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“Never trust a stranger friend, no one knows how it will end…”




Donghae had barely turned 18, and he was seeing the world with new eyes. No longer a child, but still young enough to enjoy a good time; he was enjoying all the perks of having a newly matured body, toned and muscular, yet still slim and all around incredibly pleasing to look at. Donghae wasn’t stupid, he knew all of the lustful looks he received whenever he entered a room or establishment. He was fully aware, and he loved every minute of it.

Despite what everyone would think, Donghae wasn’t the type to sleep around with just anyone; as a matter of fact, he was still a technical , though he had done everything in between with the few he saw worthy, he had yet to take part in full, penetrative . He merely knew how to flaunt what he knew he had, give people a little show, provide them with what they yearned to see. A tease, that’s what he was known as; going as far as making people drool, but very rarely giving them any actual pleasure.

He loved all of the attention – the shear power – that came with being so sought after. Men and women alike would bite their lips and scan him over, their imaginations running wild while undressing him with their eyes. Unlike many who were gifted with such good looks, where their personalities became their downfall, Donghae only became more appealing when he would speak his mind.

His personality was outgoing and child-like most of the time, but also had the ability to be y and mysterious, depending on his mood. Donghae’s laugh was melodious, and when he would smile one couldn’t help but smile back. The boy was the catch of the century, provoking a challenge to anyone to come tame the beast within; but alas, absolutely no one seemed to be enough for him, making one wonder just what exactly would be enough for Donghae to give in.

Well, to be honest, not even Donghae knew exactly who could be enough for him; but, whenever he thought of just who would be, the mental images were enough to excite him alone. Deep down, Donghae was a simple and innocent man, wanting what everyone else did. He wanted someone strong and y, someone that could actually make him weak in the knees, instead of the other way around. Someone that could provide him with all of the pleasures in the world and even more; someone that could hold him tight in a strong embrace as they slept through the night together after a sensual night of passion and lust. He really wanted someone that could leave him weak in the knees and leave him whimpering with just a touch; someone that could make him scream for more. He didn’t need someone that was as wild as he was, but it wouldn’t hurt if they were.

But, Donghae was barely 18, still so young and so much left to do, and he wasn’t looking to settle down any time soon. He was enjoying living his life, a bird free from his cage, doing as he pleased when he pleased. Flirt with whomever he wanted, always keeping an eye out for his perfect man, but still having fun in the process. He still had two years until he was 20, when his teens would officially be over; now was the time to live life to the fullest, and never hold back from what he wanted to do. Donghae still had so much time; at least, he thought he did.

Really, Donghae had never thought as himself being ‘fragile; but, after meeting a certain man by the name of Hyukjae, Donghae learned just how fragile he really was. So easy to break, shatter, twist, and contort; despite what many thought, there was indeed someone that could tame the wild teenager, with a lust even more powerful than his own.



Donghae had been invited out on a camping trip with various other people; though they had made it a point to make it seem like nothing more than an innocent camping trip, Donghae knew better, especially once he saw the large amounts of alcohol present at the spot once they had settled in a clear spot, shrouded by dark trees and further away from civilization than necessary.

Normally, Donghae was the life of the party, but he was smart enough to know better than to drink around a group of people he didn’t know extremely well; adding in the fact that they were in a rather secluded forest, getting drunk in this situation would be giving anyone full permission to take advantage of him in a state of incoherence.

And, sure enough, after he had only consumed only one of the cheap beers provided to him as they all sat around the campfire, flickering orange flames emitting light and warmth in their dark and foggy environment, one of the young men had tried flirting with him, attempting to persuade him to go into the other’s tent for some ‘private’ time together. Donghae merely scoffed at the other’s mediocre attempts, shaking his head slightly while holding back the urge to mutter, “If you honestly think one beer will be enough for me to let you me, then I’m insulted.”

To be honest, Donghae was tired as being seen as ‘easy’, various people thinking he could be a quick and then let go; he knew that’s what everyone wanted him as, he wasn’t that naïve. They saw him as something disposable, a pretty face and body, nothing more. He was indeed much more than that; he was a human being with feelings and needs, just like anyone else. The exact reason why he had never had with strangers was purely to show them that fact. To show that he wasn’t something to just be played with, used and then let go like a long forgotten toy; he wanted to be kept after giving his body up, maybe not forever, but at least kept for a while.

Those thoughts raged within Donghae’s mind, causing his fists to clench briefly in aggravation, imprinting crescent shapes from his fingernails within his palms as he glared slightly at the other male, listening to the other trying to persuade him. A hand was placed on his thigh, squeezing the toned muscle in an effort to lure him into the other’s trap, but only succeeding in frustrating Donghae, even making him want to gag.

The hand tried to move up his thigh at an attempt to be sensual, the other male furthering in his persuasion to turn the other on, but failing to do so; as a matter of fact, Donghae felt himself becoming more and more disgusted by the minute. His skin crawling from the touch, and he shuddered in irritation as the other male leaned over and started whispering things in his ear in an attempt to be alluring, but only succeeded in making him more annoyed.

He regretted even coming here at this moment, more than anything; he wanted to get out of here, but he had no idea where they even were in this forest, let alone how to get home. But, as the other male furthered in his attempts, coming towards an area where he did not want anyone to touch unless welcomed. Donghae tolerated a lot, usually not minding being touched by other people in some ways, even putting up with his being d on various occasions; but his manhood was a spot that was strictly off limits unless he said otherwise.

Donghae glared at the male for a moment, before grabbing the other male’s wrist tightly in his hand, stopping the other’s skin crawling caresses. His teasing nature came back, wanting to see just what kind of reaction he could pull out of the other, as well as those around them; the familiar superiority fell upon his shoulders as he smirked slyly at the other male and saw the slight shiver roll down his spine at the mere sight.

Lifting his other hand, Donghae teasingly moved his finger from side to side, saying in a low voice, matching his sly, y smirk perfectly, “Nuh-uh. I’m not that easy.”

The other male smirked slightly as Donghae moved the other’s hand back to his own lap, obviously taking Donghae’s words as a challenge, while Donghae rolled his eyes mentally. He wanted to get away from the other male; looking the other over briefly, Donghae just sighed quietly.

The other male wasn’t necessarily ugly, but absolutely nothing about him stood out, and he was nothing special at all; therefore, he wasn’t good enough to even toy with any further than mere words and sly looks. His eyes were a dull brown with no shimmer, his arms weren’t toned in the least, looking lanky and rather easy to break, and his hair was unkept and doused in too much hair gel, making the other’s hair appear far more greasy than should be allowed.

Donghae wrinkled his nose slightly at the sight; disgusting, absolutely disgusting. The man he wanted to be with would actually be on par with Donghae’s looks, and be enough to make Donghae’s mouth salivate with want; not someone like this – an unkept little boy.

Donghae then stood up abruptly, starting off into the forest while muttering an excuse about needing to go to the bathroom or something of the sort. He could literally feel the burn of all of their stares, most resting on his firm and nicely shaped backside as he heard various voices tell him to hurry back or the party would start without him. Donghae openly scoffed as he left the campsite; right, the ‘party’ that would most likely be just another way to get into his pants.

