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With fast and heavy steps, Taemin pushes himself to them; his eyes conveying suppressed anger and pain. He hardly blinks, because he doesn’t want to lose them from his sight. It was indeed true, his girlfriend was with Kai the whole time, the whole time that he was miserable and lonely, the whole time he was about to explode, the whole time he needed someone to lean on.


Sulli hardly breathes as she watches Taemin making every step toward them. There is pain in his beautiful eyes; a different kind of pain that she has only seen right at this very moment.


Kai didn’t even turn away from his eye contact with Taemin, he should’ve known that this will happen, he should’ve prepared better. He fully remembers that look on Taemin’s eyes..He never thought that he’ll ever be seeing it again. He grips Sulli’s arm and placed her behind him, he wouldn’t want her to get in the situation that he and Taemin should settle for. He perfectly knows how Taemin goes mad for he’s untamable.


As Taemin finally got to them, he never ceased his hateful glare to Kai. He wants to punch him, tell him he’s an , tell him that their friendship is over..but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled Sulli beside him compellingly.


Sulli winces faintly with the way Taemin’s holding her hand, it was painful. She hissed and creased her eyebrows in a confused manner and she couldn’t bear the cold war between Taemin and Kai. What is wrong with them? There is something that she surely doesn’t know.


When Taemin is about to drag her away, Kai tugged her other hand. They all stopped but it increased Taemin’s fury.


“Hyung, calm down.” Kai said.


“Calm down?!” Taemin infuriated. Calm down? After you took her away from me? After you ruined my chance again? After you made me so angry? You’re asking me to calm down?!


Sulli starts to tense, their grips really hurt she might get a bruise. Taemin holds her tighter and pulls her again. Kai was looking at them worriedly that she nodded for him to let go. And so Kai did. Slowly, he released her hand and Taemin hauls her furiously. Her steps stagger with discomfort but she still followed him without any word.


“Get in.” he ordered darkly, forcing her inside his car. She bit her lip before entering. He slams the door shut that Sulli jolts from her seat. He’s really darn scary right now, but on the contrary, she’s not scared of him at all, she was more scared of the silent treatment.


He sprints his car outrageously fast that Sulli flinches a bit. Why is he this mad? His expression was really hollow.


“Taemin, I –“


“WHAT?!” he yelled.


Her heart jolted. She slouched herself lower to her seat. His driving goes faster and faster while her heartbeat does the same too.


“We were just looki –“




“WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY HUH?!” she shouted back.




Sulli huffed a sarcastic laugh, “WHAT? You deserve it,you’re the one who took me for granted.”


“Yeah right, I did took you for granted..” he responded grudgingly. If she just knew what he did last night..Yeah, that was foolish; he was foolish to think that they could be so much more.


“You should understa –“




All of Sulli’s next words were cut shock with what he said. She couldn’t continue speaking now, what did he just say?


“AND YOU’VE BEEN WITH HIM FOR DAYS! AND I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT! BECAUSE IF I DO I WONT EVEN LET YOU!” he punches the stirring wheel hard.  “IS THIS STILL A STUPID CHARADE FOR YOU?!” he looks at her helplessly, with raging eyes. “I ALMOST ASSUMED THAT WE..”


There was a ringing sound that he got interrupted. He picks up his phone annoyingly.


“What?!” he yelped.


“Taemin?! Yah Taemin!” Ara speaks frantically on the line. “Where are you?”


“Hey im not –“


“Taemin! Listen to me, don’t ever use your car okay? Don’t ever use your –“


“Hey I’m not really in the mood to talk with you right now so just save it later.” Then he hangs up, not even minding what Ara has just said. He heaved a furious sigh, speeding his car even faster. He’s really losing his mind.


Sulli stares at him in silence. She was processing everything that he has just said, but her nervousness is taking over her system. She never saw him this angry, his face was flushing red and he was breathing heavily. What could have they done to make him this furious? She really couldn’t understand him at all! And he is recklessly driving his car! She’s getting scared of the whizzes and blurs of the speed. She looks ahead, feels like they’re in a race.


