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Kevin woo, You as Kim Kimi, Lee Saika (oc) and others



''Knock it off!! I won't be with you!''  

                                 ''Let's see what time will tell......... but I still will get you"




 Two different people, comedy and love that's what you get in this story! :D


Hello! :D I know that I just started my NU'EST story but I just need to let this out of my system XD

I will continue my other story too but now for this one.......

What would you do if  a rich, overconfident, flower boy came to your class  and instantly became the new kinga?  ......easy ignore it

but what if........... from the first moment he lade eye's on you he won't stop pestering you to become his girlfriend

even to the extent that he threaten's all boy's in school to keep away from you?

well... that you will find out in this story

(You/ Kim Kimi)

(look's like in picture only with dark nut brown hair and dark blond natural stripes) 

-17 year's old

- mostly quiet but also says her mind

-live's alone in somewhat studio house

-love's to read, dance, play the piano and sing (this one is based on me XD )

-hate's pink, favorite color's black, purple and sliver

-more of tomboy/casual some time wheres dress or skirt but mostly she's in pants hates to be girly girl

- commoner (as rich would say)

Kevin Woo

-17 year's old

-rich guy

-has somewhat cool y aura

-sets his eye's on you in the first day of his arrival

-dancer and singer (in this story he isn't in a boy band)

- the new add to the kinga's in your school and magnet of girls

Lee Saika

-17 year's old

-love's cute thing's

-your beast friend since primary school

-your opposite

-bubbly, fun loving and sometime's loud

-care's about you allot

Hope you will like the story!

Please bare if there is some spelling mistakes English is not my mother language

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aubreymychie109 () says about chapter 7:
To tell you the truth, this is actually my first Kevin fanfic that I've ever read in AFF (Before I have an acc) and I've been waiting this forever~! If you want, I can give you some ideas?

Onew999 () says:
I really like the story!! So please update and keep it up more!! Hwaiting!!

CeltyS () says:
I like the story but the main character seems like a jerk lol

bebepantheon () says:
your story has a good start so far, will you be updating soon? I like reading it... just a small correction to your foreword page last character u got the word 'sense' wrong..isnt it suppose to be 'since' kindergarten...middle school...etc?

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