Bad Boy Completed!

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You and Kai


When you first meet this infamous rebel, he only shows you a dismissive exterior that couldn't care less about public image. But once he starts to reveal to you his sweet vulnerabilties, will his heart - along with all his priorities and dreams - change?

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passionburn19 () says:
this is the 1st fanfic i've ever read and it's the best *le cries*

soshi_999 () says about chapter 31:
It's done already ? Sad to see that it's really end :( but still this is a great story :) , thank you author-nim and i hope you can keep on writing ^o^ <3333~

woojino () says:
I don't follow exo much or know much about Kai but I always thought he was kinda mysterious. I think your writing really captured the 'essence' of 'Kai' really well. I was sad to see myself nearing the end of the fic because it was really captivating and I really did not want to finish it. Good job, this is one to remember and I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this gem of a story. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

andthesewords () says about chapter 30:
So this is my first comment on this website. I usually just browse and read the stories here but I have to comment on this one. I absolutely loved it. The flow of the story, the character development, each adjective used to describe a situation, and even your choice of vocabulary. There was a perfect mix of romance, angst, and comedy. You made the story completely unique and realistic, and paced the storyline well. I'm quite selective of what I read, and the quality of this story is one of the best I've come across. You're incredibly talented and really have a way with words, as cheesy and cliche as that sounds. I look forward to your upcoming work and I hope you always continue to write.

angela01 () says about chapter 32:
Thanks for this great story. I like it.. ♥

JodyKoo () says about chapter 30:
I didn't even realize I'm up to the last chapter... No more??

JodyKoo () says about chapter 22:
I love the main OC's character <33 and ofc Kai "I can't promise anything. But I like you. That's all I can say. I like you. At least ... if you can't trust anything else. Trust that." I died...

Demilee_16 () says about chapter 30:
OH MY GOD!!! OKAY RIGHT NOW I AM LIKE WOAH!!! THAT STORY WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ!!!! WRITE MORE!!!! I love the part when they were under the stars it's something I do a lot and think about my dreams I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

hamskkuma () says about chapter 30:
Aaa, I read it again and I never got bored of this xD

crescentmoon9401 () says about chapter 1:
This is a great story. The plot itself is outstanding. Thumbs up!

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