What Is He Doing?

That New Kid

"YAH! CHO CHAN JI! I have been looking all over for you!" Chan Ji's bestfriend Key exclaimed as he ran over to her with bread.

"You totally have to try this! It's amazing!"


Chan Ji laughed as her bestfriend ate the cream filled bread in an instant.

"Gee mom.. I'll try it later.." Chan Ji sarcastically replied.


"Yah.. Did you hear? This new guy is coming here." Key said as his voice turned deep.

"Apparently he got kicked out of his old school for picking a fight with the principal and that he was a . Uggh.. Doesn't he have manners?"


Chan Ji sighed as she looked over at Key. His eyes glaring at the boy who entered the gates. Chan Ji looked worried and shook Key's arm.

"Oppa.. Oppa.. calm down.. It's not like he's going to do the same over here. He looks pretty harmless to me."

Key faced Chan Yoon and looked straight at her.

"Whatever happens, do NOT go near that guy. I know what he's done. He's dangerous Ji, dangerous.."

The aura around the male was dark and intense. It was horrifying and creepy.


Before Key could shoot more daggers at the new kid, Onew approached them together with Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin.

"That kid came hey? Yah Kibum-ah! He won't do anything to our little princess! We promised Kyuhyun hyung to protect her no matter what!" Onew shouted as Key grimaced from the volume.

"Let it go Key. Don't think about what he's done. That was the past!" Minho reminded him.

Chan Ji narrowed her eyes at Minho, trying to figure out what was going on.

"What happened? Is it about Chan Yoon unnie? Oppa.. tell me! She's my bestfriend too!"


Jonghyun and Taemin sighed together. Chan Ji's eyes started to water up, tears threatening to spill out.

"Jiji... don't do this.. it would hurt you mo--"



Jonghyun was taken aback as Chan Ji cut him off, yelling at him. Taemin sat down beside her and hugged her tightly, her tears soaking his uniform.

Key sighed and spoke out the truth quietly.

"He my sister. He told her that he loved her. In the end he got her pregnant and she was kicked out of the house, disowned and never to return again. I see her with her kid you know.. She's so cute but I can't approach her. I secretly met up with her the other day and she's married with Mr.Nam's son, Woohyun."

Chan Ji nodded silently, tears still running down her face, staining her lovely skin.

"Woohyun oppa loved Chan Yoon unnie since the day they bumped into each other at the park. They were each other's first love. That unnie of mine.. she's lucky to have a guy that accepts her even if she's had the most tainted past.."

The girl smiled half-heartedly and hugged Key who was crying with her.

As he pulled away, they both wiped each others tears and laughed.

"We look silly oppa.. Let's go to class~" Chan Ji said happily as she stood up, linking arms with Key while they walked to their class.


As they left, someone approached the place they were sitting at. He was a mysterious boy.

His eyes were dark and he had a smirk that would freeze anyone in a second.

"Kim Kibum... your little bestfriend won't know what's coming."

He spoke in a soft but deep and dark voice. His lips curving into a rotten smile.

"Cho Chan Ji..get ready to become mine..."



First period was finally over and all students had left and roamed around for the second period.

Chan Ji went through her bag to see if everything was there. Books and pencils. Pens and food. Everything was there..

Except her phone.


"OH.. where is it?! No... I need it!"


Chan Ji panicked and rushed over to her second period class.

The teacher came in and all students stood up to greet the teacher. As the teacher ushered them to sit, the new kid walked into the classroom taking the teacher by surprise.

"Class. We have a new student. Please make them feel welcome to SM High. Please introduce yourself."


"Hello. I'm Kim Jong In but you can call me Kai. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Every girl in the class giggled and admired how handsome this boy was. Kai sent the girls a sly wink their way which made them explode with happiness. On the other hand the boys in that class grimaced and sent him glares, telling him to back off. Chan Ji though didn't really care.

As the class settled down, the teacher looked at the class to pick a seat for Kai.

"Miss Cho please raise your hand."

Chan Ji shot up and raised her hand, not knowing what was going on.

"Mr.Kim will be your seating partner for the rest of the year. You will also be his tour guide, so stick by him and don't lose him." Mr.Park said lastly before he started teaching his lesson.

Kai turned to face Chan Ji. He stared right at her. Her features were like a dream to him.

Her plump lips. Her almond eyes. Her long legs. Her curved body.


He wanted her.

But he had to make a start.


"I'm must be Cho Chan Ji right?"


