Bad Boy


When you first meet this infamous rebel, he only shows you a dismissive exterior that couldn't care less about public image. But once he starts to reveal to you his sweet vulnerabilties, will his heart - along with all his priorities and dreams - change?


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Amandaling #1
Chapter 11: The feels!!! I can't stand it!!!
Jjongshi #2
Chapter 32: I like it! i like it! i like it!!
Zutrazelle #3
Re-reading this makes me squeal
Uniquestel #4
My friend recommended me this story. I can't wait to dig in >.<
cessyness #5
Chapter 30: Awwwwwww.... that's a start though. :)
cessyness #6
Chapter 23: Kyaaaaaaaaaaa.....they kissed! Atlast! ^^ ♥
cessyness #7
Chapter 22: Awwwwwwww... :")
I got swayed. Lol xD
cessyness #8
Chapter 21: Yeah....a y HER. Hmmmmmmmm...
cessyness #9
Chapter 19: Why is he smiling too brightly at HER? O.o
cessyness #10
Chapter 18: Oh Kai..... :( Why does most rich kid have the most complicated lives. I feel sorry for them.....