I'm Crazy about YOU



You are crazy over Oh Se Hun, a member of EXO. You're a fan of him ever since his teasers were out.

You'll do anything just for him to notice you. 


                                                         ▬►But is it possible for an idol like him to notice your existence?


On the other hand...Se Hun doesn't have any interest to be in a relationship for now.

He prefers to work hard and focus on his career. 


                      ▬►Will he ever change his plans and notice your exitence?

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You are currently entering the SM East High University together with your best friend Sunhwa. Maybe some people doesn't understandthe part of you being a fan girl over kpop stars. And there's this new boy band who debuted for 4 months already, that never leaves your mind.What will happen If you met them in person? And become friends with them? Or what about if you met the man of your dreams you're crazy over with?Oh Sehun, maknae of EXO. He looks cold and have his poker face on outside. He was known for that and only acts cute or playful around hisbrothers, the EXO. If faith and destiny will let him meet these girl...or let's just say YOU. What will happen next? Will he open up himself?To answer all the questions bugging your minds dear readers...let's accompany and join their story by reading. On how destiny put up two differentpeoples with two different worlds together.





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lottamimi #1
Chapter 47: omg omg omg please update *o* i so badly want to know what happens after the kiss ^^ pls
MiniZelo #2
Chapter 32: Ah super Story!! Thx to you too^^ keep it up ❤
Choccoluvva13 #3
Chapter 33: I love this story so much, I've read up to chapter 33 in one day.
beng_25 #4
Chapter 47: Is this the end already? Plsss.. Update more...! I'm going crazy here!! I can't stop reading your story!! Huhuhuhu plzzzz, plz, plz. Update soon!!
shafarf #5
Chapter 45: Nooo dont stop updating!!! I love it soooo
Subdaa #6
Please updated more. I love this story so much so please update more
Subdaa #7
Chapter 33: I love your story very much^-^
Creamiez #8
Chapter 33: My gosh this is such a good story. Baekhyun acts exactly like Baekhyun. Baekyeol is cute and funny. It's such a good story! Pls update soon chingu~gomawa for the daebak story!
Areina #9
Chapter 45: Oh no I can't stop reading the story now!please update!
irsalinaidzm #10
Chapter 47: Arghhh finally you are UPDATING your story!!! Omigod, I love your story kyaaaa. More update pleaseeeee. I'm dying here waiting your story haha