Der Märchenclub

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The tale of Cinderella's bloody shoes and the plea of the hanged Rapunzel: a fairy tale is never this absurd.




Der Märchenclub

{The Fairy Tale Club}


Title               : Der Märchenclub

Genre           : Angst, suspense, horror, drama, psychological, mystery, thriller, mild romance

Rating            : PG-13, generally. M, in one of the chapters.

Warning         : long story, long chapters, characters’ death, mentally-disturbed character, cross-dressing, violence, mild gore, mature content in some of the chapters, author is not a native English speaker

Beta                : Yocaterpillar (Chapter 1-5, 7), the_soshified_one (Chapter 34)

Pairing           : *not in probability order*: HeeSica, HaeSica, YoonHae, YoonChul, SiFany, BumSica (Kibum x Jessica), SunSun, EunSun (Eunhyuk x Sunny), SooChul, HaeFany, KyuTae, TaeTeuk.

Summary       :


  • New readers, don't read the story's comments. Spoilers are everywhere there. 
  • Heed the warning. I’m serious about them.
  • I may do horrible things, even to my bias. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do horrible things to them per se, but I just want you to note down that if it’s for the sake of the story, I don’t mind doing anything drastic. So now, I apologize in advance if I "ruin" your bias.
  • Don’t complain if the pairings I choose in the end is not to your liking. Don’t take it for granted that I will do my usual OTP either. Again, I’m the type of writer who’s not afraid to write cruel things about my OTP.


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Little children, what fairy tale do you want to hear tonight? 





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Jessica returned to South Korea after she received an invitation to  Seoul’s most prestigious, high class society. Der Märchenclub, club for the elite, brotherhood of the wealthiest heir and heiress.

It was a world of fairytale to the others, but it was an absurd, sugar-coated one for her.


Where Cinderella cut her toes...

[the red sole, the red heels, blood in the glass slipper]

Where Jack was eaten by the Giant...

[chomp, chomp, chomp. You taste good, Jack. You taste good]

Where the Fairy Dust remained an illusion...

[you can fly, Peter… Just jump off that cliff… you can fly!]

Where Rapunzel hung herself from the tower...

[oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Tie your golden hair around your thin neck]


Oh, and Alice, dear Alice...

Can you escape this rabbit’s hole?

05/5/13: change the posters for chap 6, 9, 12, 14, 15, 18, 25, 26, 27

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I actually remember reading this 2 or 3 or even 4 years ago. It's been a while.
I don't remember precisely how each chapter goes but from what I remember, it involves a lot of death lol. I also recall how I really like the mystery and suspense that you conveyed in the story. :)
I like this story a lot and I feel like you did a really good job in closing the end. I respect you a lot cause you manage to write some cruel scenes and a whole lot of death. It was a fun ride.
I stumbled back to this story accidently and I gave an upvote tho I only added one number to it lel.
Keep up the good work. I'm not the only people supporting you. :D
marchenkim #2
i would pay good money to own this fic in book form.
i would volunteer as an editor. i would donate to have it published if it ever came to that. i would do so many things for this story because i keep coming back to read it and it's been several years since i first found it.
i wish i could erase the memory of me reading this so i could read it all over again and experience it all from scratch.

yeah um if you're ever bored and don't know what to do consider publishing der marchenclub because all the fans will come back for it and will be in tears. jUst puttin' this out there. just an extra thought.

vanillasoul257 #3
Dear Author,

Found out we're from the same country, but I'll go with English since it feels more comfortable to use for this.

(For all of you who haven't finished the fic, this comment is a major spoiler, so avoid reading if you don't want any spoiler)

I just spent three days, barely living my life properly, to read this fic from the beginning to the end.

This is one of the most original, unique and amazing story I've ever read in general, including all the classic literature and commercial novels I love.

You traumatize me, broke my heart and horrified me. SNSD is my most favorite girlband ever. I would like others, but the new ones will never compare to SNSD for me. And to read my biases killed cruelly one by one is like reading a nightmare.

But above all, I think my heart broke most painfully when you still kill Sica in the end. Which, on further consideration, actually fits this story better. Peaceful endings doesn't click well with the whole theme (I know, but TT______TT)

Based on my reaction, you have successfully wrote this one. You're really one of the most genius author I've ever read in my entire life, which is really something since I love to read and I really have read a lot. I write fanfics too, and my readers told me that I am a heartbreaker, but you break my heart worse than I ever did to my writers, I guess.

All in all, congratulations to you. This is an epic piece of fiction that I will remember for a long, long time. And when people ask me (they don't have to ask, really, I'm going to promote this fic to everyone who would listen) I will recommend them to read this fic.

I'm a fan and will definitely read all your other fics.

Thank you for your hard work in creating this fic. You are indeed one of a kind.
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 16: dayum i guessed right again! they're siblings!! yoona has just this eerie vibes whenever she appears in the story. her description and the way she's written makes her seem like a very innocent but very scary girl at the same time. amazing. welp, there goes my donghae x yoona ship down the drain.
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 15: heck that was creepy. so... donghae and yoona are siblings, probably?
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 14: like i said in my previous comment, i think choi siwon or the chois are primary culprits for this club murder that's happening. this thing with the kims is a whole different story, i guess.
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 13: asghfhaald i knew the taeyeon was the nightingale. but only because she's like the only snsd member i haven't seen and she has a really good voice y'know so it fits her somehow. i have my suspicions about the circus master. is he siwon? or a non-suju member hmmm also they mentioned a 'boss' so there's really someone up there controlling this game ahh this fic makes me so excitedddd
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 12: shindong is dead, too bad for him, i guess.
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 11: aww yoona can't be dead right? i was hoping for some yoona x donghae development but remembered that this is a mystery horror fic bwahahaha