★STARLIGHT★ [Starship Ent. New Girl Group] (Apply Closed/Story Updates/Info) [Editing]

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Chosen Applicants || Boyfriend || SISTAR || other Idols


Starship Entertainment is going to Debut a new girl group Called STARLIGHT which will Debut in 2 months! This group consist only 7 girls that MAYBE will be paired with BOYFRIEND in their next MV.

Group Info:-


Fanclub Name: Starlighters

Fanclub Colour:-                        and                         

Greetings: 'We are the TWNIKLING STARLIGHT!! Annyeonghasaeyo DASHING Starlight imnida~~'

This Group Consists:- 7 Members(May Change)

Debut Date: 17 June 2012

Debut Album: TWINKLE

1st Single: Hello Venus

Comeback Stage: Undecided Yet

Comeback Album: Shine

2nd Single: Lovey-Dovey


Posistions:- (The Ones that is Lined means that it's taken!)


Leader, Main Vocalist,Lead Dancer

Main Vocalist

Lead Vocalist

Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face Of The Group

Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group

Vocalist, Dancer

Lead Rapper, Main Dancer & Maknae

★ Official  Members:-

AFF Username- Character Name- Nickname- Age- Position   
b2utyseop-Sung YongEun-Eunnie-21-Leader,Main Vocalist,Main Dancer

myungllane-Kang HaYoung-Ha-Rain-20-Lead Vocalist                             

mazlyina97-Shin MinHyo-Yana-18-Vocalist, Dancer                      

NasAini-Na HyoMin-Hyo-15-Main Vocalist                                        

NurulAina-Lee EunMin-Min-15-Main Rapper,Lead Dancer, Face Of The Group

AnisAina-Lee Eun Soo-15-Vocalist,Lead Dancer,Face Of The Group           

BTOB_Lover/Me- Kim HyoLyn-Lyn-15-Maknae,Lead Rapper,Main Dancer


Da Rules:-

1. Don't bash me if you're not chosen!

2. Subscribe before you Apply (That's A MUST!)

3. You can't be Younger than 31/12/1997(15 y/o) and older than 31/12/1990!(22 y/o)

4. I'm searching for 5 more girls since I'm in the story too

5. COMMENT if you want me to add anyhting in the story.I don't mind ^^

6.Ulzzang Hong Ah Reum is taken!

7.Anybody who Suggest me the Fanclub name & Greetings will be my co-author!

8. No MinWoo as Love interest is Taken!

9. Application is at Chapter 2

10. Do NOT unsusbcribe because MAYBE i'll use your Character as the Chosen Applicants Family or anything

11. There is a Password!

Password- Starlight Forever

12. Don't Rush me! I have life you know??

13. PM me if you want to know more about STARLIGHT

14. Comment after Applying


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NurulAina () says about chapter 15:
wuttttt???Ur leaving?? Andwae!!!! ><

myungllane () says about chapter 15:
maknae we'll gonna miss you

baby_1004 () says about chapter 15:
O___o whaaa~~!!?? you have? well then >< this is gonna get interesting lols

AnisAina () says about chapter 14:
Hyunsik? Not bad~

baby_1004 () says about chapter 14:
woohoo i got ilhoon ><

NurulAina () says about chapter 14:
yay! I got Sungjae! XD

baby_1004 () says about chapter 13:
oh my gosh i have a solo? xDD this is gonna be fun~!
please let me have a bias D:

baby_1004 () says about chapter 12:
O.o . . .what?

NurulAina () says about chapter 12:
whut??? I didn't know about this!

myungllane () says:
aiisssh nae dongsaeeeng!!

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