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I'm gonna make you love me nul saranghandago. ♥


Love story between You & B2ST's maknae ♥



1. YOU (Jung Hye Mi) [HM] -
17 years old girl , who is accepted in school in Seoul.
You love k-pop.  You're calm, shy and friendly. You're not "party type". 
You have awesome style, awesome body & and you're beautiful.  
You don't need make up to feel beautiful.
2. Son Dong Woon [DW] - He is B2ST's maknae.
He is selfish, arrogant, rich, 20 years old boy.  
All girls in his school fall for him. 
He is playboy with big attitude but that changes when he falls in love ...........with you!~
3.  B2ST members;;;
1)  Kikwang - Secretly likes you, always helps you for everything and he's always there for you.
2) Yoseob - Becomes your bestfriend. You use to know eachother well.
3)Doojoon - Serious boy , but...Real DUDE.
4) Hyunseung - This dude knows how to have fun.
5)Junhyung - friendly guy. Future boyfriend to your roommate(classmate).
4. Kang Rae Mi [RM] - She is frendly and reliable. She is your classmate and roommate.


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fruitimoodi #1
THis is amazing!
I honestly closed the tab when I saw Jessica on there >.< So sorry Kwangie :<
mayseeyang52 #3
Well, even if the chapters r short, u have a cute little fanifc story here :) good job!!!
mayseeyang52 #4
Awwww..he wrote a song just for her..he's so sweet :D
yulseya #5
Update soon and with longer chapters 'cuz I'm curious too :D
rainbowscones #6
aww update soon okay! you have to write longer chapters<3 cause i'm so curious
kimhyemi #7
ah-ha ! okay~ gomawo ^^ㅋㅋ
yulseya #8
Heyy~ You're doing it good for first FF , but let me give you some tips ;)) I think that it will be better if you write in "I" not "You" and pleace write little more longer chapters ^.~ Happy if I helped~
biehaseobie #9
whats happen next? hurry... dying to know next chapter^^ ...
BroadwaiixXxBabii #10
Update soon <3