The sad part was, Donghae was so ually frustrated at the moment that if he even got tipsy from alcohol, he might give in to their requests; at least, to an extent.

Donghae pouted his lips lightly in thought; when was the last time he even got any sort of relief? Of course, he was still a technical , but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been around the block a few times. He’d found a few men that were at least decent to look at and let them have at least some physical interaction with him. The most he’d ever received or let another man do to him was oral , and though he had been thoroughly disappointed with their performance it was at least something to take the edge off temporarily; far better than becoming frustrated and irate, much like he was now.

The last male he’d done anything with was actually a rather handsome one; Donghae couldn’t remember correctly, but he swore his name was Siwon or something like that. A good boy, usually; a faithful, Christian boy that never even dabbled in homouality until Donghae tipped the scale. And Donghae made sure that it was the best ‘dabble’ that boy experienced, successfully using only his mouth to make the other scream in passion.

A small smirk came about his lips, his chest burning with pride over that little memory as he continued merely meandering about further into the forest, his thoughts making him zone out and not realize where he was going, not that he cared at the moment in the least.


Donghae had been walking for a while now, muttering and whispering curses to himself as he tried to remember where exactly the camp was. The skies had grown dark, crickets chirping within the surrounding shady bushes and he could hear the other nightlife awakening as well. Fog had spread around him, making him bite his lip in nervousness as he rubbed his upper arms with his hands, goosebumps rising on is skin as the night chill hit his body.

He continued walking through the dark trees, biting his lip in nervousness as the night sky only went darker and darker with each passing moment. The fear of being lost like this was making his heart race, and he was becoming incredibly jumpy with any little noise, always on edge for something to jump out at him; he could see now why forests were the setting of most horror movies, this place was absolutely frightening at night.

Jumping slightly, straightening his back and gasping in surprise, Donghae heard a twig snap from nearby, making him snap his head in that direction. His eyes wide, pupils shrinking from fear as he saw a shadow of someone walking amongst the trees; the fog made it impossible for him to see details, but the mere fear of just who it could be made his blood run cold. Then, he bit his lip as slight hope hit him; perhaps, hopefully, it was one of the people he had come to this godforsaken forest with. Maybe they had gotten worried and come out looking for him.

Throwing caution to the wind for a moment, Donghae yelled out hopefully, “Hey!”

The shadow stopped for a moment, and Donghae could see the head turn and look at him for a moment, making him shiver beneath the scrutiny of an unfamiliar gaze. He bit his lip in nervousness once more as he didn’t hear any reply back, but then his eyes immediately widened as the shadow abruptly took off into the trees.

“Wait, stop!” Donghae called out, immediately taking off after the shadow, “If this is a joke, it isn’t funny!”

Donghae continued to give chase through the fog for a good fifteen minutes straight, running and running at a continuous sprint; chasing after the mysterious shadow through the trees, only catching up enough to see the figure move through another set of dark, menacing trees. Sticks and leaves cracked beneath Donghae’s feet as he sprinted after the shadow, becoming frustrated that it was always just that much faster than he was. His breathing coming out in short, harsh pants as Donghae came to an abrupt stop, his chest burning and his breath heaving from keeping up the continuous pace for so long. His brown eyes moved around frantically, looking for where the shadow had went to, only to find absolutely nothing but the same white thick fog floating around him, making his vision limited as even the dark trees were obscured from view.

Donghae continued to pant, still looking around him for any clue as to where the mysterious figure went despite the inability to see. Biting his bottom lip, Donghae kicked the ground in frustration, causing various rocks mixed with dirt to fly around him, only to disappear into the mists as well. As if he weren’t lost before, he was probably even further away from the campsite now than he was before.

Then, Donghae gasped in shock and surprise; a warm, firm arm suddenly wrapped around his waist from behind, and before Donghae could let out a scream, a hand came up and covered his mouth, making the scream muffled against this stranger’s palm.

Immediately, Donghae’s hands flew up and tried to desperately pry the stranger’s hand from his mouth, struggling harshly against the hold as he clenched his eyes shut in fear. His heart beating erratically with fear and anxiety, not knowing who this person was or what they even wanted.

He continued in his struggles, becoming frustrated when his efforts were futile as he continued to yell and scream against the other’s palm. Then, his body went rigid, harsh pants coming from his nose as his eyes snapped open, showing wide eyed fear when he felt warm breath directly against his ear as the stranger let out a breathy laugh.

“Why were you following me?” the completely unfamiliar male voice asked in a whisper, making a shudder roll down Donghae’s spine as warm breath hit his sensitive lobe, the other male’s lips brushing slightly against his ear.

A slight whimper left Donghae’s lips, muffled by the stranger’s hand, and he tried to pull his head away from the other’s grip to answer. His already breathy pants became even harder as he felt the warm breath of the other male against his neck as the stranger chuckled quietly, causing goosebumps to rise on top of his skin.

“You shouldn’t be wandering in the woods at night by yourself,” The other male murmured against his ear, and Donghae swallowed the lump that grew in his throat at the tone of the other’s voice, “Wolves could be out, waiting for kids like you to go astray.”

Another whimper left Donghae’s lips, trying once again to pry the other’s hand from his mouth so he could respond. He heard the other male chuckle once more, before the stranger slowly released his hold, the hand around Donghae’s waist sensually sliding against his skin as he released him, making Donghae tense up almost immediately from the unexpected, teasing touch.

As soon as the other’s grip was loose enough, Donghae immediately, stepped away, shoving back against the other’s chest as he stumbled forward. Whipping around, Donghae looked at the stranger fearfully for a moment, before his eyes widened at the sight before him, completely not expecting such a…piece of perfection to be standing there within the mists.

Fiery red hair falling over milky white skin, incredibly toned arms exposed entirely from the black wifebeater the other was wearing, a slim but muscular body type, long legs clad in rather tight fitting jeans…Donghae’s brown eyes slid up the male’s body once more, swallowing the saliva in his mouth at the sight as his eyes settled on the other’s face. Pink, plump lips turned up into a slight smirk, those firm, muscular arms crossed over the other’s chest, single lidded brown eyes boring deep into his own with an unreadable, mysterious gaze.

Donghae had to know who this man was; his body heating up slightly at the closeness the other had held him at. This had to be a of luck on Donghae’s part; completely, unbelievably amazing good luck. Perhaps, Donghae had found someone to relieve his frustrations on after all; all he had to do was play the game right, something he did all too well by now.

“Well?” The other male’s voice spoke up, looking Donghae up and down as well for a moment, a smirk still pulled up at his lips, “Why were you following me?”

Biting his lip slightly, Donghae decided to start things off with his cute act, and see where that went; he knew different men had different tastes, but most absolutely could not resist a well done act of cuteness, and he was willing to try anything to get something from this stranger.

After all, being found by this extremely y man was far better than being found by one of those kids that he had originally come here with. As a matter of fact, he could care less about them at the moment; all he cared about was getting a piece of this incredibly alluring man.

“I got lost,” Donghae said with a slight pout, his hands fiddling with his shirt as his eyes glittered, starting in his little act, “I was scared and didn’t know what to do, and I thought you were someone that could help me.”

