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Hello there! Snsd_yoonyul07 here, bringing a YoonYul crap one shot for all their shippers but somehow, I hope you'll still enjoy this. xD



What will happen if Yuri caught Yoona watching her kissing scene on her drama alone in their room?


Oh no!


A total mess?!!


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-kaname #1
Chapter 1: Nice one. Seohyun's so cute.
feriel #2
Chapter 1: yoonyul <3

seo so cute haha
annaxd167 #3
Chapter 1: Now this is one of the reason why I'm kinda rooting for YoonYul in MBIMF... You turn me from TwinTrooper to Secretive to Locksmith and now back to TwinTrooper. I had a great laugh, rereading all of your stories til you're out of hiatus and plus it's cheering me up a bit :) SecretHunter, Hwaiting!
Trisha22 #4
Oh nice story. :)
chifusasama #5
Chapter 1: Short, sweet, simple, nice!
kaitoyoong #6
Chapter 1: Wkwkwkwkwk,, Why Seobaby always stand in not right time
Va_asianloverz #7
Chapter 1: it is good and nice
please share and write more
ariayeSONE #8
Chapter 1: haha.. nice fanfic. more YoonYul :)
Cherry92 #9
Hahhaah!! I love how it's always our innocent maknae Seohyun who interrupts the lovebirds! >.<
I really loved this fic, the kiss was really nice~ ^^ Good job! Looking forward to reading more YoonYul from you!
dhyraaxx #10
seobaby ,, hahahaha .. she fainted .. so funny ..

and always.. yoonyul ! so sweeeet ..