A day with EXO : Chanyeol


    "What is this place?" You asked while staring up at the colorful building, "Lotte World, Jina." Baekhyun appeared next to you. "Oh my!" You jumped and tripped on your untied shoelace, "Woah!" You yelped and was about to crash the floor, but a hand reached out and grabbed you by the waist.    Baekhyun pulled you close to him and you opened up your eyes, you looked up and blushed madly. *God... why am I always stuck in these can of weird scenes?* You quickly got up and bowed at him, "Sorry. I was being clumsy again." You shyly said. Baekhyun find it cute and just nod. "Its okay." was all he said.   Kris and Chanyeol came racing back with the 13 tickets in their hand, Suho just shook his head at them. "Seriously, you two should really learn how to grow up, and you, Kris." Suho eyed him carefully, Kris just shrugged. "We're just having FUN! And you should too, you're not getting any younger you know?" Kris casually said, that made the rest of them cracked up.   You'd just giggled, Suho stare at you in disbelief. You bit your bottom trying to not burst into a fit of giggles and just bowed at him, "Mianhae..." Suho just pouted and snatched the tickets from him, "Let's go." He angrily said and stormed inside the entrance.   You'd stop giggling at last and just stare at him, *We were just joking.* You went after him and appeared right next to his side, "You okay, Suho oppa?" You asked.    "No..." He pretended to be sad and all, "Awww.... we were just joking. No need to be sad." You comfortingly patted his back, "Even if Kris said that you'll become old. You'll always looked young to me, even though I barely know you." You happily beamed. Suho couldn't believe on what he had just heard from you, your sentence was so sweet and innocent that he had to chuckle at you, but his heart was filled with warmth and love.   "Hey! You chuckle! That's a good sign." You beamed and was suddenly grabbed the arm, "Woah." You called out and stare at the person that was draggin...

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Cocoa10345 #2
Chapter 8: Um, Luhan is the second eldest, and Xiumin is the eldest. And Tao does Kung Fu, not not Xiumin.
Exoislife_ #3
I actually cried.
This story is totally gonna be in my Top 10
jaehan88 #4
the best fantasy fanfic of exo i've ever read!!!!!daebak!!!!!!! this really rocks hehe
Yo0YoungJae #5
Chapter 72: Daebak!! Jjang!!
kimyou210 #6
Chapter 72: I Really Love This Story!!! :D
Dancergirl99 #7
Chapter 72: Wow! Your story is AwESOmE! Love your story(: Keep up the good work(:
avisdawn #8
I'm going to read it again! ^^ it's one of my favorite stories >.<
queenzliana #9
Chapter 72: I love it so much
YomnaExoticGirl #10
Chapter 72: amazing story <3 i love it
Exodo8 #11
Chapter 72: It was the best story ever love it!