The other man looked at Donghae with a raised eyebrow before asking, “So, it’s help that you need? What with?”

“Getting back home, or for somewhere to stay,” Donghae said innocently, smirking on the inside when he saw the other examining him still, “So, can you help me?”

Scoffing, the other male shook his head slightly, stepping forward finally, “Perhaps, I can let you stay with me. Depends on what you can do for me.”

This time, Donghae let his lips twitch up into an alluring smirk, batting his eyelashes seductively as the other male neared him, “Oh, there’s a lot I can do for you, I’m sure.”

“Glad to hear it,” the other male said, still smirking lightly with his plump, candy-like lips as he walked passed Donghae a few steps before turning to him, “Just follow me, then.”

A triumphant smile turned up at Donghae’s lips, before he started walking after the other male, his brown eyes looking over the other from behind with lust, his dark orbs slowly coming to a stop on the other’s , and he couldn’t help but bite his lips at seeing the tight, round muscle pressing firmly against the tight denim jeans the other wore.

“What’s your name, anyway?”

Donghae’s gaze never lifted from the other’s backside, watching the other’s hips sway in his steps as he spoke, “Donghae.”

“Donghae, huh,” the other male said, his tone somewhat deep as he continued, “I’m Hyukjae, incase you were wondering.”

Hyukjae…Donghae didn’t mind that name, not at all. He smirked even more as he looked the other up and down from behind, having to swallow excess saliva that gathered within his mouth before he his lips. His eyes fluttered to their surroundings as he saw them coming towards a rather small cabin, secluded entirely by trees. A cabin, perfect; now, all he had to do was get Hyukjae in that cabin, and then the game could really begin.


“So, Hyukjae,” Donghae murmured, sitting upon the leather couch by himself, one of his legs propped up and bent on the cushion as he watched the other placing wood upon the flames within the fireplace, watching the orange, dim light flutter on top of Hyukjae’s pale skin, “What is it that you want me to do for you?”

Hyukjae didn’t even turn around, making Donghae pout as the former shrugged while putting another log on top of the scorching flames, “I don’t know, I’ll figure it out tomorrow. I couldn’t just let a kid like you stay out there at night, though.”

Donghae then narrowed his eyes on the other’s back; ever since they had entered the cabin at least an hour ago, all he had been doing was trying to get the other to at least touch him. Ever since their encounter within the woods, his mind had become obsessed with the feel of the other’s hands on his skin, Hyukjae’s breath against his ear, the other’s chuckle against his neck…the mere memory was enough to make Donghae shiver slightly, his imagination running wild with other possibilities that Hyukjae’s mouth could do, what the other’s lips tasted like, and what he merely looked like without clothes obscuring the full view of his milky white body. The images of it all within Donghae’s mind were driving him wild, and it was almost enough to make his arousal visible.

But, Hyukjae had been playing hard to get; Donghae wasn’t stupid, he knew the other could see his attempts to lure him into temptation. Hyukjae’s oblivious act was all a façade, Donghae knew it was; after all, it was something he himself used often towards many others to see who would be willing to keep trying.

So, Donghae kept trying, yearning for any and all attention from the other, mentally begging to be touched; he was becoming one of the needy people that he hated the most, but he didn’t care. It felt amazing being the one having to give chase instead of being the one chased; now he knew what they meant by the chase being the most exhilarating part in any type of relationship.

Biting his lip, Donghae watched as Hyukjae stood up from the fire and stretched, the muscles on his back and neck flexing, making Donghae yearn to sink his teeth into the flesh, make the other and beg for even more. He swallowed his saliva once more as the other brought his arms back to his sides and strolled over to the couch, flopping down on the cushion beside Donghae, making Donghae bounce lightly as the added weight hit the couch.

Donghae watched the other as he sighed and leaned over the side of the couch. Furrowing his eyebrows in question, Donghae watched the other questioningly as he heard what sounded like ice rustling. Then, Hyukjae pulled back, flopping his back against the couch, and Donghae’s eyes lit up slightly and a sly smirk came across his face as he saw Hyukjae held a cold beer in his hand.

Snapping open the tab, the golden liquid fizzled as Hyukjae brought the can to his lips and sipped at it briefly before taking a long gulp. An idea formed within Donghae’s head; he was going to get the other to give in, even if he had to be drunk to do it. If there was anything more lustful than Donghae on a normal basis, it was him when he was drunk.

“Can I have one?” Donghae asked quietly, smiling sweetly to further persuade the other.

Hyukjae looked at the other, the can still at his lips as he took another gulp; he raised an eyebrow at Donghae before pulling the can away from his lips, “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Donghae said with a shrug, pouting slightly when Hyukjae snickered.

“I don’t think you’re old enough to drink,” Hyukjae said pointedly, smirking at the other.

Donghae’s pout only increased as he made his lip quiver and his eyes glitter while he murmured, “You’re not my mother…I drink all the time, thank you very much.”

“There’s a shock,” Hyukjae muttered, leaning back over the side of the couch reluctantly, getting another beer from the cooler beside him.

Donghae scowled lightly at the other’s words before his eyes lit up as Hyukjae handed him a beer of his own.

“Thank you,” he said sweetly, snapping open the tab as well before drinking the gold liquid, the alcohol burning slightly at his throat as he chugged it down; as he chugged he closed his eyes, head tilting back with the can against his lips, making him miss the completely lust-filled gaze Hyukjae gave him while Donghae’s adams apple bobbed with each gulp.


“You really don’t have much of an alcohol tolerance, do you?” Hyukjae asked, a humored look on his face as he watched Donghae giggled at him, the latter’s eyes slightly red and his thoughts more incoherent within his drunken haze; after only six beers, Donghae was almost completely plastered, though still aware of what he was doing, the drunkenness just made him not care.

Donghae then batted his eyelashes lightly, his gaze dark with seduction as he bit his lower lip, making Hyukjae swallow dryly; Donghae’s eyes then moved up and down Hyukjae’s body slightly, his lust for the other male becoming insatiable as the alcohol gave him that extra push to act out his wants, and he was more than willing to give in.

Giggling once more, Donghae abruptly sat up onto his knees, slowly crawling closer to Hyukjae. Hyukjae looked at the other questioningly before he gasped quietly in surprise as Donghae swung one of his legs over his lap before settling himself upon the other’s pelvis, straddling Hyukjae’s thin hips between his thighs.

Donghae giggled once more at the other’s bewildered expression, before his eyes flickered to the cold beer still within the other’s grasp. Snatching the drink out of the other’s hands, Donghae smiled lightly at the other before bringing the can to his lips, chugging the rest of the liquid within it. His mouth was entirely numb by now from the alcohol he had consumed, making the burn of the alcohol go completely unfelt as it slid down his throat.

Hyukjae bit his lip slightly, fighting with himself mentally as he watched the other chug the rest of his drink while sitting on top of him. Donghae could feel it, the burning of the other’s stare on his body making him smirk against the can; his body was already on fire from the sensations of alcohol, now he felt light sheens of sweat start to cover his tanned body beneath the other’s gaze. God, he wanted Hyukjae, and he wanted him bad.

