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Hihi! This is my second fanfic and it's about nu'est! I am currently obsesssssssed with them and i'm totally bias to ren. This story is rated M for language and violence. and some ual preferences and possibly some . yay! This is boyxboy so don't say I never warned you!
So this story is about school life, and gangs. There are a total of 3 gangs. Nu'est, Afterschool Blue and Afterschool Red. MAINLY about nu'est. afterschool red/blue won't be in it a whole lot.
I changed their ages for this story. Just saying.
I do not own the pictures. so credits to whoever's pictures they belong to.



Ren goes to an Elite Highschool. Called Pledis High. Only for the most richest kids who have the most powerful parents. When Ren enrolls into Pledis High, people were amazed by his beautifully striking features. He makes friends that get turned into a gang called Nu'est. They are feared by most students but it's mostly JR, Aron, and Baekho that are violent. Ren is the face and moodmaker of the group. While Minhyun is the brains, emotion, and the peacemaker of Nu'est. 

Ren and Minhyun have known eachother ever since they were young, they were very very good friends. But got separated when Ren was 9 and minhyun was 10, and re-united at school 6 years later. They are very clingy to eachother and the other members know they like eachother, Which they don't mind. Minhyun and Ren know that they like eachother.JR likes Ren aswell ( DUNDUNDUHH). Being the leader of Nu'est JR can't tell ren or anyone, but he can't hold it in. How will this love triangle turn out? I don't know...



He's the face of the group, and moodmaker. His sister is Lizzy, the youngest of Afterschool Blue. He's in love with Minhyun. He's 16. He was on the verge of dying when he was born. So because of his near death experience as a baby, his parents spoil him. He is often mistaken as a girl because of his charm and flawless face features and a small petite body that girl's would die for. His mom and dad are the CEO's of Samsung electronics who have partnered with Minhyun's parents making both families even more rich!



Minhyun: He's the brains, emotion and peacemaker within the group. Whenever the gang fights, he's there to resolve whatever issue it is. He's in love with Ren and he's 17. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, meaning that he was born rich. Many people assume that he's not well educated but actually he's very smart. His parents are partners with Ren's parents, who run samsung electrionics together. Minhyun is the only Nu'est member that's an only child.



JR: The Badass Leader of nu'est.He isn't the "smartest" person that you'll ever meet but that's because he was raised by his grandmother in the countryside and didn't get elementry education, so when his grandma died, he reunited with his parents and found out that his parents were the owners of the grandest hotel of korea so that's how he can afford to stay in pledis high. He has a crush on Ren and he's 17, making him the oldest. His sister is Kahi. leader of afterschool red.



Aron: He's 17 (2nd oldest), born a blessed child who grew up and was raised in california. His parents own the entire H&M clothing branch making him the most stylish person. At an early age of 10, he moved to south korea. His parents sold H&M, while his mother took over the cosmetic company Etude house, and Nature republic. His father, is the CEO of Lotte world. Now Aron is a fun, stylish and very handsome 17-year old. His sister is the gorgeous nana from afterschool Red.



Baekho: He's the most scary looking toward most people, but inside.. He's a very caring person to his dongsaengs. He made his parents rent out the biggest room in the boys dorm, so he could share it with his entire gang. He's a neat freak so if you expect that a gang's dorm room is messy.. no no.. He keeps everything tidy. His mom and dad are the CEO's of a car company. He has a girlfriend and doesn't mind if this roomates are dating. He just wants everyone happy. He's 17, the oldest. His sister is UEE, whom is from the same gang as Ren's sister.



Used to be one entire gang but they split up due to the big number of people... Both gangs are friendly to eachother. Both afterschool's are all noona's to nu'est. 


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Chapter 11: This story is really good. I hope you update! :3
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Chapter 11: don't delete it, we're waiting for an update. :)
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Chapter 11: Pls don't delect it.... If u don't wanna write anymore,just don't write...But pls don't delect it... I m MinRen shipper n I don't want u to delect this nice MibRen fanfic.... pls... I beg u... =((((( If u delect it,I really feel sad abt it.... I love MinRen so much... n I also love ur story too.... :'( :'( :'( <3 <3 <3
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Chapter 7: god i feel the pain.

i really like this btw ^^
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Chapter 11: Please dont delete it
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Thanks for the update! ♥
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An amazing story, can't wait for more. But did u know in the foreword u have it that Jr and Baekho are both the oldest?