Bad Boy


When you first meet this infamous rebel, he only shows you a dismissive exterior that couldn't care less about public image. But once he starts to reveal to you his sweet vulnerabilties, will his heart - along with all his priorities and dreams - change?


Thank you to heyypatrik for the poster!~


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desi1296 #1
Chapter 13: Oo this story is so amazing. That characters is touching heart. I really like this story that different. TT :-)
I enjoyed reading! :)
Chapter 31: You know, you're the first person who created a character that had a crush on the male but wasn't a jerk. Usually, I end up pitying that person more :) because they commit suicide... But loved this! Thanks!
so good TT
kim_mahi #5
Chapter 30: it was great. great great great ↖(^▽^)↗
but it ruined my history exam so bad ~T_T~
Avocadoz #6
I really enjoy your story authornim^^
jessjejc #7
Chapter 31: really love Kai's character here! Well done!
Do you have a wattpad account? Because there's a fanfic just like yours.
by the way, great story!
Queenka94 #9
Chapter 22: Yes!!! He throws rocks at her window!!!
YES!! ..He has red roses!!!! ♥

*scrolles back up and starts reading again*
Queenka94 #10
Chapter 21: Hmm
...I'm not sure what Miyoung's deal is..
And Kai........just,. Darn him.
Sometimes I think he's bipolar.