As soon as the last drip of liquid entered his mouth, Donghae pulled the empty beer can from his thin lips, his dark gaze looking down at Hyukjae as he smirked lightly; crumpling the aluminum can in his grasp, Donghae’s gaze never left the other’s as he abruptly tossed it aside. The can colliding with the wooden floor with a clatter, though the sound was completely unheard by the two on the couch as both of their desires ran wild in their heads.

Donghae continued to smirk lightly, noticing the obvious lust that filled Hyukjae’s dark brown orbs, deciding it was time to up the ante and get what he wanted. Perhaps, he would even let Hyukjae take what no other had before; god knows Donghae wanted the other man enough, especially now beneath Hyukjae’s lust filled stare.

He rolled his hips slightly against the others, biting his lip in an attempt to keep his inside; a feeling of pride overcame him as he felt Hyukjae immediately tense up, and a shuddered breath pass the other’s candy pink lips as he felt the familiar slim hands go to his hips, making his skin burn with need to feel them more, feel them absolutely everywhere.

“Mm, it’s so hot,” Donghae murmured seductively, though he wasn’t just trying to be seductive; his insides were truly burning intensely combining with the heat of the fire within the fireplace was driving him insane.

Moving his hands slowly to the edges of his shirt, Donghae slowly lifted the cloth off of his skin and over his head, expressing his finely toned and tanned torso, shining already with a thin layer of sweat. Carelessly, Donghae threw his shirt to the floor, moving his brown eyes back down to Hyukjae, lustful gazes meeting once again as Donghae smirked lightly.

Slowly, almost sensually, Donghae wrapped his arms around the other’s neck, bringing his bare torso against the other’s shirt clad one. He noticed Hyukjae’s lips turn up slightly into a smirk, his grip on the other’s hips tighten.

“You’re a really drunk, aren’t you?” Hyukjae spoke, his voice rough and deep, dripping with lust, enough to drive Donghae even wilder, his imagination flooding to just what that voice would sound like uttering pleasured obscenities into his ear.

Donghae his lips in anticipation, looking at the other for a moment before whispering, “Don’t play stupid, I’ve been trying to get to you for hours now,” he then leaned forward and slowly ran his tongue up the other’s neck towards his ear, feeling the other tense up again as he finally reached the lobe; then, he practically whimpered out desperately, “God, do I want you.”

He let out a gasp before whimpering quietly as he felt Hyukjae’s hand slide up his bare torso, the other’s lips lightly brushing against his neck for a moment before he heard Hyukjae murmur into his ear, “Trust me, my sweet, this isn’t what you want,” Donghae gasped again as Hyukjae’s hand abruptly slid up his sweaty back and grabbed his dark hair, pulling his head back; Donghae clamped his eyes shut, biting his lip as he felt Hyukjae’s plump lips place wet, open kisses over his adams apple before he growled out, “I’m rather…dangerous and unstable, Donghae.”

Donghae’s heart was racing; his hair being pulled from the roots accompanied by the other’s dangerous words lit his insides on fire. His twitched within the confinement of his pants, pre already soaking his underwear and making him shiver; his mind only focusing on one thing, and that was getting Hyukjae inside of him by any means. The other battering his prostate for hours, making him scream and squirm for more while hearing this same dangerous growl against his ear…Donghae ed at the thought, feeling Hyukjae still and kissing at his neck.

“God, take me,” Donghae whispered, his breathing ragged and harsh, his arousal already throbbing and craving for those sultry hands pulling at his hair to touch him; never in his life had be been so in his life while still having his pants on.

“You won’t be able to take it,” Hyukjae said roughly against the other’s neck, his dark eyes flickering upward to the younger’s face, “You’ll be crying and begging for me to stop within an hour.”

“What would you do?” Donghae whimpered out in lustful anticipation, feeling the other smirk lightly against his neck at the question.

“Take you. Rough and dry. Make you mine,” Hyukjae mumbled his eyes almost entirely black with desire, though he smirked at the other’s frustration, refusing to go into more detail than that, letting the other’s imagination wander, “Trust me when I say you won’t like it. Not at all. You don’t know how I can be, Donghae. Once someone is mine, they are only mine.”

That possessive voice and choice of words, the other’s hard pressed deliciously against his through their pants, the fire tingling upon his skin whenever the other’s hand clutched at his back and nibbled on his neck. Colors swirled beneath Donghae’s eyelids, painting a messy picture of pure seduction and lust as he whimpered desperately, pleading for the other to just take him already. The affect of the alcohol had long since faded, now he was only drunk on this pleasure that Hyukjae was giving him, and picturing even more of it.

He continued in his begs and his pleas, becoming desperate for any sort of friction as his arousal became more and more painful by the second. Donghae wanted – no, needed – Hyukjae inside of him; this incredibly y and alluring man was already something special to make Donghae feel this way, and at this moment he could care less about his previous morals. He needed the other to be pounding away within him, making him scream and writhe; he didn’t care if it was hard and fast like the other promised, all he cared about was that it happened.

Hyukjae smirked lightly at Donghae’s pleas, hearing the other become more and more desperate. Then, he let out a growl as he felt Donghae desperately try to roll their hips together, his mind flashing to an immediate decision as the other’s rock hard rub against his own; if this young boy wanted it, then he was more than willing to give it to him.

Roughly, Hyukjae pulled away from Donghae, switching into what he really was, what he always became with a partner; a pure ual and possessive monster. The need to control the younger male completely came over him, making him growl dangerously before he abruptly shoved Donghae to the floor, smirking lightly as the other’s back collided with the hard wood floor, a loud thud echoing within the room. A shiver of pleasure ran through Hyukjae’s spine as he heard the other’s whimpers, before he immediately crawled on top of the other.

Grabbing the other’s wrists, Hyukjae held them tightly against the floor in a harsh manner, smirking dangerously at Donghae’s half lidded gaze; leaning down so their noses touched lightly, Hyukjae breathed out, “So be it, my lovely pet.”

Donghae let out another whimper before he felt Hyukjae’s plump pink lips slam against his own, the other savagely tarring apart his lips almost immediately. A deep groan erupted from Donghae’s throat as he started kissing back, the ographic sounds of teeth colliding and tongues being drowning out the crackling of the fire behind them.

As their violent kisses ensued, Donghae let out a whimpering as Hyukjae started grinding their hips together wildly, making his bare back slide on the rough, wooden floor.

The stinging pains on his back only mixing with the haze of his pleasure, his eyes clamped shut as various hues of color continued to flood beneath his eyelids. As they kissed, their pelvises still connecting over and over in a sinful dance upon the floor, Donghae’s breathing became even heavier, whimpering s becoming even more frequent as he felt warmth pooling within his stomach, nearing his release already.

Hyukjae chuckled darkly, knowing full well what those s signified, and he abruptly pulled their swollen, bruised lips apart and stopped his movements completely, making Donghae whimper and thrash his head from side to side, dark brown locks, drenched in sweat, moving across his forehead.

Donghae let out another whimper as Hyukjae pulled him upward, forcing the boy to stand up entirely; Donghae’s half lidded gaze looked at him questioningly, making Hyukjae just smile before dragging the other towards the bedroom, not even bothering to put out the fire beforehand. He was too far gone in his own lustful desires for this 18 year old boy to care about the flames at the moment.


