I Am The Princess of EXO





To: The ladies of the Lee family

From: EXO 


I, the king of EXO, hereby invite your family to the royal ball. This ball will be held on August 28, next Thursday, at 10:00 pm. All the ladies under the age of 25 and over the age of 18 must attend this event (If you are already married, then you cannot come.) At this event, our 6 princes of EXO will select a fair lady and take her hands in marriage.


It IS a requirement to attend. You have to bring the mother of the family along with the ladies that are attending the ball. 

We hope to see you soon~








-Lee HyunMi-[You]-











        Lee Hyunmi is the youngest of her family. She is treated unfairly by her siblings, HyunA and MinHee. She is adopted into the Lee family, forced to do chores and serve like a maid. She doesn't voice out her opinions openly, but rather decided to keep them within. Her quiet personality is a result of the bullying that occurs when she's at school. Hyunmi has dark brown hair with dark brown eyes to match. She is quiet at first but once you get to know her, she's all buffalo style. She gets shy very easily and she hates being teased. Like ohmygewd. She loves animals!...Bunnies to be exact. She's clever and witty, that it'll make your head spin. She's not an easy girl, our dear Kai has experienced that. And she loves bubble tea. I do too

-Lee Minhee & Lee HyunA-
 Minhee and HyunA are your older sisters that is second rule of the family. If Mrs. Lee is the queen, then they are the princesses. They order you all day and all night. They are harsh and rude as well as spoiled to the bone. Naturally they are the Queenkas at school; HyunA is the ultimate queenka. They don't care about what you think or how you feel. Minhee, who is a follower of HyunA, treats you the same way. 
They are bluntly jealous of your beauty and academic skills,so they order you around as a output of their jealousy. 
At least one of them changed.
(Not to bash Hyuna in real life.)
-Mrs. Lee-
Mrs. Lee, if you would have just a short phase to describe her. It would probably be "unreasonable" and "Immature". She sees you with no flaws with the comparison of her daughters. It angers her even more when you bring him your report cards. A to a C. And as the commander of the family, she uses it abusingly. Her mouth thinks faster than her brain which can easily get a bad impression from people. She's a bit over-weight due to the chores she hands you and not moving an inch around the house. She is throughly known throughout the village as a...mean, old lady next door.
         Byun Baekhyun is the second umma to the exo family. He has an amazing voice that stops all hearts.He's usually calm (usually) and is like BBFFs with Chanyeol. Like Best-Buffalo-Friends-Foreverrrrr. He's short yet mighty with his bite. He has a more mature side than a childish one. Second to Kyungsoo with his nagging, of course. His smile can take away your heart in a flash and say sweet things that cloud your mind.
Q: Who is the least favorite member you like?"
A: All of them.
       The ultimate of the exo family. All members agree, hands down. He has a playful and teasing personality that make you groan in shame. He's somewhat 4-D as well. He loves you. Maybe a little too much...but still. He hates animals. ESPECIALLY bunnies. Those teeth...are deadly...He's incredibly greasy that even Nam Woohyun has competition. He expresses his love by throwing cheesy and corny phases at you, which most of them is shot down by Suho. He would do anything for you, but still complain. He is violent and easily thrown off by his quick temper. 
Q: All of the members say that you are a byuntae. Do you agree?
A: Tch. I just have a different way of expressing my love and to make myself memorable to Hyunmi.
            SeHun is like the hyper puppy of the group. Perfect for the image of tthe maknae. He is stubborn and almost immpossible to control. He's impatient and clumsy which you tend to adore. He tries to manly but fails, so he decided to stick to the cutie look. SeHun is ,no doubt, over protective. His ultiimate enemy. Pandas. In his words, Pandas were clingy and whiny. Especially the ones that know wushu. He'll protect you with all his life, but due to his attention span, gets lost in the fight and leaves you accidently.
Q:...Do you dislike pandas that much?
A: All the way down to their wushu stick, Ohyes.
           "A nightmare."- Kyungsoo.  He never stops talking. It's a good thing you're a good listener. He keeps you company at all times and has this creepy smile that makes you burst into laughter. He's innocent of all things and loves to spoil you. His motto is "Smile! Don't say cheese if you're not going to give me any." He believes that you should be happy all the time, everyday. he's the moddmaker of this big family and pumps up the mood in everyway he can.
Q:How much do you love Hyunmi?
A: More than Kai.
           The umma of the group. Cooking, Cleaning. Nagging. Commanding. All the stuff a regular mother would do. He takes care of you with all his love. He hates lazy people. Kai.  And makes everything perrrffeecccttt for you. He is suprisely violent, meaning he's good at disciplining his 'kids.' He treats you like a princess and protects you from overly-hyper puppies. He is calm and a reasonable man who thinks of the situation instead of acting right away.
Q: Do you think you are a good husband?
A: If I can be a mother of 5 kids, I can be a good husband.
         As the oldest of the family, he is automatically the most mature of the group. He protects you rfom byuntaes Kai. He loves passion fruit bubble tea and that's his couple drink with you that he takes pride of. He is kindhearted and a push-over for the members. He loves your smiles and you love his smile. Even though he lacks in height, he states to protect you. From s. From other girls. And mostly from taller guys. Suho may not know wushu. BUT. as the grandpa, he has hidden skills.
Q: Who is your enemy in Exo and why?
A: Chanyeol. His height...
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