My Rival,My Crush


I'm in love with my rival.Yeah,it's weird but I'm telling the truth.I wish we weren't rivals.I don't even know when it started but every time I walked past her,she would show her deadliest glare.I even started to hate her.We competed in examinations,sports,almost everything.But then,my love for her started growing.Will I ever be able to melt her icy heart? -Lee Chaerin

What's up with her?She always beat me in everything.However,lately,she's been acting suspicious.She hasn't been handing her homework on time,she kept on skipping P.E classes.What is wrong with her? -Jessica Jung

And also,there is a problem for both Taeyeon and Hyoyeon.They liked each other but was afraid to confess.Taeyeon did confessed but Hyoyeon rejected it.Their relationship became awkward and they stopped seeing each other again.Will their fate change?

As you can see,this is a rare kind of fanfic...It's a Jessica/CL fanfic...I wish 2NE1 would interact more with other groups so that there will be more pairings...I hope you guys will like the story ;)


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TheSecret_Han #1
I kinda ship both <3
visualbutterfly #3
new reader :D
CHAESICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICA SHOULD BE WITH CL!!
BananaLychee999 #5
Jessica with Donghae? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ SICA'S SUPPOSED TO BE WITH CL!!!! AND IM SUPPOSED TO BE WITH DONGHAE!!!! lol jk jk~ xDDDD but still why sica? WHY?
MarshmallowMage #6
nooooo!!!! a cliffhanger!!! what is CL and what's going on???
The story is getting more interesting
update soon please
holakkitty #7
update soon
achel12 #8
Jessica with Donghae?? NOOOOO!!!
I hate Donghae -_-
Sooooo Jessica, Yuri, Krystal is like CL?? AWESOME!!
Ur story is exciting!!
MarshmallowMage #9
Ooohhh CL's badass. Is CL and yuri part of a secret agency or something?
Update soon :D
19izzati #10
cl is somebody O___O! wow~~~