As they entered the bedroom, Hyukjae immediately shoved Donghae back onto the soft mattress, the younger’s body bouncing up from the impact upon the metal springs. Hyukjae stood before the younger, biting his lips at the sweaty and sultry Donghae before him, seeing the other’s pressing harshly against his jeans, begging him to release it from the tight, confined denim it was trapped within. his lips, Hyukjae smirked at the sight; release it, he would indeed.

Both of their pants and underwear were finally shed, as well as Hyukjae’s black wifebeater, all of the clothing falling to a heap upon the floor. Donghae whimpered as the air hit his burning hot , before he let out a deep , arching his back as Hyukjae’s slid deliciously against his own.

The angry red color of his engorged organ was almost a deep purple, pre dripping down from the slit and covering both of their arousals as they rubbed together repeatedly. Donghae was still so close to the edge, whimpering and panting as Hyukjae ravaged at his lips once more, the other’s hands rubbing at his torso in the most sensual of ways, leaving Donghae’s skin on fire and burning with sensations he had never felt before.

Fire burning within his chest, Donghae felt himself about to give in to his release, the same, panting whimpers being swallowed by Hyukjae’s delicious mouth; Hyukjae chuckled softly, before sliding one of his hands down Donghae’s torso until he reached the other’s angry red . He then firmly gripped the base and squeezed it, pulling his lips away from the younger’s bruised and raw ones, watching with sick amusement as the other whimpered and cried out, jolting from being denied his .

Leaning down to the other’s ear, Hyukjae whispered out in a rough voice, “You’re not allowed to , Donghae. Not until I’m done with you.”

“It hurts, Hyukkie,” Donghae whimpered out, trying to use a pet name in persuasion as his arousal throbbed within the other’s hand, “I need to. Just let me, please.”

Hyukjae chuckled darkly, releasing the other’s throbbing organ from his hand as he situated himself in to a different position, moving Donghae’s legs apart and completely exposing the other to him entirely; flickering his dark eyes up to Donghae’s flushed face, Hyukjae stuck one of his fingers in his mouth for only a moment before releasing it, placing it at Donghae’s entrance. He smirked as he felt Donghae jolt and quiver when his saliva coated finger rubbed against his entrance, and he murmured out, “This is about to hurt a lot more, so get used to the pain.”

His finger abruptly sunk in to the other’s entrance all the way, and he groaned out at the sudden tightness mixed with Donghae’s scream mixed of both pain and pleasure, the latter’s need for release subsided as the pain of being entered for the first time burned at his body, making him writhe at the unfamiliarity.

Sliding up the other’s sweat clad body, Hyukjae smirked lightly at the other’s clamped shut eyes. His gaze flickering to the other’s swollen lips before he leaned forward and started kissing and nipping at them, slowly moving his finger in and out of the other’s entrance, pushing the long digit in as far as it would go, trying to get the other at least somewhat prepared so he wouldn’t be torn; the last thing Hyukjae needed was his newly acquired toy being broken on the very first night.

Donghae kissed back immediately, already addicted to the luscious flavor of Hyukjae’s lips and tongue, allowing their saliva to mix as he opened his mouth and welcomed the other’s tongue to claim his entire mouth. Though he abruptly pulled away after a moment and arched his back as he screamed again, Hyukjae having shoved a second finger within his entrance dryly, and he heard Hyukjae against his ear while he panted and whimpered at the pain.

“You’re so y,” Hyukjae growled softly against his ear, nibbling on the tender flesh as Donghae felt the other move his two fingers in and out of him, scissoring him on occasion, “So, so y. Especially when you do-“

Hyukjae paused for a moment, before curling his fingers within Donghae at just the right angle, and the other abruptly jolted and screamed again, his voice piercing the silence of the room as he convulsed out of sheer pleasure as the other pressed against his prostate. Another vibrated against Donghae’s ear as Hyukjae finished, “That.”

Donghae continued to writhe his sweat clad body around on top of the bed, whimpering and ing loudly whenever Hyukjae’s sinfully long fingers brushed against that lovely bundle of nerves buried within him; his vision dotting with white and hues of color at the new, completely welcomed pleasure. The lust became overwhelming, and as Hyukjae added a third finger, all he could feel was the sheer pleasure, even though he knew there was pain. He continued to scream, loving the sounds of Hyukjae’s deep s and groans vibrating against the lobe of his ear. Then, he felt Hyukjae let out a deep groan, muttering curses beneath his breath before abruptly pulling his fingers out of Donghae, making Donghae whimper from the sudden emptiness.

More s of anticipation escaped his bruised lips however when he felt Hyukjae’s large, rubbing at his stretched entrance.

“Donghae,” Hyukjae’s voice whispered, making Donghae slowly open his eyes, his lust filled gaze meeting the other’s before the other continued, “I ask you once more, are you sure? Once I take you, then you’re mine.”

His mind running wild with lust, his body on fire while craving for anything and everything that was Hyukjae, Donghae could only whimper, squirming in need as he spoke in a desperate tone, “Yes, Hyukjae. Make me scream.”

A small, somewhat evil chuckle escaped Hyukjae’s lips, “Oh, I intend to.”

With that, Hyukjae rammed himself within the other’s entrance, completely sheathing himself inside of the other’s tight body in one go, Donghae’s body arching up at the sudden, very large organ impaling itself within his ; an ear piercing scream erupted from his throat, making Hyukjae groan at the mere sound, shivers running down his spine as his eyes rolled back in his head. Immediately, he started ramming his rock hard, in and out of the younger, barely even giving the other a chance to breathe after the sudden impalement.

Donghae didn’t know what to do; Hyukjae pounding in to him at such an animalistic pace was almost too much for his body to handle. His bounced as his body was roughly slammed into, his eyes rolling in his head as white flashed behind his eyelids; his entire body was hypersensitive, his skin literally on fire as overwhelming pleasure invaded all of his senses. The delicious burning that followed each of Hyukjae’s caresses upon his skin was addicting, and the way the other’s plump lips tasted every part of his body until finally settling on his own; the sounds of their saliva mixing as their tongues fought for dominance combined with the sound of skin slapping against skin. The bed grinded against the wooden floor as the s became more erratic and rough, making Donghae’s pleasure mix with pain as he was ed into the mattress. His screams continued to pierce into the night, making Hyukjae groan each and every time; this was all the sweet, sinful soundtrack of Donghae’s own ity being taken, as well as the start of something beautifully dreadful. The start of Hyukjae’s very own obsession.


Donghae had…underestimated what Hyukjae had said that night; he had come to realize this after a rather memorable happening.

He had been with Hyukjae for almost two weeks since their first night they met, and Donghae was becoming restless; though Hyukjae was incredibly y, and quite possibly everything he would need in a guy, he wasn’t used to being stuck to one person, let alone in the middle of a forest with no one else around. Donghae found himself to be missing his parents, his older brother, his friends…the mere life of the city; he was beginning to miss it all. He missed clubbing at night, going to parties and receiving those familiar lustful stares that made him feel empowered.

