Nae Yeoja Nappa (My Bad Girl)



MyBad Girl


Pretty, smart, talented, popular. YongJoo would almost had eerything that a boy had always wanted from a girl. But, she's the queenka of Class A! 

War freak, snob, brat, self-centered, stubborn, and cold. That's her problem. She is bad.  Her brother, CNU, found the solution to this problem on how she will change. But, how?






 Foreword My second fanfic!


poster by: Robotics Dream



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Chapter 26: you finally update! not with a new chapter, but still
tsxahxuan #2
Chapter 25: Its a good story. Sadly it didnt have an ending..
somiabana #3
Chapter 25: Omo!! haha Author nim pls update!!! :))
Dnguyen #4
Chapter 25: Kyaa update soon author nim !!!!!!!!
jennifer1801 #5
Chapter 13: Waahh i want jinyoung to pretend as my bf too keep updating tnx
sweetprincess93 #6
Chapter 2: Kyaaa!! They're classmates!>
sweetprincess93 #7
Annyeong! new reader here!!
Chapter 11: I don't know.. and.. they're in love but denied it~
Chapter 10: It's okay authornim, me too. Even, never write one before~ update soon!
Chapter 9: why is she running?