EXO TRILOGY: Lay's Lover is a Runaway Heiress Completed!

by kyuhyunwifey
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EXO TRILOGY: Lay's Lover is a Runaway Heiress - main story image


[MAIN] Ye Jin, (you) [MAIN] Lay/ Zhang Yixing, Joo Hun and Chae Han couple, exo


(You) Zhang Ye Jin is an heiress living a double life. Tired of being in the limelight, she runs away from home and becomes EXO-M's all-around assistant where she meets Zhang Yixing (Lay), the career-obssessed and handsome EXO-M member. 


She's the perfect daughter by day and the badass party chick by night. Zhang Ye Jin gets tired of the "flawless life" and voluntarily runs away from her mansion to prove that she's not just the stereotypical spoiled kid who likes to party. After crazy circumstances, she finds herself in SM entertainment, hired to be EXO-M's 24-hour personal assistant.


This is somehow connected to my first two fanfics. The Joo Hun and Chae Han couple will be mentioned from time to time. Instead of a spin-off, it's a trilogy! 

Once again, this is my thank you gift for you, AFF friends for the BIG BIG LOVE that you gave to my first two fanfics.


Imagine yourself as Zhang Ye Jin. Badass.Seductive. Often misunderstood.

Half Chinese. Half Korean. Chinese name is Aya Zhang.

Is the heiress of the Zhang Corpoation in China. Home schooled and demure in front of her parents, tough and mysterious by night

This is you:


and this is the same Lay from the first fanfic... Zhang Yixing

childhood friend of Joo Young

the most sensible EXO member whose personality is hard to decipher.. only cares about his career 

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Breeann245 () says about chapter 60:
I'm finding each chapter leaving me want more. Even though it's late I can't stop reading it's so good!

yoon_bbab () says:
You're a great author!!

yoon_bbab () says:
Great story

Jojolikes () says:
Awesome story!!

silvey () says about chapter 80:

ExoM_ExoK_Exo () says:
This was so good! I loved it ! <33

ekadubu () says about chapter 21:
huft...kwon ye min turned to be a good women in the beginning...but let's see later...
.and dreaming girl is comming. yejin started to think about lay...yeah

ekadubu () says about chapter 20:
chips fingers are still on you...hahaha well this is the situation where yejin loose her confident....just fighting yejin.

ekadubu () says about chapter 18:
omg she,,, kwon ye min. she is back flirtying...i really don't like her. and party would make them little bit relax or maybe got in trouble...hahahaa i mean the feeling.

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