But, every time he told Hyukjae that he was leaving, the other would go into a fit of rage; a terrifying fit of rage. Donghae would find himself cowering in fear, almost in tears at the pure anger seething through Hyukjae each and every time; furniture thrown, various dishes and frames made of glass would be broken, the shards littering the floor as he would scream at Donghae, saying things such as “I told you that you are mine. You’re not allowed to be with anyone else, do you hear me?!”

The only way that could calm down Hyukjae’s fit of rage would be for Donghae to grab a hold of him and tell the other that it was okay, and that he wasn’t going anywhere; he would always have to brace himself, because as soon as he would hold on to the other, Hyukjae would collapse into his arms, the older shaking violently from sudden sobs that would wrack through his body, whimpering out the same mumblings of, “You agreed, you agreed that you were mine…” would follow out through his shaky breaths.

Of course, after that, Hyukjae would have to assert his rule over Donghae, both of them partaking in another few hours of wild, rough to appease the older so he would forget that Donghae even tried to leave.

Even as they slept, Hyukjae would have a tight, possessive hold around Donghae’s waist, holding the other’s body close to his own as if to make sure the other was all his, and his alone.

Hyukjae’s personality changes and severe emotional deterioration made Donghae wonder every night as he laid there in Hyukjae’s arms; he wondered exactly what had happened to Hyukjae in his life. All he knew was that the other was a 21 year old that lived here, in a small cabin by himself, with absolutely no other human contact. Donghae knew the other had to have been lonely, but that didn’t explain his apparent bi polar disorder at all.

But, in truth, Donghae wanted to go home, more than anything; he craved for human contact, feeling his own mental state deteriorating as he continued to live the life of a hermit. Donghae cared deeply for Hyukjae, more than he even felt comfortable admitting, but he couldn’t stand living this way anymore; he wanted to go home, and was planning to that very night. But, he had underestimated Hyukjae entirely, he didn’t realize that he had become the other’s entire obsession, the other’s world, and there was no backing out now.

That one particular night, his body was entwined with Hyukjae’s own, his head pressed firmly against the other’s bare chest, still somewhat sweaty from that night’s activities as the other’s muscular arms held on to Donghae’s thin waist in the same possessive fashion as he always did. The other’s breathing had evened out, signaling that the older was asleep, though Donghae was still frozen in place, gnawing on his lower lip in fear; he had seen Hyukjae angry, and he was scared of what could happen if he woke up when Donghae was gone. Would he go after him? Would he hurt him if he found him? He didn’t know; he didn’t know anything, and the uncertainty made him terrified.

Letting out a shaky breath, Donghae slowly started to move, his brown eyes fixated on the older’s sleeping face as he carefully removed his head from the other’s milky white chest. As he slowly pulled away, he kept his eyes trained on Hyukjae’s face, watching for any changes in the other’s expression as he slowly used one of his hands to pry off the older’s tight hold on his waist. A shaky sigh of relief passed his thin lips as he managed to release the older’s hold on him, and he carefully slid out of the older’s arms entirely, still watching the other’s face for any changes in emotion. Setting the other’s arm carefully back on to the bed, he looked at the other for a moment, before letting another sigh escape his lips; he really did like Hyukjae, even though the other scared him. If the other was more open to letting Donghae have his freedom, Hyukjae would probably be the perfect man.

Leaning forward, Donghae let his lips gently touch the other’s plump, candy-like lips, feeling the familiar tingling sensation at the mere touch, almost making him change his mind entirely. Almost.

Clear in his mindset, knowing entirely that his family was probably incredibly worried about his well-being and where he was, and his family still meant the world to him. Donghae kept glancing back at Hyukjae’s sleeping form every few moments as he got dressed in some of the clothes Hyukjae had loaned him. Pulling the shirt over his head, the cloth lightly caressing his skin as he straightened it out; as he buttoned up the denim pants, he took one last look at Hyukjae, giving him a sad smile. If he succeeded in leaving, he was going to miss this; the attentive, loving nature of the older male mixed in with the pure, rough that had the ability to make Donghae’s heart almost stop and scream louder than he ever had before, almost enough to rip his vocal chords out of shear pleasure. He would indeed miss sleeping and feeling so protected every night, but he missed his old life more.

As quietly as he could, he slowly strode out of the room, biting his lip as his backside stung at him for a moment from being ed so thoroughly into the mattress only hours before, making him waddle slightly as he reached the cracked open door and pulled it open all the way. Looking back for a moment, Donghae offered one last smile to that sinfully beautiful man in the bed before striding out of the room, heading towards the main door.

He didn’t care about shoes at the moment, knowing Hyukjae could awaken at any moment. So, as quietly as he could, feeling his entire body shaking in fear and anxiousness, his breathing coming out in shaky, ragged breaths, Donghae quietly opened the front door; he cringed as the door squeaked as it opened, the cool, night air immediately floating into the warm cabin, making Donghae shudder before he stepped through the door.

Closing the door behind him, Donghae stepped off of the patio, stepping down the two, wooden steps before immediately going towards the woods, flinching every few minutes when his bare feet would step on a rock or a stick, the small noises enough to make him paranoid still that Hyukjae would hear, despite being so far away. His body still shaking, Donghae looked back towards the cabin, biting his lip; departing from Hyukjae was indeed a bittersweet moment. But he was free, he was finally free; at least, he hoped so.


Donghae had been caught; Hyukjae had caught him not too far within the forest. Apparently the older had awoken when the front door closed, and had gone into a complete state of panic and anger. Hykjae hadn’t even taken the time to get fully dressed, wandering out clad in only a pair of jeans, not caring about shoes or a shirt, his mind set purely on retrieving what was his.

Now, Donghae was close to sobbing from the fear coursing through his veins upon seeing Hyukjae’s infuriated state, begging for the older to release his bruising, harsh hold on his arm. The other’s hold never let up no matter what Donghae said, but merely clamped tighter in Donghae’s struggles, making the younger whimper and beg even more. He was terrified, scared of what the other was going to do to him for trying to run away; he’d never seen Hyukjae this angry before, and it was the scariest thing he’d ever seen. He wanted to run away, pulling at his arm more and more to have the other release his grip, but only wincing and letting out a choked sob as the grip only grew tighter and tighter.

When they reentered the cabin, Hyukjae slamming open the door angrily before kicking it closed after pulling Donghae inside, Donghae expected Hyukjae to release him and just start yelling at him, but more fear and dread filled his senses as Hyukjae continued with his tight hold, pulling him towards the bedroom; though he did pause for a moment searching around in a drawer for something.

Donghae’s eyes widened, tears welling up in his eyes as he saw Hyukjae pull out a small piece of rope before dragging the younger towards the bedroom. Apologies were spilling from Donghae’s mouth, promises of never doing it again following in suit, as he was terrified of what the older was going to do; he didn’t like his side of Hyukjae in the first place, but seeing him this outraged was filling him with newfound fear.

They entered the bedroom, Donghae close to tears as he continued to choke out apologies, but they all seemed to go unheard in Hyukjae’s rage. The older threw the younger onto the bed, and Donghae immediately tried to scramble away from the older out of fear, only to whimper as he was pulled back by his hips; he tried to struggle, he tried his hardest to struggle, but it was all in vain. He whimpered as he felt Hyukjae climb astraddle on his backside, and the older immediately snatched both of Donghae’s wrists into his grip, before he brought out the small bit of rope he had grabbed and tied the younger’s wrists to the head board.

