Tao's Party

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Sehun kissed Tao, then Tao kissed him back. Then Baekhyun kissed Luhan then Sehun kissed Luhan. EXO is kissing one another. XD 
 cr. _shimhaneul


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JB-iKON #1
I love it.
RavenUchiha #2
Chapter 392: That's because of Kai and Baekhyun. Both of them love to do that, so poor Kris is learning from them.
RavenUchiha #3
Chapter 327: I used to bite my fingernails because I was nervous. I don't do it anymore, because now I put nail polish on. But, I used to have ugly nails because I would bite all the way down to the fingertip.
RavenUchiha #4
Chapter 319: That would be so humiliating. Ouch. Poor Kris.
RavenUchiha #5
Chapter 318: Baekhyun is my soul mate.
RavenUchiha #6
Chapter 295: Is Luhan and Tao's birthdays close together?
RavenUchiha #7
Chapter 291: Even though Tao, Kris and Luhan left, I would really love to see a reunion of all 12.
RavenUchiha #8
Chapter 261: It seems like a lot of the members, when they first meet Tao are scared of him.
RavenUchiha #9
Chapter 229: Kris is taller than Siwon? That's a surprise. I didn't think anyone was taller than Siwon.
RavenUchiha #10
Chapter 225: I wonder if he still has that tattoo.