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Please Verify Your Age [M]

Trigger Warning
by lovefishymonkey and HaeFishie |
470 subscribers | 23974 views | Updated | Created
Tags   donghae   eunhae   eunhyuk   fluff   mpreg   hyukhae   | Report Content | A A A A

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EunHyuk, DongHae, EunHae, Heechul, Sungmin, etc.


Lee Hyukjae went to Paris to spend holiday there alone, without his family.There, he met Donghae and have to stay in one room of the hotel because there's no more room for Donghae.

But then, the following  morning, Hyukjae and Donghae found themselves naked on Donghae's bed.They were so startled and devastated.They didn't even remember what exactly happened the night before. After that incident, they didn't see each other for quite a long time. 


A year later, when Hyukjae was attending his elder brother's wedding, a man carried a baby boy named Eunhae. He admitted that the baby he held is Hyukjae's son. Hyukjae's family was so shocked and ask the man about the baby's mother.

He said that his mother died while giving birth to Eunhae. But, later on, they found out that Eunhae's mother is still alive. Their families are forcing them to get married although both of them don't want to.


How would Donghae feel, after going through all the hardships of pregnency and childbirth, he's meeting his child's father?

How would Hyukjae feel, after knowing that he really did impregnated Donghae and now has a child of his own? How would he face Donghae?

Would they live happily as a family?


Feel Free to watch the trailer too ^^



made by me ^^


New story from me...

This story isn't about hatred.

It'll be a little romantic, fluffy and a bit angst.

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- Lee Hyukjae

21 years old

Older brother: Lee Sungmin

- Lee Donghae

21 years old

Older brother: Heechul


I would like to thank the following for her kindness and hardwork:

So, special thanks to my co-author:


And for the amazing poster thanks to:


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_eunhee89 () says about chapter 48:
OH MY GOD... ITS SO HOT!!!! but 2 round is not enoughhhhh....make more when the morning comessssss /smirk/

anahus () says about chapter 48:
*cover eyes* to hawt ! my eyes >_< hehe

HaeFishie [A] () says:
Heyyy *narrows eyes* what is this? unnie, you too? btw it was amazing as hell. Didn't thought you'd be the type.

kyuririn () says about chapter 48:
DAMN. SO H O T !!!!

eunnahaela () says about chapter 48:
I need blood donation. This is extremely hot!!!

FangirlEunYoo () says about chapter 48:

lizzy1504 () says about chapter 48:
One word

" WOW"

HyukkieMyHubby () says about chapter 48:
Whew that was so hot...
It's already hot here in my place and u made it more hotter

EunhyuradeLuffy () says about chapter 48:
OMG, this is so HOT, I Love it !!
Still curious how can Hae preggy in the first place when they met before, what've had they done cz u never explaint it before rite?

Thank u for update :D

mennie68 () says about chapter 48:
ahhhhhh i'm sweating while reading kkk lol wow so hot what a wonderful wedding night <3 wow two rounds and i think bbhae got preggy again yay thanks a lot for awesome update <3<3

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