It's not a Breaking Heart

Park Jiyeon

June 7, 1993 (age 18)


            Sitting in your desk you couldn't help but examine and try to find something wrong with JiYeons flawless hair.  The class was boring, but it's what you would have to endure till graduation and through college.  Luckily you had asked JiYeon for a study session after school at her house, not that you needed to study but it was an excuse to get closer to her.

            Now watching the clock, you waited for the minutes to tick by edging closer to your escape.  The bell rang , you picked up your school bag and walked out the classroom door, down the hall, down the stairs and outside the building.  Waiting by the front gate you kept an eye out for JiYeon, while people walked past you towards their homes.

            She walked towards you, smiling, you returned the smile.  "Still on for the study session tonight?" You asked, confirming your date.

            "Yeah, I thought you would bail though, the way you booked out of the classroom."  She responded, a hint of laughter in her voice as she grabbed your arm and pulled you out the gate with her. 

            "I would never," you replied, being completely serious.  Realistically what guy in his right mind would blow off a gorgeous girl.  "So how late will your parents be out?"

            "They're actually gone for the week, why?"  She asked, leaning into your arm.

            "Just asking."  The conversation ended as you approached her house.  Stepping inside to walk upstairs to her bedroom, following closely behind her, closing the door behind you.  "What subject should we start with?" you asked, leaning against the desk that she was now sitting at.

            "You asked for a study session, what subject do you need help with?"  She retaliated, looking at your face.  Grabbing her chin you lifted her face and leaned down, close to her.

            "How about anatomy?" You suggested, leaning in to kiss her.  Missing as she turned away from you, your lips met with the soft skin of her cheek.  "Okay, I guess not." you noted, standing straight again.

            "Well maybe you should specify," you watched a smile slide onto her face while she looked down at her notebook.

            "JiYeon-ah," you said playfully, moving behind her to rest your hands on her shoulders, lightly giving her a massage.  Leaning down by her ear you whispered "human anatomy."  Kissing the tender flesh of her neck, her head tilted away from you exposing more skin.

            "Hmmh," the noise escaped from her lips.  Stopping your contact with her, you resumed your previous position by her desk.  "Hey the massage was feeling nice," she said standing up, the serious expression on her face lasting a few mere seconds.  She smiled brightly at you, wrapping her arms around your neck.  "What do you wanna know about human anatomy?"

            Her question shocking you at first, you couldn’t even answer as her hot lips found their way to your neck.  Of all the thoughts that could be racing through your mind, the one thing bothering you was 'how many layers did a girls' school uniform have?'   "JiYeon-ah," you said slightly pushing her away from you.  Caressing her face you kissed her lips directly this time, indulging yourself with a hot kiss.

            You had no control when she spun the two of you around, forcing you into the chair.  Sitting in your lap, the kiss resumed as your hands trailed to her , squeezing lightly while pulling her closer to you.  Her hands on your chest, she pressed down hard as you trailed your hands up her shirt touching the skin of her lower back.

            Feeling her tongue in your mouth, as she unbuttoned your shirt.  It drove you crazy as her fingers traced slowly down your torso.  Your shirt completely open, she moved further down to undo your pants, unknowingly arousing you as she teased at the elastic of your boxers.  Unable to take the tension, you easily lifted her, laying her on the bed.  Sliding off your shirt you moved to make quick work of hers.

            Being stopped by her unwillingness to make this easy.  You had her shirt completely unbuttoned, exposing her flesh to be seen.  Unsatisfied with just looking, you grabbed her waist, pulling her slightly off the bed but towards you.  Setting your lips against her stomach you kissed lightly down her, tugging at her skirt.

            She grabbed your hands, taking them away from her clothes.  Pulling you down on top of her, you didn't resist as your lips pressed against hers, your fingers intertwined.  You kissed down to her neck, hovering above her skin as you caught your breath.  Forcing her arms down, you took control.  "Don't make this difficult," you whispered in her ear, you made your way down her neck slowly, kissing every bit of skin on your way to JiYeons cleavage.

            "Please,"  She tried but any words she had to say turned to s as you kissed her , slipping your tongue underneath her bra to her .  She showed no signs of resistance as you let her hands go.  You pulled down her shirt sliding it off of her, before sliding down the straps of her bra, giving you more access to her round .  Her s continued as you kissed her roughly.  Sliding your hands up her skirt you tugged down her , completely pulling them off of her as your lips trailed down her body.

            Ignoring her skirt you kissed her inner thigh moving closer to her damp .  Pushing on her hips you slid her more onto the bed before spreading her legs further apart.  the entrance to her core, her s became louder and she her pelvis upwards.  "You taste so good," you said before moving closer to devour her .  You let your tongue wander the center, the sides her and there, it wasn't long before she was dripping, you swallowed every bit of her fluids.

            Pulling away you stood up, ridding yourself of your pants and boxers.  Quickly pulling off her skirt before your inserted your hard inside of her, pleasing her once again.  You could see her head tilted back and her eyes closed as you moved quicker in and out of her, feeling your pre slipping out.  Grabbing her hips you pulled her closer to you, pushing your full length into her.  She screamed in pleasure as you slammed harder into her, not leaving a break between s.

            The pleasure ending soon with a few final as you released your seeds inside of her.  Breathless, you pulled out of her, leaving her lying on the bed as you redressed your lower half.  Pants fully on you lay beside her on the bed, you hand rubbing softly against her stomach.  She turned to face you, wiping the sweat off her brow.  "We really need to stop having study sessions," she said a smile on her face.

            "Well, you've never told me to stop."  You teased, knowing that she was to distracted to speak during ual .  She punched your chest playfully before sitting up to dress herself.  Grabbing her waist you pulled her into your arms, kissing her neck lightly.  You pushed her back down on the bed, leaning over her to kiss her lips before saying, "Maybe we should go for round two.”


A.N.  I'm really sorry about how long this took to post, and write actually.  It was hard to take away her innocence, reason number 3,947,547 why I hate maknaes'.  She's so adorable, but I don't think this is too badly written...  Well, anyways thanks for reading as always, I hope you enjoyed it.  I don't ask people to comment or subscribe but criticism is always nice, so are suggestions for another story, I kind of want to focus on one person for a while instead of like a whole group.  Hmm, just a side note I wonder what the new members of T-ara are going to be like.


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