What is Love?


It started from their trainee days,

from became each other's friend

became each other's best friend

and lastly, 

became each other's soulmate 

forever (maybe).

Characters :


Krystal Jung (크리스탈)
Her real name is Jung Soo Jung (정수). She's the maknae of the famous girlband in South Korea named f(x). She has a older sister named Jessica from the famous girlband in South Korea, or maybe in the world named Girls Generation. Same as with Jessica, sometimes people would think that she is the ice princess of f(x), but actually she's kind and caring. She has one best friend named Kai from the famous boyband called EXO-K. But, as time goes by, she had a different feeling for him. What kind of feeling that she had for him? Just check it out.
Kai (카이)
His real name is Kim Jongin (김종인). She is the dancing machine of the famous boyband in South Korea, or maybe in the world named EXO-K. He has a charismatic and handsome face, but actually he could do something that we found it cute and full of aegyo (author's imagination). He has a best friend named Krystal from the famous girlband in South Korea called f(x). But, as time goes by, he had a strange feeling for her. What kind of feeling that he had for her? Just check it out.

What is love? I'm still young for god's sake. My unnie said if we loved someone, we would do something crazy, our heartbeats is getting faster dan faster, and made us sad if we knew that someone that we love, love someone else. And right know, I can feel it, especially towards him. Am I in love right know?

- f(x)'s Krystal

What is Love? Hey world, I'm still young, okay? Urghh, some sunbae said to me if we loved someone, we loved to tease someone that we love, made pranks on that person, and we felt that our heartbeats is getting faster and faster. Is that true? Because right now, I feel it, especially to this cold girl. Am I in love already?

- EXOK's Kai


Hey guys, I'm newbie in AFF.

And of course, this is my first fanfic :)

Actually, I've typed the first chapter in my blogger, but it seams to boring if I save it there, so I'm going to post it in here.

And please treat me well :)

Thank You :)

And I'm so sorry if there's something wrong with my grammar.


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