Love Irony


Seungho finally met his long lost 1st love.Seungho hurt her and love her. But she already engaged to other guy. What will seungho do to express his feeling?? Love can't choose the time to come and end.




Yang Seungho meet his 1st love after lost contact by years in his way to Busan. 

He run to catch her again, he run to apologize what he did in past, he run to ask her love again, he run to say all over this years he really felt guilty. But he just ask a nightmare after all. " I already engaged, seungho..." said her to Seungho.


Kim Soojin meet her 1st love after lost contact by years in her way to Daegu.

She hold her feeling to angry at him, she hold her feeling to still smile on him, she hold her feeling to not say how much she miss him. She saw her 1st love run for her. In front of him.. she just can deeply smile and say "I already engaged, seungho..."


Lee Joon met her in a right time. 

Experts said "A Man just need not more than 5 minutes to know she's the one or not". And Lee Joon felt it with her. He thought she is the one. Until he knows, he is not the only one. 


Inspired by the love irony quotes:

The greatest irony of love is loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right & finding out you love someone after that person walks out from your life.


Yang Seungho


A free, honest, and straight forward guy. He said he like when he like, he said he hate when he hate. He was Soojin's high school friend until beginning of college time. For Seungho, Soojin is a special-kind-close friend. But He's dream to be a pianist is no.1 in his life. So He never thought about love until Soojin wasn't with him again.Time never went back. Soojin hearts has been broken by him. 

Kim Soojin


Soojin is a pure-tough girl. The only things on her mind is make others happy. She is a kindergarten teacher. She was Seungho's high school friend till the beginning of college time. For her, Seungho was her forever crush. She was a complaisant girl. She couldn't easy decide everything in her life until Seungho left her. With all the memories they have. Now Soojin firmer for her life. She has a courage to decide her life: Get engaged with a good guy she met, Lee Joon.

Lee Joon


Joon is a kind, caring, and simple guy. He can't hurt others feeling. He sometimes say 'OK' even it's not okay after all. He is a young executive. He is a handsome chaebeol that every girl in Seoul want him. He was afraid to be in love, cause he didn't want to break others feeling. Until he met Soojin. A girl that made he broke his rules. A girl that made him have a courage to propose her cause he thought she is the one. 


-other cast will be added soon-



Hi...this is me. I'm trying to make a new fanfic.

I'm really regret i can't continue the old fanfic of mine. TT.TT 

But I try my best to end this story. not like the old story of mine.

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