DA MAN !!!!!! <3333333333333 I just can't breath~ <3333
elmoooo #6
Chapter 54: After reading the last chapter I was like "what the actual..." then I feel like my jaw literally dropped. The killings were absolute torture and I really thought I would throw up because it is really gruesome. And I was on the verge on flipping tables when Sehun died that way, and omg I can't anymore. This is awesome. Very daebak. The whole we are on thing.. I'm going to cry. But yeah, just wanna say that i have the urge to laugh when they call my username they we're like "are you alright elmoooo?" Hahahahah. But all in all this is really great. :D
invisible_girl #7
Chapter 54: Oh, my God. This story is awesome. I mean the deaths are creative and clever. Really. About the romantic moments, I'm not a huge fan of Tao and I felt undeniably weird during those romantic scenes. I couldn't feel this. I really hope she would end up with Luhan. And the very end, Oh my Gosh, I'm not going to spoil this, but it's daebak. I've been reading this during my physics lesson, and because of the vivid action, I couldn't focus on my studies. I was about to cry when my favorite members were being killed. Really. Anyway, fighting with your writing, and I hope, I will be able to see the next part of Golden Hotel, starring with F.T Island or BAP perhaps?
Vevi97 #8
Chapter 54: This literally was the best English fanfiction I ever read.... No, actually the best. I seriously started reading last morning, kept reading the whole day and today after school I continued reading. The story was awesome and everything was written very well... I really was amazed at the story line (and always laughed my off when they all called me Vevi97... Hey! Park Vevi97! XDD) and I only can and will recommend this fanfiction to my friends.
Actually I always paused sometimes and at the very beginning I thought it was someone else but after a while I just started to think of how HE could be the killer too... And in the end it was HIM.
And you successfully made me cry... Uhm... At least six times and I don't usually cry because of stories I'm reading. Anyway uhm...congratulations to this damn awesome story. I'm even thinking about reading the SHINee version too sometime soon.
Well now I should be sleeping since I have school tomorrow. You'll probably hear from me again on one of your other fanfictions, see ya c:
caramelmacchiato3 #9
Chapter 54: I was legit scared, and I thought the thing was for reals. Omg I almost cried at the gory parts
I should have known from the poster of the fic lol
sharr18 #10
This story is so daebak.I can't even think that gruesome way to die, it just ew but still, this is the first time I red a fanfic where the cast will die :)
dyookyungsoo #11
Chapter 54: Oh gosh im speechless