Chapter 1 : Trainee Days

What is Love?

Krystal's POV
Yah, where's him? Why he let his best friend stayed like this? Didn't he know that the winter season made me feel so cold. Urghh.

"Soo Jung-ah," and I heard someone called me.

"Yah, where did you go, huh? You know what? I've waited for you in front of this fckn cafe, and right know is winter season and you know that's so cold. Urghh, you are worst best friend ever, Kim Jongin," yelled me in front of him.

"Hey, ice princess, you're a cold girl, then how come you felt cold, huh?" he asked me.

"Yah, you made fun with me, huh? And what you called me before? Ice princess? Yah, please stop it. Why you always made me feel same like my sister? Urgh!" yelled me again in front of his face and left him.
But, before I succeed to leave him, he caught my hand.

"Yah, Soo Jung-ah, I'm sorry, okay? Don't mad again, please. I will treat you at this cafe, okay?" he said while pointed his finger to the cafe beside us.

"Okay then, but you must treat me the best food here, can you?" asked me.

"Yes, of course Soo Jung-ah, you're my best friend, right?"

"Yipie, thanks oppa,"  and I kissed his cheek and left him dumbfounded, and lastly I came in to the cafe.

Yah, what's wrong with me? Some minutes before I did mad with him, and some minutes after that, I felt happy and kissed his cheeck? Omo, he must thought that I'm crazy. Ahhhhh.
End of Krystal's POV

Kai's POV
What's wrong with me? And what's wrong with her? Why did she kiss me so sudden? And you know what, it made me felt paralyze. God, am I starting to love her more that my best friend. Yah, it's impossible.
And then I realized that I still stood in front of this cafe. What's the name? Aish, I forgot it, eventhough Taemin hyung have told it to me so many times. When I came in, Krystal called me from where did she sat. And I sat beside her.

"Oppa, what do you want buy, huh?" asked her to me.

"Hmmm, I want to eat Carbonnara Spaghetti and drink Hot Capuccino, thats all,"

"Okay, waiter!" she called the waiter.

While she told to the waiter about what we want, I looked at her and I realized that she is so beautiful, more beautiful than usual. Ah, what's wrong with me? But, I couldn't think another thing than her. Ah, made me feel dizzy. And I realized that she called me for maybe thousand times.

"Yah, Kim Jongin, daydreaming? What kind of dream? Did you dream about me?" asked her with her gummy smile.

"Hahaha, aniyo," said me to her and then I realized that the customers of this cafe are just me and her. God, what kind of hell thing that you gave to me?

"Oppa, We haven't met each other for a long time, right? Did ya miss me?" she asked so many questions, argh actually it's just two questions, hahaha, pabo me.

"Yes, we were. Because you're preparing for f(x)'s debut, right? What do you think then? Hey, did you miss me too? Because I miss you so much," I said with a teasing intonation.

"Did you try to tease me? Kim Jongin, that's not funny!" she yelled in front of my face.

"Hey, stay calm please. You don't have to shout in front of my face, understand it?"

And the she blushed. Hahaha, I found it cute.

"Your foods and drinks," and then the waiter came.

"Kamsahamnida," Krystal said to the waiter.

"Oppa, yours look delicious, can I try it?" she asked me with her puppy eyes.

"Ya, you can,"

"Yeee, gomawo oppa,"

But, when she want to try it, her fork fell to the under table. We have a same movement and wanted to take it, but we realized that our face is near to each other, and we faced each other. And I felt something weird in my heart. What's wrong?
End of Kai's POV

Krystal's POV
What the? Our face met each other and it made my heartbeat became faster and faster. Omo, what happen to me? Am I started to love him? Aniya, it can't be. But I didn't realize that Kai have taken my fork and put it on the table. And then, he said something unpredicted by my mind.

"You know, your face look so red. Are you blushing? Aha, have you fallen for me?"

"Yah Kim Jongin, what the hell are you thinking about right now? I'm your bestfriend, don't ya know?" I said it with a serious tone. 

"Oh, are you sure about that? I thought we are a lover," he said while pouting. He looks so cute. Aish, my fckn mind.

"Kim Jongin!!!" I yelled in front of him while giving my cold stare.

"Okay, okay, I'm stop, are you happy right now, my bestie?" he said but still using his playfull face in front of me. 

Urgh, sometimes I feel that his action annoy me so much, but sometimes if he didn't do it, it make me sad. Oh god, am I really fell for him? Ah, make me so confused.

"Yah Jung Soo Jung, are you spacing out just now?" he asked me with his cold stare. Omo, since when he did it? How come he have a cold stare like that? His stare make me weak, god. No, I had to stay cool. 

"A..aniyo," fck, why his stare make me shuttered? Arhg, Kim Jongin, what kind of affection that you brought to me? What kind of magic that ... , ah nevemind.  

"Why you talk like that? Are you really fallin love with me?" still teasing me.

"KIM JONGIN, please, can you stop to tease me?" I said with a serious tone.

"Yes princess!!" he said while left me from our place. What? Is he going to leave me?

"Yah, Kim Jongin, where are you going?"

"Pabo, of course to the cashier, I want to pay all of this, don't ya know?" 

"Oh, I thought you would leave me here alone," I said with a tremble voice. Heck, what's wrong?

"Aniya, I don't want to leave you here alone, got it? Because I don't want to let someone that I love feel scared because of what I did,"

End of Krystal's POV


Kai's POV

What the? How come I said those words? Crap, she would know that I love her. Hey wait, have I fallen for her head over heels? Arghhh, is it love?

"Huh? What? Can you repeat it?" she asked to me.

"Ah ... ahahaha, aniya, I just said that I won't let my bestfriend feel scared because of what I've done just now," 

"Oh, okay then, I'll wait you outside," said her while walked to the glass door and came out from the cafe.

After I paid the bill, I came out and call her name. She looked at me, and then we walked together to her dorm, actually she lives in the dorm because she's preparing her girlband's debut called f(x). And how about me? I'm still a trainee. Ughhh, then when I'm started to preparing for my debut? Lame question from my mind. And then I heard someone's scream and I realized that it was Krystal.

"Wae Krys?"

"Oppa, oppa .....," using her tremble voice.

"Yah, Jung Soo Jung, wae? Don't make me worried like this? Yah tell it to me!" sht, this girl make me worried so much.

She swung her body to faced me, and her face came closer and closer to my face, and her action made me paralyzed. Then she said something to me, ...

"Happy Birthday Kim Jongin-oppa :) Sorry, I'm forgot about your birthday, and I don't have any gift for you, so I will give you something special,"

And after she said that, I realized that she's kissed me, on my lips. Oh god, her lips is so smooth.

Finally, she broke it, and ran while yelled to me, ...

"Mianhae Jongin-oppa, I just can give you that, bye oppa!! See ya!!" 

And after she left me alone, I still felt this kind of syndrom, my heart is beating so fast.

End of Kai's POV


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