Case #1: The Missing Moon Part 3: Why Would You Let Your Sister Be Dragged By A Vampire?

SHINee Holmes: The Five Supernatural (And Super Beautiful) Detectives
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~Onew's POV~

I didn't know Luna would be so much fun to hang out with. She many charms. I find her beautiful when we had a mini-duet a while ago. Right now, Luna is resting her head in my shoulders while resting. We would be heading back to their house later. luna then spoke.


"Ne, Luna?"

"Why would Vic-umma let me get dragged?"

"Hmm...I can't tell you that Luna. We need to hear it from Victoria-sshi herself."

"Does Vic-umma hate me, oppa?"

"ANIYO! There's nothing to hate in you Luna. Kurae?"

"Ne, oppa."

Just then, Taemin entered.

"Hyung! We have to leave now. Victoria-noona said that she's already home."

"Ne, be right there."

After Taemin closed the door, Luna grabbed my arm and spoke.

"Oppa, I'm scared."

"Don't be. Oppa is here, arasso?"


Luna and I walked out with linked arms. The five of them (JongKey, 2min and Khun) looked at me curiously before Minho snapped his fingers and we were pressed at all sides. Luna, whose first time to travel like this, tighten her grip on my arms. After a second, we were already in front of their house. Luna was still holding me tightly.

"Luna, we're here."

Luna opened her eyes and sighed. He spoke to me.

"Oppa, that's painful."

"You'll get used to it. Shall we go?"

They all nodded and I knocked on the door. 


~Jonghyun's POV~

It's fun to watch Onew and Luna get lovey dovey. I do hope they'll be together. I sometimes get guilty of being too loud when I'm ing might make Onew-hyung feel alone. The opening of the door snapped out of my thoughts. 

"SHINee? Where...Luna!"

Victoria ran to Luna and hugged her, but Luna didn't hugged back. Victoria noticed this and she released Luna quickly. Victoria asked her dongsaeng.

"Why Luna?"

Onew-hyung answered.

"We know you know about Khun kidnapping Luna. We better talk about this inside."

Victoria lowered her head and then we all headed to their visiting room. Luna was still on Onew-hyung's side, this time Luna was holding Onew-hyung's hand. Well, it's only natural that girls need someone to hold on too in a sad situation. When we all sat down, Minho started the interrogation.

"Victoria-sshi, why did you lie to us about you knowledge of your dongsaeng's kidnapping?"

Khun tried to hold Victoria's hand, but she moved it away. Victoria then spoke.

"It was already too late. I'm only human...I wasn't able to catch Luna because I am just human..."

Luna went to her unnie and umma and hugged her.

"Vic-umma, aniyo!"


~Key's POV~

It has been days since the case of Luna's kidnapping, and ever since, it's either Onew-hyung will go to Luna's for dinner, or Luna will come to our place. We have become comfortable with her, and we learned that she is not human. (That story is for Onew-hyung to tell). 

Anyway, I am happy for our leader. One day, while Jjong and I were at the porch of our house, drinking banana milk...

"Yeobo? Mwohaeyo?"

I looked at where Jjongie is pointing. There's a box on top of our mailbox. That's weird. I immediately went to the mailbox, grabbed the package and returned to the porch. When Jjong and I opened it, the box contained pictures and a letter. We went inside quickly to call everyone.

"2min!! Onew-hyung!"

2min emerged from their room, while Onew-hyung and Luna (who was visiting and cooking us snacks) went to the visiting area. Onew-hyung asked.

"What is it?"

"A box, hyung."

Onew-hyung saw the letter and read it aloud:

"Dear SHINee,

My sister is missing and so is her husband, we need your help."

Taemin then spoke.

"Nothing said about where it came from, hyung?"


Just then, the radio at the kitchen overpowere our conversation.

This is just in. Lady Son Ga In was found dead in her room and her husband, Jo Kwon, is currently being hunted. The husband is known for being a werewolf and he is the prime suspect in killing Lady Son...

Then, I looked at the pictures sent to us. I showed it to everyone.

"But, isn't the one in the pciture Lady Son Ga In and Jo Kwon? Why would someone report to us that two people are missing if one of them is found dead at her own house while the other is being searched?"

Luna then spoke.

"That's quite confusing."


Onew-hyung asnwered the phone.

"Yeobosaeyo? Ne...Arasso, we'll be right there."

I asked hyung.

"What is it, Onew-hyung?"

"The police wants us at Son Ga In's place."




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