When Love Ends


I never knew that he would mean so much to me.

I never knew that he would be the one i fall in love with.

I never knew that he would choose me as his one and only partner for life.


But I never knew that the time will separates us..


Hello guys~!

Again, i make a new fiction. Actually, i'm on HIATUS for making new chapters for

Falling In Love With The Kingka


A Song Of A Violin Of Winter

sorry guys !

I hope you guys like this story ^^

And i hope my chapters and oneshot will be back as soon as possible!

With love, Rebecca


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Chapter 27: That was an amazing story...so sad but I loved it! <3
Chapter 26: The ending was really unexpected. But it was a really good story. I loved it XD
Chapter 11: oh my gee , huaaa T.T Im crying so much .
stefiwalker #4
Chapter 24: Omg... Cry over han river T.T
LeeMinJi #5
Chapter 25: Omh wth, I'm crying so much, I don't even.... Wahhhhhhh! It was so good!
Chapter 24: oh no the ending! T.T
Chapter 24: Oh my gosh... Why did Rin die... Waaahhh T^T
Chapter 2: i just began to read your story.
hangul is korean alphabet yo write, if speaking, you use 'korean' not hangul.

just that, maybe ppl had told u before me since i'm newbie here :)
Chapter 25: i will wait for the epilogue~:) hwaiting authornim ^^
Krisyeolsdaughter #10