“T-T-Tae-m-min.. Slow down.. Slow down.” She asked with her quivering voice.


Almost like a stinging memory, Taemin turned to look at her with twitching, rounded eyes. It feels like, he heard that daunting words before..


No. This is not dejavu.


He steps on the clutch for a slow down, shoving the gear lever to neutral. But then, their speed goes on. He tries again but not a thing works. He keeps on adjusting the gear lever while working on the stirring wheel at the same time. Panic starts to dwell him as he looks at Sulli fearfully, she was also looking at him with rounding and scared eyes. He squints at the approaching cars, the road they’re heading to is narrower than earlier and they really got to decelerate.But they aren’t.


He hears screaming. This time, it was Sulli screaming. The reverberations are deafening, he might explode. He buckles her seatbelt but chooses to outstretch her arms for security. He feels her hands quivering. They were going way too fast. No. this isn’t happening again! Why won’t the brakes stop?! Stop! stop! He frantically shakes every gear he could touch, nothing, nothing is working! He looks ahead, with sightless focus; they are making a destructive commotion on the road. They glide from side to side and their car goes bouncing the driveway, he dodges approaching cars but its becoming too sharp, too hazy, to frenzied..How long could he keep it going?


Sulli’s sobs keeps on ringing in his ears and he has nothing left to do, hardly keeping enough strength to breathe. Their speed uproars like a mad bull; the continuous agility is maddening that he doesn’t know what to hold on to. Nothing is under control. This fastidious motion sweeps through the air at a rate that causes his sight to pass in a blur so that he can’t focus on any one thing.


Fast. Fast. Fast. Everything is so fast.


“Taemin!Truck!!”Sulli yelled as she points to an enormous truck from ahead.


He maneuvered the stirring wheel with all his strength to make a safe dodge, but their charge is was too strong..




Their car hits the truck at a strong intensity that it leaps away, toppling and rolling continuously with screeching thrusts and propulsion. It concluded with a loud skid, the car is a wreck, the impact strikes to a terrible extremity.


Taemin winces with pain, dizzy with vague vision. He is still alive, still breathing. He was enfolded upside down and his leg hurts. He struggles to move but he was stuck. He sees a pale hand, a bleeding hand. He follows the trail with quivering eyes; No. this is not dejavu! Sulli was disoriented and curling with bloodshed. No, that’s not Sulli.He yells in his mind. He’s not seeing it right. No, she’s not the one bleeding next to him, face flickered with flowing scarlet blood, shoulders stained with glass cuts, and waist lay by the broken window. This is more like a murderous sight. No. No. No


“Sulli!” he shouted.


He forces his legs to escape. He reaches for her, pulling her to him. “No. Sulli.No.” he cries. He shakes her, feels her, throbs her hysterically..She’s not moving.


He struggles to forget the pain, he runs over with jumpy steps. He wrestles himself to get up and carries her. His legs were shaking but that increased his aim to hold her more. Her blood keeps on dripping to the ground, her pale face rimmed with flowing blood, he couldn’t imagine how did this happen. She was too lifeless and it kills him beyond what he feels. He grasps for air and he’s losing it every second. Reality isn’t still sinking in; tell him this is just a nightmare because this is not real, not real at all.


He fights for strength, but his heart goes weaker just by looking at her like this.


“Help..” he shouted with husky, breathless voice.


He keeps on walking. He has to save her. “Sulli..don’t.” he mouth, his eyes watered with fear. “BREAATHE!!” he screamed, almost crying out of desperation. He tightens his hold on her, but his whole body convulses to the ground.


He’s on the verge of breaking down, not until a hand pats him, saying words he couldn’t decode, shadows came and take over his strong hold of her but he refuses, he refuses to let go of her.


Yet it was still easy for them to pull her away from his arms and he all could do was to reach out his hand.. “Sulli.. Sulli..”


“Sulli..” he keeps on saying.. He was pulled up from the ground and as though darkness starts to well him he still fights to be awake. Soft hands cover his eyes, and that’s how he loses it. He falls to unconsciousness mouthing the same name in his lips.


# # # 

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