Falling in love with my stupid stepbrothers


He doesn't expect his mother to get remarried. He doesn't want two new brothers. He never knew he will become the toy of Park Yixing and Park Jongdae.


Kim Junmyeon - 8 years old, Cute, naive, shy

Son of Junsu.

He is one of those boys who is too much of a goodie two shoes son that never disobey the rules. He loves to sing, since his mother took him to that concert to hear his favorite idol sang. He also have the habits of blushing fast, as compliments are being hand, and squealing like a girl.


Park Yixing - 8 years old, Calm, friendly, mysterious

The older of the two siblings.

He doesn't say much for a person who speaks with actions rather than words. Though he likes unicorns and expresses his gratitude by mumbling things in Chinese, and maybe giving random kisses out when he isn't allowed to. 


Park Jongdae - 7 years old, Demanding, honest, naughty

Don't let looks deceive you. He's someone who can easily influence anyone despite the age. He has a dirty mind, taking it from watching early. But he can be nice, depending on the mood of his.


Kim Junsu - Junmyeon's mother, Cheerful, independent, stubborn.

An individual that squeaks like a duck almost twenty four seven, despite not being able to work out things with his ex husband. He found better things to do and move on as any other person would do in the situation. 


Park Yoochun - Jongdae's and Yixing's father, Affectionate, childish, outgoing.

Geez, you thought his sons were worser? Trust me, he's the cause of their corrupted minds thanks to the lessons he gave to them. Then he's emotional due to the bipolarness he was born with, yet on the other hand, sometimes he will be serious if something or someone cross the line.



Warnings: rimming, dirty talk, underage , daddy kink, double penetration, play, , fivesome, toys, domestic relationship, Jongdae's trolling, Yixing's jpg, Junmyeon's angelic smile, , crossdressing, riding, , /oral , lots of , foul language, crack, ual , ual harassment,


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EvangelineSerina #2
Chapter 2: Update soon update soon TwT i can't wait! !
NeroAevitas #3
Chapter 1: Wait,what?But anyways,I think it's good,PLEASE UPDATEEEEE!And Would love bottom Chen,maybe a bit of ChenLay too.
BTSCaptain #4
Chapter 2: Joonmyun, Yixing, Chen...where did you go?
snsdexoaholic #5
Chapter 2: Where's Joonmyun with his two "lover"?
tfjeer #6
Chapter 2: I think its good keep going =D
zenn1_1 #7
After reading the prolouge,my face is the same as the rilakuma in the background xD its really good:3 I wanna know what happened to JoonMyun^^
EvangelineSerina #8
Please continueee aaaa XD i love it
tfjeer #9
i read this story because of Myungjoe and i really love Exo. but if it the original pairings i will support u till the end and good luck writing the story =)
Jess101star #10
Well,to be honest I was only here for the Myungjoe.I do love Exo but I'm really picky with the ships I read about in Exo.I won't unsubscribe yet or anything cause I wanna see what pairing you'll write about.
MadameLise #11
Mochi ! Do you remember me ? I'm glad to see you here, and ayaya it's been a while !
I know your love for crack otps and I don't care if the story is EXO or MyungJoe :D