This Angelic Jerk Completed!

by bunnyhunny
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Yoochun You


It's a one shot about you and Yoochun being  a couple and it all started at the Ice Cream Parlor "Timeout Gelato" ㅋㅋㅋ

You'll get to know how you met each other and how you guys ended up together.

I don't know If I should call this a one shot yet. hmmm....maybe this is going to be my 2nd story


Ok this is just a one shot or maybe not :)) I hope you guys like it. I'm still thinking what to write on the next Chapter on my previous story. maybe this could be my 2nd story so that's it

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Jun_KOI_Mi () says about chapter 44:
a happy rushing ending, haha
well done ^^

BlueSolified () says:
Awww I love Chunnie here! I hope for more members interactions to.we already got Jaee so now I need my dolphin~:) Please update soon~Pppllleeeeeeaaasssseee

bunnyhunny [A] () says:
and i realized it's been so long omg sorry OTL

nar12345 () says about chapter 42:
you give a cozy and cuddly feelings here...i like!

_DyNaR_ () says about chapter 42:
uhohoho///i wanna my morning time like them too...
wow..u make a double updates today..daebak.\^^/

Dreams_alive () says about chapter 42:
Woo a double update!:) keke I love it!

nar12345 () says about chapter 41:
authornim..u make us happy!

Dreams_alive () says about chapter 41:
Aww a sweet patch up! Cute chapter you have here:)

minnie6002 () says about chapter 41:
aww so my chunnie is jealous now??? so cuteeeeee what make you feel so insecure when you already stole my heart away kekekeke >,<
love it authornim^^

_DyNaR_ () says about chapter 41:
awawawawaw...what a sweet moment..
wow..yoochun wants to announce about jae must be broken heart right now..lalalala///-just come to me darling-hahaha
thank you^^

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