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Bad Boy


When you first meet this infamous rebel, he only shows you a dismissive exterior that couldn't care less about public image. But once he starts to reveal to you his sweet vulnerabilties, will his heart - along with all his priorities and dreams - change?


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rhinzhyo #1
Chapter 31: Uwahhh. It felt incomplete ! Uwahh such a wonderful story...
waddupkai #2
Chapter 31: It feels incomplete :c but i love it tho. 짱!! Beautiful story! :-)
kiranakay #3
Chapter 32: such a beautiful story!! beyond beautiful ❤
yeoja_ss #4
Chapter 30: what an amazing story! your writing are sooo touched. and Im just imagine when Kai dance like that was so so hot omg. great story overall, Im very like it!! good job for your others
DanielleBacon #5
Chapter 31: woah.. it ended already? awww.. i was hoping for more but then it was a great story, finished it in one go ^-^ love it <3 <3 you really have a lot of great works author-nim!! =)) daebak :D
beautifuljoongie #6
Beautiful story :)
kpops #7
Chapter 30: I finished your story of Baek and this one just in a day like before sleeping i felt like reading and saw your stories. They're so beautiful and I cried a lot of times
jongdaehun #8
Chapter 30: this was beyond beautiful! everything was beautifully written and i really enjoyed the story! great job authornim :)
trsndewi #9
Chapter 30: This story its so beautiful! Ohh I'm dying
RealisticOptimist #10
Chapter 30: The very ending message totally applies to me right now. I didn't get into any of my dream colleges (waitlisted at 2 and rejected at 7) and am stuck enrolling at a state university. You restored hope that there may be a future for me, maybe at a prestigious school for my graduate degree :)