The Saline Goodbye


Pairing: 2min

Rating: R

Warnings: character death

A/N: Partly based on the poem And Thou Art Dead, as Young and Fair by Lord Byron


This couldn't get published before, so I decided to make it a stand-alone fic.

I love 2min, it's the sweetest pairing of them all, but after I read this, the following HAD to be written. I'm sorry Taemints, and I'm sorry shippers. But please, please don't hate me for this...


I hope you guys enjoy and leave comments.


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SanaKyu #2
Let me live inside that part of your head that makes you write like this.
maxjibong #3
Chapter 1: im crying, you, bad person:(
MickeyC7914 #4
coming back to say this was the first fic that made me cry ;;;
Tisash #5
Chapter 1: I'm going to take up on your offer of an year's supply of tissues, sit in a corner and pretend that Taeminnie is playing a wicked joke on them
Fairybreath493 #6
I have serious trouble reading angst, because I always cry. I'm such a baby about it. I take stories so seriously and I always have to tell myself "but then it was ok because it was all a hidden camera and Taemin's still alive and then they all went to go eat cake somewhere."
This truely is brilliant, I understand why everyone's crying. I ecspecially liked the repetition with their hometowns and how they were different now. "I'm saving Taemin's seat" just broke my heart. Well done, you, brilliant fic.
LeftLight #7
HappyBaby #8
It was awesome... You made me cry x( but still fantastic, your writing style is very good!
MrsLeeTaemin #9
It was good :)
carrotcake #10
that was really, really sad. :'( beautifully written i must say. it definitely gives off that mourning feel.
TheRudeTasteOfSane #11
To be perfectly honest, this reminds me of what I went through with someone very close to me. It was awful. This describes that feeling so well.