Bitter Sweet Love


You are born in Korea and moved to New York when you were 10. You always wanted to be a singer, so while you were living in the US, you applied for many auditions but always failed and became a backdancer. You have staged in various amout of concerts. Unexpectedly, your family had died in a accident and you decided to go back to Korea for the first time. 


hehe, my first fanfic <33

got my inpiration from JMfanfiction




Age: 20


Loses temper easily 

Sweet, cute and cares for others, but don't show it.

Can speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English

Can play the piano, drums, and violin really beautifully

A Dancer


Kim Haerin

Age: 20



Your best friend from Korea



Age: 21

Member of Super Junior

Great Dancer



Age: 22

Member of Super Junior

Great Singer



Age: 21

Member of Super Junior

Looks like your older brother



Age: 23

Leader of Super Junior

Look like your ex-boyfriend


Choi Minji

Age: 18

Maknae of Citrus



Have a lot of aegyo

Rest of Super Junior Members


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ilovesungyeollie #1
Chapter 28: Ooh.. okay ill go there ^^
when you update?
Sammy0 #3
Chapter 27: plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon!!! really good chapter though :)
sakura803 #4
Chapter 26: Plz update soon can't wait next chapter. ^^
HaeSun #5
Chapter 26: Owww.. They Planned it....

Well Nice Story Author-ssi..
Update Please ^.^
Anilove22 #6
Chapter 26: So she planned it all along I hope they help her out. She has suffered enough.I miss  Eunhyuk and ____. 
They made a cute couple ^_^
ilovesungyeollie #7
Chapter 14: Oh and just wondering... which chapter was it that yesung confessed? O.o coz i dont remember him confessing......
ilovesungyeollie #8
Chapter 26: ooh this is really good. i never wud hav guessed that they were acting o.o
Anilove22 #9
Chapter 25: *New reader* the story is really interesting. But I don't like how everybody is treating _____. An the part about her brother was really sad
oblivionvip #10
Hi new reader here and I am enjoying your story :)) Author-nim jjang! Kekekeke... Please update soon Fighting!