Too Nice For Your Own Good


Suho decides to help everybody and hurts himself in the process.  He even helped Kai get together with Luhan despite the fact, he loved Luhan himself.  Lay tries to comfort Suho and ends up confessing.  Suho was willing to be in a relationship with him but Lay was too nice and didn't want Suho to be tied down because of him.


It starts off angst but I swear it gets better ^_^


I got permission from kaihanes.  She wrote a set of EXO drabbles and in one of them was an angsty Lay/Suho drabble which made me want to continue.  I'm honored to be doing something like this to my favorite author <3 Hope I did a good job myself ^^;


Thanks to Superchocolate Graphics Cafe for the poster and background~

The sequel a.k.a. last chapter is finally up. Please don't forget to comment after reading. It'll inspire me to write more EXO fics.

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 3: i know im too late for this but this is so fcking cute (≧▽≦)
NawelleSuhoChenKris #2
Chapter 3: I felt so down this week, and then I read this short fiction and I immediately felt better, thanks for that, I'll read your other stories. This one was so cute, and just so tender, I really appreciate to read, sometimes a story without any lemon, just a sweet love story =)
Yololife12 #3
Chapter 3: I love this couple great story
omg i love lay!
bonbonbunbun #5
Chapter 3: and they lived happily ever after TAT
Nasulayim #6
Chapter 3: Omg yeay *happyly cried
Chapter 3: awwh they got together ^^
gaemgyu245 #8
Chapter 3: if,if luhan being with kai and suho with lay,who will be sehunnie couple? ;A;
Chapter 3: AWW, AWW, AWW, how adorable~ i can't stop from smiling until my cheeks feel hurt when read the end of it! XD *thumbs up* great story!! i love this
tohtohs #10
Chapter 3: Awwww!~ this is so adorable!!! Thanks for writing this, authornim! (: