My English Teacher


Taeyeon has English lessons with Tiffany in Columbia University:) Jessica, Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri will also be students.


Tiffany is Taeyeon's senior in Columbia University, where Taeyeon has just been accepted to read medicine. Tiffany is a second-year student who has been assigned to help Taeyeon study English. They get closer as Taeyeon has private tutoring sessions with her, due to her weak English foundation.


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Chapter 3: please update soon
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Chapter 3: Please update, this is really cute!~
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niceee :)
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update soon~
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i like this.kk interesting. Update soon.
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I like your story here^^
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niceeeee... very nice^^~
dorky taeng ftw <3
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pls update soon...the story seems really interesting...keep it up^^
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Interesting :)))))))))))

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