“I warned you, Donghae,” Hyukjae snapped, Donghae shaking out of fear as he tried to struggle against the rope binding his hands, “I told you I wasn’t going to tolerate you doing this. You’re mine. I warned you before we even had ; if I were to take you, then you would be mine. You can’t back out on it now, and you chose to give yourself to me.”

“H-Hyukkie,” Donghae whimpered out the other’s pet name in hopes to soothe his anger, letting his tears fall finally, staining the mattress as he still tried to struggle while also trying to turn his head to look behind him at the other, “Hyukkie, I’m sorry. Please…I promise I’ll never do it again. Just untie me, it really hurts.”

He heard Hyukjae scoff slightly, and he felt the other’s weight shift on his backside, and the other rummaging in the side drawer of the bedside table for something. Donghae whimpered as he felt the other settle on his backside once more, and he could almost hear the deadly tone in Hyukjae’s voice, “You’re damn right you’re not going to do it again,” Donghae then whimpered once more as he felt Hyukjae’s chest press against his back, the other leaning over him and whispering in his ear, his hot breath sending shivers down Donghae’s spine, “I’m going to make sure you never forget who you belong to again.”

“I already know, Hyukkie,” Donghae tried to persuade in a shaky voice, whispering desperately as he turned his head to face the other, his lips quivering in fear as he saw that dark intentions that laid within the other’s brown orbs, “I know I said I was yours, so I’m yours. Just please, untie me…it really, really hurts. I just want to go to sleep. Can we sleep?”

Hyukjae chuckled lightly, leaning forward and claiming Donghae’s lips in a soft kiss, making Donghae’s eyes flutter shut; he cherished each of these sweet kisses from the other’s sweet lips, purely because things were almost always rough with Hyukjae, never sweet and gentle.

As soon as his lips pulled back from the other’s, Hyukjae mumbled out with a smirk on his lips, “We’ll sleep…after I teach you your lesson.”

“W-what are you going to do?” Donghae whimpered, before gasping and struggling slightly as he felt the shirt he was wearing suddenly be ripped in half on his back, the cool air in the room hitting his flesh unexpectedly.

His breathing became panicked, trying to look back at the other to see what he was doing, but unable to turn his head far enough to get a good enough look. But, Donghae did however see a sadistic gleam from Hyukjae’s hand, something shining moonlight upon the smooth metallic surface, and his eyes widened in horror before he started struggling even more; Hyukjae had gotten mad before, throwing things and yelling at him, sure, but never had the other actually done something physically to him. And most certainly not with a knife like this.

“Shh, Hae,” Hyukjae tried to soothe, Donghae’s shoulders shaking from his fearful sobs; Hyukjae rubbed his free hand up and down the other’s back tenderly, trying to make the other keep still, “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“H-Hyuk, please,” Donghae sobbed out, still struggling against the binds on his wrists, feeling the burn on his skin as it was rubbed raw from the rough material, “D-don’t hurt me. Don’t kill me, please.”

“I’m not going to kill you,” Hyukjae laughed out quietly, shaking his head at the other’s extreme conclusion, “It will only hurt for a second. It’ll be thin and small, like a paper cut. I would never mar your beautiful body without a purpose. Think of it as…a tattoo, of sorts. A reminder of who you belong to.”

Donghae opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off as he cried out at the sharp, stinging pain when the blade started to scratch into his lower back. He could tell by the amount of pain that it wasn’t too deep, and most likely not going to bleed very much, but it was still happening, and it terrified him. Never in his life had Donghae thought this would be happening to him, and he wanted it to stop; he did really like Hyukjae, and it killed him to see the other so crazed like this. He was upset; because he was terrified of the first and only person he’d had an actual connection to. The stinging pain continued as Hyukjae carved something into his lower back, making him bite his lip and writhe from the small shocks of pain coursing through his body. He could feel some blood on his back, making him whimper and sob quietly; this couldn’t be happening, this couldn’t be real.

In a few more mere moments, Donghae felt Hyukjae pull the sharp knife away from his marred skin, obviously done and satisfied with his work upon the other’s tanned flesh; the former had stopped struggling entirely, deciding to just let the older do what he wanted as the stinging pain went numb on his back. He still sniffled and sobbed quietly, but mostly out of guilt; this was the hit of reality that he needed to realize that something was actually legitimately wrong with Hyukjae, and he wasn’t just frightened for himself anymore, but scared for the other too.

He didn’t know what it was, or why it had developed like this to such an extremity, but something was truly wrong with the older, and Donghae couldn’t help but feel overwhelming guilt for trying to leave; Hyukjae needed help, and apparently Donghae was the only one he would accept it from. Donghae was still only 18 years old, and as much as he wanted to continue with his old life, he couldn’t now; maybe, it was time to grow up. Let the power he held over others by using their own lust and ual desires to his advantage slide through his fingers; this beautifully gorgeous man he had come to know needed help, and as scary as it was, Donghae seemed to be the only one that could provide it.

Donghae had been so lost within his own mind that he failed to notice Hyukjae get off of him and leave the room for a moment. He also failed to notice the other come back and reclaim his seat upon his backside. However, Donghae did notice when something soft and cool touched pressed upon his lower back, soothing the returning burn and itch of whatever had been carved so carefully into his skin. Donghae twitched slightly at the unexpected, cool touch, and then Donghae’s heart ached as he heard sniffles from behind him as well; he hated it when Hyukjae cried, almost as much as he hated it when the other would get mad at him.

He said nothing still, merely gnawing on his lips as he relaxed his back, feeling the burning sting of the thin wounds disappear as the cool rag caressed his skin in almost a loving manner. Donghae’s arms ached from being tied up for so long, his wrists burning and itching as well from being rubbed raw; a sigh of relief escaped Donghae’s lips as he felt Hyukjae climb up before leaning over him and untying the rope that bound him to the headboard. As soon as his hands were released, Donghae let his arms fall to his sides, the ache in his joints and shoulders slowly start to dissipate as the muscles finally relaxed and blood flow returned to the limbs.

Hyukjae left the room again, and Donghae bit his lip as he still heard the other’s sniffles. They hadn’t exchanged a word since the other had begun inflicting the cuts upon his skin, and he was worried the other thought he hated him. Donghae was still terrified of Hyukjae, but he still cared about him, and he could never hate him; especially not when knowing that something was so horribly wrong with him.

A sniffle came from his nose as he rolled onto his back on the bed, wincing at the sharp sting that ran through his spine for a moment, and he sighed. Unbuttoning his jeans, Donghae slid the denim from his thin legs, letting the rough material fall to the floor with a thud before he climbed beneath the blankets, waiting for Hyukjae to return to him.

