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You Make Me Feel Safe


Key has been in a relationship for a while... he loves his boyfriend a lot and his boyfr...

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Key's boyfriend has some sick humour and likes to rescue Key when he gets beat up by his friends. This happens on a regular basis.

The miserable cycle continues until one day an angel walks pas...

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myungyeolforeternity #1
Chapter 17: oooh this was nice.. the alternative ending pairings arent really my thing but its a nice change i guess hehe
YukiBt #2
Nado Saranghae~ ^^
YukiBt #3
Yes! This is such a beautiful Minkey! ^^ I agree with aucklandnz91 actually. If you have the time, would you mind starting a Minkey? Continued from this point? That would be awesome :D Thank you for writing this MinKey version for me btw :D ^^ *bows 90 degrees*
aucklandnz91 #4
Yay, minkey ending... But I think it could be a new beginning of minkey story... XD
YukiBt #5
^^ *keke* I am reading all these comments made about the Jongyu ending and how it was unexpected *keke* I'm really happy that your readers got a "fresh read" out of that and that it wasn't what they were expecting :) I CONFESS SUBSCRIBERS, IT WAS ME WHO WAS THE CULPRIT OF THIS STRANGE HAPPENING. I apologise if anyone didn't like it *bows 90 degrees to them* Awesome ending for Key btw, Saranghaeshineekey -^^- You did REAALLLYYY well ^^
aucklandnz91 #6
Ckckck. What a surprise ending... XD
Key with ryeowook? Why key not ended with minho or taemin??? X_x
aimeime #7
omo.... onew-jjong????
how about key???
myluvKEY_forever #8
Woah..wat a different ending...
Please write about key!! I want to know wat happens!!
raelee #9
Oh wow how come i didn't see this earlier! Hehe i liked it but wtf was that with the unexpected jongyu ending? I really didn't expect that; it was a fresh read though! (:
dongwooed #10
This had a unexpected twist in the ending! ^^.