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Tao's Party


Sehun kissed Tao, then Tao kissed him back. Then Baekhyun kissed Luhan then Sehun kissed Luhan. EXO is kissing one another. XD 
 cr. _shimhaneul


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vuivui169 #1
Chapter 103: good to know but overall let's just call me an EXOTIC/ EXO-L already :)) I hate being a 12-name fan lmao
Shinotic #2
Chapter 693: haha we all know that Yeollie :D
kymmy2481 #3
Chapter 49: Sorry, just to correct you, orange is not v.i.p/big bang's color.
genevk #4
Chapter 4: sehuna......hunhan forever!
gin246 #5
Chapter 167: Lol jongin please.......
hotbabe1995 #6
Chapter 63: The 120 kg (>.<)... In China, like LittleArmy said, use lb instead of kg and 1 lb is roughly 0.5 kg. So 120 lb is roughly 60 kg
yashaletti #7
Chapter 170: LMFAO D.O >w<
JungHayat #8
exolove98 #9
Chapter 210: OMG, those fans are so lucky ;-;
taoxxii #10
Chapter 103: Tao's fans are called "VVHL" stands for "VIPVIP VIPVIP Hailangs" hailang means "Sea waves" that explains why Tao's oceans are blue. Kris fans are called "Meigeni" it means "Each of you" Chinese Luhan fans called themselves "Luwei" means "Luhan Only" Lay fans are called "Xingmi" means "Yixing Fans". Tao and Kris are already official while Luhan and Lay aren't. But Lay have address his fans as "Xingmi". As for the others I still don't have any idea.