Notes from the Heart

by kirakirashahida
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Woohyun, Chorong


Some friendships begin with a simple hello.
Some love stories begin with a simple letter.



To the girl with long hair and chubby cheeks,

My freind thinks your pretty and want to nou your name.

From WH




Tell your frend thank you and to fix your spellings for you first.

From Secret

PS I am not chubby!



To Secret

My friend said friend is spelled friend not frend. Ha!

From WH

PS but your cheeks are.





From Secret



To Secret

Your name!

From WH




Not until you tell me yours.

From Secret



To Secret

But I asked first!

From WH




You said it was your FRIEND.

From Secret



To Secret

It was my fr―



To Woohyun and Chorong

I appreciate your good intentions of making new friends but I will appreciate you two paying attention to me more.

From Teacher Song



To Woohyun

It’s your foult we got extra homeworks!!

From Chorong



To Chorong

At least we nou each other’s name now. Friends?

From Woohyun



To Woohyun


From Chorong


To readers,

What can I say? I love these two too much.

This story is inspired from Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbows End which I had just finished reading for the zillionth time.


Yours truly

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pinkfinite_9pm () says about chapter 10:
Awwwww... I just love the relationship between the two. Please update!!! Even thought this was from last year!!!

skywaywhisper () says:
Back again. Heheh reading it EVERYTIME makes me fluffy inside:-) I hope you'll update soon!!!

SoYeon_AI () says about chapter 10:
are you not going to update this??

thetwins271 () says about chapter 10:
just found this story. omg woorong soooooo cute. Love it♡

byacell () says about chapter 10:
So cutee woorong-ah ♡
Love this story, your writing style is so special ^^
Love this story, curious what will happen next~~
Fighting authornim!

hvarawr () says about chapter 9:

naszNN_ () says:
When will you update, author nim? It has been a really long time :(

yaniane () says about chapter 10: of a this...~XD

TheEggie () says about chapter 10:
Don't give up on this story because it's just amazing. Update soon~~ fighting!

LittleMissHappy () says about chapter 10:
omg please update this plsplsplsplspls don't lose motivation over this fic like srsly, this fic is damn amazing. and I love woorong a lot so yeah ; n ; I've re read everything for more than five times? it's just too cute and adorable and yeah, amazing. ♡

thank you for sharing this. i'll wait forever for this fic ; n ; ((not to pressure you but yeah. sorry if you feel pressured!))

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