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Unique Vampire | Uncompleted


Kyuhyun has been a vampire since he was born; he’s the only vampire never to be turned. But after a tragic incident...

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I was able to get one or two pictures of super ...

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shivasina #1
Chapter 15: OMG love this story! Hope to get an update soon!~
Sophya #2
Chapter 15: Poor Hae XD don't worry, I'll hug you (3^_^)3 and if Sungmin wants to join I see no objection =p
GEMSLeaser2011 #3
Chapter 14: oh my feels....pls update this story....it's really good :)
ukisskissme95 #4
Plzzzzzzzz update really soon
kyuteukhyukhae #5
Chapter 14: So glad that shindong can meet his mate...
sungs0ngmin15 #6
Chapter 14: my my so touching . . aish those guy's are so lucky that they didn't kill them . . wow kyuhyun took out 2 opponents . . .
ukisskissme95 #7
Chapter 14: Awwwwww how romantic the knights saves the princess.... I'm glad shindong found his mate how cute
wanlingELF #8
Chapter 14: Ok so they found dongie's mate, each of them have a mate and they live happily forever~ haha is this ending too cliché?
sungs0ngmin15 #9
Chapter 13: ahhhh . . what is happening to shindong's mate ? ? ?

hmmmmm a cliffhanger author-nim . . are you kidding . . kekeke . . just joking . .

update soon . . .

sujuhawaiielf #10
Chapter 13: Cliffhanger! Update soon