Chan Ji turned to face him and forced a smile.

"Yeah.. it's nice to meet you."

She turned away from him and began writing notes as she could hear the other girls in the class whisper.


'He's talking to Chan Ji unnie.'

'WHAA.. I think he looks cute with her!'

'Chan Ji unnie must be a lucky girl to have a guy swoon over her like that'


The boys in the class were whispering too.


'Ughh.. that dude. Get away! She doesn't like you!'

'Chan Ji will stay forever by my side.. I just need to have the courage to ask her out.'

'What about Key and her other friends?'


"You're pretty cute Chan Ji. Let's go on a date~" Kai smirked as he whispered deeply in her ear making her shiver.

Chan Ji lightly pushed him away and smiled bitterly.

"I'm sorry but I don't want to date right now."


Kai leaned back into his seat and started working while he wore that rotten smirk on his face.

He was sure to get you anytime soon.


"CHO CHAN JI! Don't forget to tour Jong In around the school! He's new!" Mr. Park shouted out before she could walk straight out the door.

"Aish that Mr.Park. He's got that new kid following me and I promised Key oppa to stay away from him." Chan Ji mumbled quietly as Kai follwed right behind her, checking out her figure.

Chan Ji looked at his timetable and her eyes widened as the locker number was printed in bold letters ontop of the paper.

*Damn Kai.. why next to my locker?!*

Chan Ji walked to the lockers, putting in the code and opening it for Kai so he could put his books in.

"Here's your locker." Chan Ji said quietly as she turned around cursing to herself for not obeying Key's orders.


"Great. Thanks~ Where's your locker by the way?" Kai asked as he shut his locker, looking straight at her.

The girl groaned and pointed to the locker next to his. Kai chuckled and nodded, watching her quickly take out her books.

"I'm going to the library. I'll see you around Kai." Chan Ji said as she walked away as quick as she could but stopped as Kai was holding her wrist.

"I'll come with you."


-At the Library-

"So here's the library. If you don't mind I'm going over to a table to read."


Kai nodded wanting to explore more of the school, but he still hasn't forgotten what he was supposed to do. As Chan Ji was reading, he sat next to her looking at the girl.

His hand immediately attached itself to her thigh. His hand travelled to the inside of her thigh and rubbed it slowly, earning a gasp from her.

Her eyes widened as Kai stared straight at her, giving the girl a y wink before he crushed his lips against hers.

Chan Ji's eyes were wide open, filled with horror. Kai's hand continued to move under her skirt, his fingertips brushing past her .

Within a few seconds, she stopped resisting to his kiss and kissed him back, her eyes closing. Kai reached for the hem of her lace underwear and swiftly ripped them off her. He shoved her underwear into his pocket and rubbed her hole hard.

He then crawled under the table making the girl curious until she felt him spread her legs. He his lips in delight while looking at her hole, waiting to taste her.

Kai placed his mouth over her lower lips and began to at her .

Chan Ji tilted her head back, biting her hip hardly to stop herself from ing out loud.


"Hey Chan Ji noona!"

Chan Ji's eyes snapped open and she faced her young friend, smiling nervously at him

"Sehun-ah... what.. brings you here?"

"Nothing much noona! I just wanted to see you and say hello! Hey noona.. why is your face red? Are you sick?"

Sehun walked closer to her and touched her forehead.

"Noona! You're burning up! Come with me I'll take you to the clinic!"


Chan Ji shook her head violently.

"Ani! Sehun-ah! It's okay.. I just did a small workout...before com-ming here~ Don't worry about me~"

Sehun looked at his noona with a curious look.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm.... sure Sehun~~ I'll see you ...later for tutoring.. okay?"

"Yes noona~ BYE~"

Sehun then nodded and waved at her for the last time before he exited the library.


"Ugghh.. Kai.. Don't stop...ahhhh~~"

Chan Ji gripped onto his hair and ed quietly, only loud enough for Kai to hear.

"Mmm.. you're close baby..I won't stop until you come for me.." Kai mumbled into her lower lips, the vibrations from his deep voice increasing the pleasure.

Chan Ji was panting heavily as Kai worked more on her wetness. A few seconds later, she came and released her juices. Her head was thrown back and whimpers escaped her mouth.

Kai skillfully used his tongue and lapped up all the juices from her hole, not wasting a single drop before crawling out from the table and sitting back down next to Chan Ji who was panting.

