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She was his pawn.

In front of the world, she stood so proud and so tall. She was the envy of millions of women. She was the object of affection of millions of men. But inside his room, inside his car, inside his bathroom, inside his bachelor's pad, inside his arms... she turns into a worthless, shameless, stupid, and weak woman.

She still couldn't believe that the industry's most popular, richest, most accomplished, and arguably most musically talented idol would be such a beast... a dragon... an animal... a demon.

I hate you, you animal. I curse the day I crossed path with you. One day, I will make you pay. One day, you'll wish to die because of so much pain I caused. I will avenge myself, G-Dragon.

She cried herself to sleep.


He was her master.

As he left his bachelor's pad, he felt satisfaction and triumph. Like always, he won over her. She was as weak as the other women he slept with. She was exactly like them... easy, gullible, playable. Models, actresses, chaebol's daughters, idols... they're all the same.

He didn't care if she was the leader of Korea's national girl group, the most beloved idol in the whole country, one of the most recognized and loved idol in Asia. To him, she was just his slave.

So pretty, so talented, so popular, and yet so easy to toy with. You're too gullible Kim Taeyeon.


He laughed to himself as he walked further away from her.








"Uhhhh. Stop! I can't... Uuuuuuuuuuhhh."

She screamed louder. Her feelings can't be contained. The feeling of his manhood inside her was beyond bliss. She was in heaven. He kept thrusting, slow, fast, slower, faster, fastest.

"Hnnnnng. Faster, deeper...pls... Uhhh."

"You like that huh? Scream my name. Go little girl, scream it," he whispered in her ears.


He knew that just the feeling of his hot breath would send her to the stars.

"I... more... I c--"

She couldn't speak. She was nearing. It was about to erupt down there, and she was scared he might tease her and cut off her pleasure.

"Don't dare stop... I beg you... go on... Uhhhh."

"You want me to go on?"

He pushed himself inside her harder, deeper, stronger. He didn't care if he was not being gentle. He needed to let her know and feel that he was the only one who could bring this much pleasure to her even beyond pain.

"Who's the beast now huh? ing say it! Who's the beast huh?"

She was not answering. Her legs were shaking, her toes curling, her eyes dilated, her hole sore, but her entire body was in pure pleasure. She was in cloud nine, but he was getting frustrated. As he thrusted more, he kept asking him who the real beast was. He needed to hear it from her.

He pressed really fast, they were both nearing the peak. Just a few more and anyone of them would erupt soon.


She reached it first.

"You are! Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh."

And she was numb with bliss. He was still working, pushing inside her so fast until he also erupted in her core.

He withdrew himself immediately and crawled out of bed.

"Damn right I am! Now I better not see you with any of those ing beastly idols. Arasseo?"

He picked up a fallen pillow on the floor and threw it on her face. Before she could say anything, he was out the door.

Now they're back to the real world. She could feel the tightness in her chest again as the pain of reality shot up back to her senses. Outside the bed, when they were not sharing bodily heat and fluid, she was just a piece of crap for him. Just a toy to cure his boredome and loneliness.

God how did this happen to me. Why did I meet such evil?

Like always, after they have , tears just race down her face.






SOSHIBANG REPRESENT! This is my first fic, and it's all about GTAE! The minor love lines will include TOPFANY, DAESOOYOUNG, YURIYANG, SEUNGYURI. Of course, real life idols 2PM, Super Junior, and 2NE1 will also make appearances as they are obviously close to GTAE in real life. Please anticipate!

TopFany starts @ Chapter 9.

JiSica and SungYuriYang starts @ Chapter 10.

This is a GTAE fic so it's 80% GTAE. It's also 40% hardcore .



Hungry for more G-Tae?

Just ... Really?


What happens when their friends, Yuri and Taeyang, set them up on a blind date?







Want just ?
Hardcore. Softcore. Passionate. Dirty.
Banging SNSD.
Soshibang Shots Collection. Request Accepted.
She only serviced him at night.
Until they met in YG Entertainment.

The Client


Lonely and broken Jiyong. I danced for him and him only.

Even if he didn’t have the balls to show me to the world, I still gave him my whole entire world.








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pororo44 #1
can i ask for the pdf file, please authornim
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can i ask for the pdf file, please authornim
Tk421beth #3
Chapter 11: Great chapter, again, this story is so good!
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Chapter 37: Ahhhhh! So beautiful! And im not even finished yet! Wish this was true ^__^ but but but..topfany was too fast for me! I was anticipating fluffy moments first on their way to being a couple :( whyyyyy~ and YAY FOR GREECE! FINALLY.
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Chapter 36: My heaaaaaart~ is breaking for gtae.
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Chapter 23: Im still hooked up on JSR so the pairings here besides gtae and topfany are quite...hmmm not appealing to me? Like for instance, i like daesung with sunny, and yulyang. T_T im sorry! Maybe its the angst (and jsr is so fluffy)thats why im kinda indifferent to the new pairings. I would have loved yulyang here if yuri feels the same for taeyang. Nevertheless, I like the story! I envy you awesome writers, really. Sorry, im just a sucker for fluff so the angsty pairs here is kinda not my style. Hahaha! As long as GTae and TopFany is not switched with others, i can take ur different mixed pairings LOL