As soon as he let his eyes flutter closed after a few more moments of waiting, Donghae heard the other’s foot steps enter into the room. He heard Hyukjae’s own jeans be undone before falling to the floor as well, light sniffles still escaping the other’s nose, making Donghae bite his lip. The mattress springs squeaked as the bed lowered when Hyukjae climbed into the bed as well; Donghae felt the other’s body heat radiate against his own as the other’s slim form slid beneath the blankets. He flinched as Hyukjae wrapped his arms around his upper torso, the older taking much care in not touching Donghae’s now wounded back.

Donghae moved himself closer to Hyukjae, guilt still aching within his chest; and he opened his eyes slowly as he felt Hyukjae bury his face within Donghae’s brown locks.
”I’m sorry, Hae,” Hyukjae whispered, making Donghae sigh and wrap his arms around the older as well, already used to Hyukjae’s tears and knowing what to do to calm him down.

“Hyukjae…why are you like this?” Donghae asked quietly, running his fingertips over the other’s back soothingly as he stared off up at the ceiling, “You can be so scary sometimes…it’s like you become a completely different person.”

Donghae felt Hyukjae tighten his grip on his slim body, the other’s body shaking slightly before the other whispered again, “I’m just ed up, Donghae…Leave it at that.”

Furrowing his eyebrows slightly, Donghae pulled his head from the other’s chest and looking at him with curiosity and mild frustration, “Why won’t you tell me anything?”

“Can we not talk about it right now?” Hyukjae murmured, pulling the younger back against his chest, “Just…let me hold you right now.”

Looking at the other with slight worry, Donghae nodded his head slowly before placing his head against the other’s chest, feeling Hyukjae’s slim body still shake within his hold.

“I’m sorry, Donghae,” Hyukjae repeated in a whisper, his fingers tracing the words forever embedded upon Donghae’s lower back, making the other wince at the sting, “I’m so sorry, but I had to do that to you.”

“What…” Donghae swallowed, hesitating in asking his question, somewhat afraid of the answer before he continued, “What does it even…say?”

Hyukjae sighed before his lips turned up into a sad smile; still the words upon the other’s skin as he murmured back in a dreamy tone, “Mine.”


Donghae had entirely given up on returning home after that night; part of him fearful of what could happen to him, and the other part of him afraid of what Hyukjae would do to himself if he was left alone. He didn’t realize just how fragile Hyukjae was, much like he didn’t realize how fragile he was himself.

The scratches embedded within his once perfectly tanned skin healed without trouble, though the scars still remained, forever imprinting the word that Hyukjae had carved within his skin, and forever within his mind. That night alone was enough to break him, force him to comply with whatever the other wished in fear that something like that would happen again. Though, as fearful as he was, he didn’t mind being around Hyukjae, realizing that the two of them were more alike than different.

Donghae had been obsessed with himself and his power over people, using his body and the ual desires of others to his advantage; something that had gotten him into this mess to begin with. He had tried to use Hyukjae’s ual desires to his own advantage, only looking for a bit of relief from his frustrations, and thus making the older male develop an obsession with everything that was Donghae.

Hyukjae refused to tell him anything that had led up to his current mental state, often even becoming angered when the younger would even bring it up the more often it happened, but Donghae could take one guess as to what could have done it; emotional abuse. He’d seen similar things happen to people at his high school before he graduated, and that was the only thing he could see as the cause; he never pestered the older about the details anymore, but merely tried to be the cure for it all, since Donghae was apparently the only thing that could keep Hyukjae from shattering completely.

Of course, Donghae couldn’t entirely complain about being confined within a forest; Hyukjae gave him all the attention he could ever want and more, taming his insatiable lust and wild hormones that came with still being a teenager. They never told each other that they loved each other, because their relationship wasn’t built on love, but obsession; the sinful obsessions of and dependency. It was what they both craved; it was what they both needed to have at least some sanity, so that was what they had.

This situation did upset Donghae still, but he had no one to blame but himself for it all anyway, he had accepted that by now; his own tendencies backfired on him, his own way of persuasion being his downfall. He had tried to use Hyukjae at first for pure ual release, and now he was paying for the consequences.

Donghae looked back on the day they had first met, within the dark and dreary forest, shrouded with the thick white fog, obscuring his vision but also luring him into this lovely trap of lust. He remembered what Hyukjae had first told him, about wolves waiting for someone like him to come astray.

Yes…one could say that was true. Hyukjae was Donghae’s big bad wolf; though instead of going under the guise of an old woman, Hyukjae was a wolf in the form of an obsessed, ually depraved man.

Little red riding hood…Donghae suddenly felt sympathy towards the story. He was the young, unsuspecting girl in a red coat, and Hyukjae had been the big bad wolf all along, waiting for him to be led astray. Who knew a child’s story could be such a horrific, sinful tale.



“As you’re pretty, so be wise, wolves may lurk in every guise…”



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Eh, not as satisfied with this one as I thought I would be ._. but hope it was enjoyable for all of you~ An entire paragraph of this was deleted on accident so I had to rewrite a bunch of things (stupid dubstep-y song scaring the crap out of me at unsuspecting moments…), and then I had to do a TON of editing to make this at least…coherent. So I hope that worked >.> plus AFF and my computer haven’t been getting along very well, so I had to wait for my computer to cooperate before I could even post it. Sorry for the wait =/ hope it was worth it, though.

I also have like…an entire additional scene and a whole back story about why Hyukjae is the way that he is that I wrote but couldn’t fit in anywhere here in the final draft, so if you guys want me to post those as extra things in a separate chapter, let me know ^^


@whiteheron: Well, The Path is…an experience >.>, that’s the only way to describe it, really. I find it very enjoyable, but some think it’s absolutely terrifying, while others think it’s boring; it’s so complex ._. The videos on top are the trailer and the scene that inspired this entire piece, so you might be able to see what I mean. Entirely, the game is based on different ideas of Little Red Riding Hood, it’s an artistic game about growing up, and very psychological ._. basically, everything means something in that game, making it very…complicated >.>. And YES Donghae’s character was someone that I wouldn’t like in real life either XD the character he’s based off of from the game is like…my least favorite >.> ever. I always play as her first to get her out of the way XD.

@maedeh: it was quite different :] but I still hope you liked it~

@shineekim: No ideas from pizza yet XD but it’ll happen someday, I’m sure >.> I’m not sure how I come up with all of the inspiration though XD my imagination is too wide for it’s own good sometimes. I have a few more story ideas I have to explore a bit before deciding if I can make fics out of them too >.> so there might be more things coming soon. I hope this was enjoyable though :D

@ohmyhyukkie: I’m glad it already sounded interesting :D hope it didn’t disappoint you~ I’m not sure how I feel about it yet ._.

@TyeDyeBoogers: Rather dangerous, yes ._. I could have expanded a TON on this story actually…but it’s already up to like 19 pages on word XD ah my lengthy writing~ -.-

@xCirxe: Hope it wasn’t disappointing then :D



Comments are always appreciated~


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hyukeehaek #1
Chapter 2: the plot bout the story is amazing i wish if we had the little riding hood hyukhae ver it gonna be amaZing you can add some fantasy and some Alternetive world thing then it will an ALLURING PIECE OF PERFECTION OF A LONG FIC
sabiinyukk #2
Chapter 2: omygod so lee hyukjae is the wolf here? ㅋㅋㅋ
thought that he has some social problems before lol