Tao Fact





Tao had rumured to have 8 Girlfriends at the same time.


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JungSoyeon #1
Chapter 103: guys, I just want to tell Kris's new fan name called 每个你 (meigeni) which means 'all of you'
lonerforever #2
Chapter 210: You are luckyT_T
Straw_BERRY18 #3
Chapter 51: am sad :'(
WuJiaYing #4
Chapter 13: What is an ulzzang?
queen_of_march #5
Chapter 139: Lol~ Daebbak!! XD
baeksoochen #6
Chapter 51: Oh man, I feel so bad for Tao :/
RavenUchiha #7
Chapter 139: LOL! That is too funny!
RavenUchiha #8
Chapter 118: Oh man. I'd say handsome.
RavenUchiha #9
Chapter 117: What the hell do the Koreans eat or drink to get THAT tall?
RavenUchiha #10
Chapter 106: I'm definitely a Taoris shipper.