Kai quickly kissed her lips as stood up, holding her underwear in her hand.

"I'll catch you later babe~"

Kai winked and his lips before he walked out of the library holding the black lace in his hand. His famous smirk evident on his face.


"Yah. Cho Chan Ji. Why are you so red?! Did you eat chillies or something?!" Key exclaimed as Chan Ji walked over to him, her hands pulling down her skirt.

"Ani! Something bad happened to me today!" Chan Ji sighed as she lowered her head.

"And why are you pulling down your skirt?! It's not like you don't have any underwear on!"

Key nagged and scolded her like a mom. Chan Ji just looked at him with a pokerface.


"Well first off, I have to tour Kai around the school and secondly.. I have no underwear!" Chan Ji whispered loudly to Key as he gasped.

"Ji! I told you to stay away from him! He's just bad news! And where the hell is your underwear?!"


"Well... he kind of took it when we were at the library." Chan Ji said shyly as Key's face was filled with no emotions.

"Key? Key?? KEY?! Listen to me!"

"What is it?! Didn't I tell you what happened to my sister?! Chan Ji-ah.. I'm warning you. Stay away!"


Chan Ji felt a pang of sadness in her heart.


"What if I don't want to stay away from him? What if I like him? Oppa.. I know you love me as a sister but I can make my own decisions. I.. I like h-him."

Key stared at her in disbelief. He looked at her for a minute before standing up, fixing his uniform.

"Don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart. I thought you would do so much better but this is how it ends. I can't believe you Chan Ji. I don't know who you are anymore."

Key walked out of the place, tears streaming down his face as he couldn't believe the reality.

Chan Ji looked around and saw people looking at her sadly. Girls and boys came up to her holding out tissues and comforting her. Without saying anything, she ran out of the place crying a river. As her legs couldn't take it anymore, she stopped running and realised where she was.

The school garden.

Memories of Key flooded her mind.

The memories were so happy back then.

From the time she came to SM High and befriended Key, to the time where they were relaxing in the garden a day ago.

Tears started to flow out again. The pain was incredible.

She sat down on the bench, her head hung low. She stared at her lap, the tears dropping onto the fabric of the skirt.


Suddenly a hand appeared and caressed her cheek, rubbing the tear stains away.

"Oh.. Kai. It's just you." Chan Ji said in surprise as she looked up.

"Why are you crying?" Kai asked as he shuffled closer to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

"I just had a fight over my bestfriend because of a certain so-omebod-dy~ It's not-thing.." Chan Ji replied with glum as the tears threatened to come back.

"Chan Yoon. She was my first love. I was drunk and her that night. I actually regret what I did. But she's off with another man now. It was right for me to let go."

Chan Ji's eyes hardened.

"How? How did you know I was talking about that earlier?"

"I saw you with my hyung or should I say ex-hyung. After that incident, Key decided to never talk to me again after I got his sister pregnant with my baby."

Chan Ji chuckled.

"You really are something." Chan Ji smiled as she faced Kai.

As he looked into her eyes, his expression softened and his heart started to beat quickly along with Chan Ji.

Chan Ji kissed his cheek and she stood up, placing her hand on her hips.

"I need something back. I feel so without my underwear!" Chan Ji exclaimed cutely as Kai laughed and handed back her underwear.

Chan Ji smiled and put it back on infront of Kai. She gave him a cute wink as she pulled up her skirt to fix the underwear.

"Aish.. don't kill me. You're too y!"

Chan Ji laughed as Kai stood up, giving her a playful look.

"Come here!"

Chan Ji screamed and ran around the garden while Kai chased her, wanting to tickle her.

They seemed happy and joyful. Their love for each other has grown.


Key stood at the closed entrance to the garden, a look full of regret.

"She's happy with him. He's actually changed. I'm sorry Chan Ji. I'll make it up to you."

Key walked away with a small smile on his face. His small approval of their relationship.


In the garden, Chan Ji was still around until she tripped over a rock, squealing before closing her eyes waiting for her body to fall on the ground.

But she didn't feel anything hard at all.

She opened her eyes and there infront of her was Kai with a worried look on his face. His arms wrapped around her waist protectively.

"Are you okay?"

Chan Ji nodded and stood up straight, frowning as she missed the feeling of his arms around her.

"I-i.. I have t-to go! See you later!"


Chan Ji bid him goodbye before rushing into the school building, blushing like crazy.

Kai stood there smiling like a fool, taking in what just happened in those few minutes.


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