Lee Changsun

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Lee Joon

Name: Lee Changsun
Birthdate: February 7, 1988
Position:  Vocal, Main Dancer

1| Before becoming a part of MBLAQ, Lee Joon acted in CFs, had a small non-recurring role in the first episode of Korean sitcom That Person is Coming, which aired in 2008

2| He also began and completed filming for the 2009 film, Ninja Assassin in which he portrayed the Teenage Raizo.

3| After training under Rain and J.Tune Entertainment, Lee Joon became a member of South Korean quintent male group MBLAQ, serving as a vocalist and main dancer.

4| Lee Joon was cast as a permanent cast member in the television shows Star Golden Bell Season 2 and Oh! My School.

5| On February 26, 2010, it was announced that Lee Joon and seven other artists from 2PM, 2AM and CN Blue would be MCs for Mnet's M! Countdown.

6| In 2010, he was cast in two dramas, titled Jungle Fish 2, in which he plays opposite JiYeon from T-ara

7| He participated in the OST for Jungle Fish 2 by singing two songs: Feeling Sad with Hong Jong Hyun and Feeling Sad (Farewell Version) with Hong Jong Hyun, Han Jiwoo, Kim Bora and Shin Soyool.

8| In 2011 Lee Joon supplied his voice for the Korean dub of the film Gnomeo & Juliet

9| Lee Joon graduated from the Seoul Arts High School where he specialized in dance, receiving a lot of attention for being a very talented dancer. 

10| He majored in modern dance at the Korea National University of Arts and now attends Kyung Hee Cyber University.

11| On January 6, 2012 it was announced that Lee Joon and After School's Lizzy would become a dance couple for the MBC Lunar New Year special Pit-a-Pat Shake!

12| On February 13, 2011 Lee Joon was pulled out of filming MBLAQ's special stage for their song "Stay" at SBS's Inkigayo after he suddenly began vomiting. 

13| On November 6, 2010, during an interview, Lee Joon revealed that he suffers from both insomnia and a severe bipolar disorder. /O.o

14| Before Lee Joon's debut with MBLAQ, due to his good looks, he modeled for a variety of products such as wigs, home shopping and hangover drink ads. /LMAO

15| Lee Joon has a mole on the left side of his neck.

16| Lee Joon paid 120,000 won for extra lessons. But he only improved his mathematics by 5 points. /TROLOLOL

17| He is SUPER afraid of ddakbams.

18| He used to train as a dancer, especially in ballet. /srly?

19| He barely washes at the end of the day. /LOL

20| He is often dubbed "the little Rain," because of his similar looks to Rain and his role as Rain's teenage self in Ninja Assassin. /yeah he looks like him

21| He played the teenage self of Rain in Ninja Assassin.

22| He had a small non-recurring role in The Person is Coming, a sitcom.

23| He has compared himself to a baby fox.

24| One of his idols is Lee Byunghun, who he really wanted to meet on Art of Seduction.

25| He has caused a scandal with not one, but TWO T-ara members, Eunjung and Hyomin. (Eunjung and Joon had the same exact hat, while Hyomin and Joon caused a commotion with their "date" on Idol Army.)

26| He almost burned his house down and sent his sister to the emergency room, all in an attempt to recreate scenes from Home Alone. /pfffft

27| His ranking in school was 23 out of 46, because he had very, very, very low marks in math.

28| He still fails at the multiplication table, even after getting a 100,000 won tutor. /LMAO

29| When he saw his body in Ninja Assassin, he felt very disappointed in himself and felt his body looked like a child's. /eh?

30| The only line Lee Joon remembers from Ninja Assassin is "You shouldn't do that."

31| He is very sensitive and cried when there was a hidden camera prank on him in Idol Army. /at least he didn’t cry on invincible youth

32| He has many, many, many hats, because his fans tend to give him hats as presents.

33| He's close to CNBlue's Yonghwa and commented that Yonghwa is wilder than Mir.

34| According to Yonghwa, he once saw a tough classmate in a restaurant and left quickly, even though he'd been bragging about his strength.

35| On ChinChin Radio, when asked about his ideal girl, Lee Joon said Kim Yuna, the Korean figure skater.

36| On Hyunyoung's Music Part radio show, Joon said that he once jumped down from the second floor of a building in his school's adventure club. He didn't get hurt. So he tried again from the third floor. And once again, he didn't get hurt!

37| He has to be everyone's number one, or else he tends to pester the person asking, "WHY? WHY? WHY? I'll change it for you!" /TROLOLOL

38| One of his notable phrases is "Bbyong!"

39| When he has his hair up in a bun, it usually means he didn't wash his hair. /Oooh.

40| Joon broke his nose during the filming of Ninja Assassin!

41| In Ninja Assassin, Joon had to retake the kissing scene many, many, many, many times since he couldn't get it right! /waaaa

42| Joon admitted that he has short arms, even shorter than some girls.

43| In order to appear taller, Joon has admitted to using cushioning in his shoes.

44| Joon is a Fin.k.l fan, as well as a Shinhwa Changjo.

45| His nickname is Foolish Muscles.

46| He has a tendency to tell only the weirdest stories about Rain, most notably, the "YEOBO! YEOBO! YEOBO!" story in Cebu.

47| He is VERY scared of Rain. It's most obvious in variety shows.

48| He does aegyo effortlessly, even when he's half asleep.

49| When you catch him off guard, he stutters.

50| When he needs to protect something (like food), he spits out words at the speed of light. /LOL

51| He has a tendency to say things like, "I'm going to go crazy!" when he's cornered.

52| He thinks Hyunah of 4minute is the best dancer of all the girl groups.

53| He doesn't wash his body; he only shampoos his hair and lets it run down onto his body. /LMAO xD

54| He didn't know that there is no time difference between Korea and Japan. /Really? xD

55| He has a tendency to impersonate cartoon characters, like the Teletubbies and Saojeong of Fly Superboard. /Wooooo. Teletubbies xD

56| His newest best friend is Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. He calls him more often than his family.

57| He's cheap when it comes to his friends, according to Korean standards. The most he's spent on a friend was 38,000 won ( 31.58USD )

58| His mom likes interior remodeling.

59| His first kiss happened when his noona dragged him to the roof.

60| He hates it when someone acts "dirty-cute" towards him and treats him like a puppy when he's acting cute.


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