Chapter 2 : Photoshoot

What is Love?

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Preview from the last chapter :


"Wae Krys?"

"Oppa, oppa .....," using her tremble voice.

"Yah, Jung Soo Jung, wae? Don't make me worried like this? Yah tell it to me!" sht, this girl make him worried so much.

She swung her body to faced him, and her face came closer and closer to his face, and her action made him paralyzed. Then she said something to him, ...

"Happy Birthday Kim Jongin-oppa :) Sorry, I'm forgot about your birthday, and I don't have any gift for you, so I will give you something special,"

And after she said that, he realized that she kissed him, on his lips. Oh god, he thought her lips is so smooth.

Finally, she broke it, and ran while yelled to him, ...

"Mianhae Jongin-oppa, I just can give you that, bye oppa!! See ya!!" 

And after she left him alone, he still felt that kind of syndrom, his heart is beating so fast.


Krystal's POV

"Jung Soo Jung, I Love You, would you become my girl?" asked Kai oppa to me.

"Mworago?" his question made me paralyzed and I didn't know what to say. 

After some minutes, I tried to talk but .......

"YAH JUNG SOO JUNG, how come you forget your schedule for today?" yelled Vic unnie.

Oh god, I just want to sleep tight for this day. Eh, wait, unnie said my schedule. Omona, I'm forgot it, today I have a photoshoot with Sull, Yoona unnie, Seo unnie, Key oppa, Taemin oppa, Luhan oppa, Kai oppa and Sehun oppa for W Korea. Oh crap, our manager would scolding me if he knew that I woke up late. Immediately, I ran to the bathroom to take a shower, and I finished in 2 minutes. I changed my clothes and ran to the kitchen to took my breakfast. After that, I ran again to the fan. And Sull and our manager have waited for me for 30 minutes. Crap.

"Soo Jung, why you take it so long?" asked our manager.

"Mianhe oppa, you know me pretty well, am I right?" I said it using my innocent face.

"Yeah, whatever," he said lazily and I showed my pouted lips.

After our conversation finished, I looked to the car's window to saw the environment. Huh, so boring. And then, I thought about Kai oppa. Ah, I'm forgot to tell you guys. You must thought that our friendship is stay still. But actually, no at all. Since I've debuted, he started to avoid me, and went far away from me, and it make me sad and I have cried before because of the way he acted in front of me. Is there something wrong with me? I thought I never done something that made him hurt, I never had. Then why he did it? Uh, then I realized that I started to cry. Uh god.

Hey, but you know what? Just in few months later, he would have his debut time. Ah, I'm so happy for him. But, will he come back to me and be friend, or he will avoid from me even more. Ah, thanks god, and then I cried so hard, but I didn't make a sound, so Sull and our manager oppa couldn't realize it.

And finally, after 1 hour, we arrived at the place where the photoshoot will be taken. I walked together with Sull to the studio, yeah, they would take the picture in the studio, if I'm not wrong, it took place at Studio 5. And then, we arrived in front of the studio's door. I opened it, and I saw Yoona unnie and Seo unnie waved to me and Sull.

"Hey Soojungie, hey Sull, how are you?" asked Yoona unnie.

"We're fine unnie," said us in unison.

"Well, that's good, hey you two, change your clothes right now, the photoshoot is already started, but actually they would take our photo first. Jjang!! Fighting!!" said Yoona unnie.

"Thanks unnie," said us again in unison.

After that, I went to the dresser room to did some make up and change clothes too. I arrived in front of the door and opened it. But, crap, after I opened the door, there's someone who stood in front of me. I tried to look to that person's face, and I realized that he is Kai oppa. And lastly, our eyes met each other. Crap, it made me paralyzed.

End of Krystal's POV


Kai's POV

I started to play with my phone without thought about another thing. But, I couldn't consetrate with my phone, I always thought about her, her, and her. I couldn't get her away from my mind. You know who 'her' that I mean, right? Yeah, she is Jung Soo Jung or as well known as Krystal. I Always thought everything about her. Hey, have I told you about our status? Hmm, since she debuted, I started to avoid her. It doesn't mean that I hated her. No at all. I did it because I didn't want to ruin her image, and her carrier. And there's so many reasons that I have. But, the last reason is, I have realized, that me, Kim Jongin, love this cold girl named Jung Soo Jung since the time when she kissed me 3 years ago. It made me scared, because I've thought that her lips is my addiction on that time, so I avoided her.

And you know what? This year I would get my debut time. Ah, I'm so happy. But, would she feel happy for me? I didn't think so. She must hate me right now for avoided myself from her presence. Ah crap, it made me confused. And then I heard Luhan hyung yelled to me.

"Yah, KIM JONGIN, stop playing with your phone, okay? The photoshoot is begin, so put your phone on your desk,"

"Okay, I got it," as I walked to my desk to put my phone. After thet, I went to the door, but when I wanted to open it, there's someone from the outside that opened it. But, after that, I realized that the person who opened the door is the girl that I love since 3 years ago, Jung Soo Jung. And our eyes met each other. Ah crap, made me paralyzed. But, wait, am I wrong? She looked so sad and tired. What's wrong with her? Ah damn, she always made me feel worried about her. At last, I swung my head to the left and to the right and laughed a little. 

"Yah, Kai oppa, why did you laugh? Is there something funny? Is there something wrong with me?" Krystal asked me innocently.

"Ah.... aniya Krys,  I just thought that your so cute today!"

"Ah, gomawo oppa :)" 

"Ehem," uh god, Luhan hyung, he always ruined our moment.

Because of him, Krystal looked to him and ran to him.

"Luhan oppa, wae?" she asked with her innocent face.

Urgh, I hate it Krys. Why you gave your innocent face in front of him? Just give it to me. Oh crap, I'm fallin for her deeper than before. Aish, their scene together made me sick, and I went out from that room.

End of Kai's POV


Luhan's POV

Yah, what's wrong with Kai, huh? Did he got jealous because Krystal is talked with me? God, that boy, always like that. Urgh, made me sick. 

"Luhan oppa, how are you?" and I realized that I'm talking with Krystal.

"I'm fine, and how about you?"

"I'm super fine oppa," she said with a cheerfull voice.

"Okay then, hey change your clothes, okay?" I said it to her and she nodded. 

After that, I went out from that room and tried to found Kai. After some minutes, I found him outside the studio. And I started to talk with him.

"Hey, Jongin ah, did you jealous because of me?"

"Hyung, why you always asked me that lame question?" he said with an arrogant voice.

"Yah, keep calm please. You don't have to speak like that, okay?" while calmed him down.

And then, I realized that he is crying so hard.

"Yah, wae?" 

"I can't hold it anymore hyung, it's to hard. I can't avoided her for a long time, I can't wait any longer to become with her. It's just that, I love her so much hyung. It's hurt hyung, so hurt," said him with a shaking voice because of crying. Aish, Kai that I knew is not weak, but right now it's different.

"Then, how about confessed your feeling to her?"

"Hyung, are you crazy? You know I can't do something like that. It will make her image and our image looks bad in front of other people. Can you realize it?" he yelled to me but still with his shaking voice. Crap, what must I do right now?

End of Luhan's POV


Preview for the next chapter :

"What? He love me since that accident? Since I kissed him on his birthday 3 years ago? God, is it true? I'm not dreaming, am I?" she thought about it, again, and again.



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