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Dream High



by lawwah - Mar 13, 2012 at 2:05 am



[Exclusive]"Woo-Len Performing Arts Academy is opening 6 spots for 3 girl's and 3 boys to be apart of the academy

Whats the buzz you might say, well Top performing Art's High school "Woo-len Academy " has Opend 6 spots for scholars who want to be apart of the school. Why is it such a big deal you might ask,have you been living under a rock your whole life? Only a Foreigner are someone who is a hermit would ask a ridiculously questions as that. "Woo-Len Performing Art's Academy" is best knowing for making today's Well know and Uprising Idol's, like SNSD, BiG BANG,IU,SUPER JUNIOR,GUMMY,Wounder Girls,2pm, 2am, Bi Rain, and so much more. Yo...

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Plot of the story, with new faces coming into "Woo-Len"  some of the kids there aren't liking it one ...

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ChaeWon1stShipper #1
Chapter 1: Welcome back! c:
However I can't join the story anymore as I am busy with school. Good luck on your story! :D
Twiillaa #2
Chapter 8: The auditions are starting now. Oh, Soolie. That little bit with her and Akito made me laugh to myself. I like the idea of the small little performance and I think I would be nervous after hearing that speech as well. Can't wait to read more.
Twiillaa #3
Chapter 7: Lol, the whole thing with the girls coming to get the gifts was funny and made me giggle. Jae and Yun are an interesting pair. Can't wait to read more.
ToriViola #4
Chapter 5: Yay I can't wait to see what happens and let me know if you need any info on mine ^^
Twiillaa #5
Chapter 5: Welcome back. I am glad that you are starting the story up again. I think my app is still up so if I need to go and find it then just tell and I can send it to you. Fighting!
Risker #6
I Agree with Twiillaa, their personalities are like two far worlds apart. Finally! I miss this fic and boy, I'm just SO glad to see an update!
Twiillaa #7
Congrats to Soolie and Aikto. Soolie seems that cute and hyper type girl, I guess. Aikto seems like I don't care type but he really does somewhere in his heart. Can't wait to read more.
Eunhye #8
LolXD Soolie is such a cute girl ! ^^
And that boy @_@ Having the same name with my character XD
Although the family name is not the same =P
ToriViola #9
can't wait~
RaisingCain #10
Foreword: Apps* Girls*