In Love With a Trainee


Nivani is a new trainee of SM Entertainment. She entered as a trainee  to meet her long time crush and idol, Kyuhyun of Super Junior but a lot of trials are coming can she survive and pursue her dream?

                  Together with here two friends, they will be riding the most awesome ride ever!!


mian characters:

 Nivani Song- A happy-go-lucky and carefree 18-year old girl who loves and admire her idol, Kyuhyun. she auditioned for SM Entertainment and got in. Very beautiful  but doesn't believes if people tell her.A bit tomboyish and doesn't back down when it comes to fighting. Can be very cute if she wants to and very friendly and enthusiastic. very talented.She loves reading books and one of her hobbies are collecting  books and bracelet(not those girly one but those boyish one). A but EVIL. Her style of clothing is SHIRT~JEANS~CONVERSE kind of fashion. She hates waering high heels,short pants, mini dress/skirts in short she hates girly things. she can never leave her house with out her sling bag containing:

  *IPhone   *camera   *I.D     *Notebook        *Book        * Key        *Pen         *wallet         *candy/bar of chocolate     *and more

Nivani is half korean and half Chinese but can speak both language and english fluently. She is also  a 3rd than blackbelter in Taekwondo. Nivani is also very fund of taking pictures that's why her sister,Hyunri, bought her a proffesional camera (DSLR/NIKON).

speaking of family, Nivani has 2 siblings and she is the youngest. The eldest is Song Hyunri. She is the reason why Nivani is addicted to books but you can't say that she is a nerd coz Hyunri is a total fashionista(that's her work by the way) and she is famous not only in Korea but also in foreign country. the middle and the only boy is named Song Jae Seung. Jae Seung is the reason why Nivani is very brave and good in taekwondo,he also loves music and he thought Nivani the guitar that's why they are more close but don't get me wrong. all the member of the family is very close and loves each other.
her father is a captain of the largest cruise ship while her mother is own a five-star restaurant.

Essa Ko- A new trainee just like Nivani. She,Biancha and Nivani will become close friends. very pretty,hardworking and brave. Caring and sweet friend to Nivani and Biancha. She is 20-years-old which makes her the oldest of the group. very good at dancing and singing. a bit boyish and likes fighting. she like someone (you'll know later on the story) but tries to hide it. an only child with parents who are both busy.

Biancha Cha-  Also a new trainee. She is 17-years-old which makes her the maknae. Very pretty,cute and sweet to everyone especially to her unnies. She is the fashionista of the group. very friendly and enthusiastic girl. good at singing and dancing. Has a brother whos name is Yoongjoon. her bias is Lee donghae of Super Junior.


Annyeonghaseyo everyone. This is Sujutwilightfan  !!!

This is my first fanfic ever so I would want everyone of you to bear with me because my grammar is not that good.

I started writing this fanfic long ago but I wasn't confident enough but now I am so have fun reading and don't forget to subscribe and comment!!

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Chapter 6: so exciting update more
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Psch.. Everyone's saying "I love twilight" so I decided to be different >.><br />
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Hey I'm a new fanfic reader & this is really good! I love it! Can't wait for the rest. Please update soon(:
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LOve it!
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I love twilight too!~<br />
My Favorite book is Breaking Dawn!!~
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Really good!! Love it!!!!!<br />
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Don't forget to insert a lot of EunHae kaaay? Keke
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