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Tao Fact





Tao had rumured to have 8 Girlfriends at the same time.


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holysama #1
Chapter 103: are these official? i saw different individual fandom names so now I am confused *~*
vuivui169 #2
Chapter 103: good to know but overall let's just call me an EXOTIC/ EXO-L already :)) I hate being a 12-name fan lmao
Shinotic #3
Chapter 693: haha we all know that Yeollie :D
kymmy2481 #4
Chapter 49: Sorry, just to correct you, orange is not v.i.p/big bang's color.
genevk #5
Chapter 4: sehuna......hunhan forever!
gin246 #6
Chapter 167: Lol jongin please.......
hotbabe1995 #7
Chapter 63: The 120 kg (>.<)... In China, like LittleArmy said, use lb instead of kg and 1 lb is roughly 0.5 kg. So 120 lb is roughly 60 kg
yashaletti #8
Chapter 170: LMFAO D.O >w<
JungHayat #9
exolove98 #10
Chapter 210: OMG, those fans are so lucky ;-;