A Girl's Diary (SeoKyu) | Very long hiatus


Eventually, the Title says it all. But to give you more details, this is a FanFic about SeoKyu. This is the revealing of an 18 year old girl (SeoHyun)'s diary which unvails all of her secrets and life. She mostly talks about her crush, Cho Kyuhyun in her diary. Just wonder what could she be admiring about him...



AKA: Seo hyun
Role: The Diary Author/The owner of the diary
Age: 18
Loves: Being happy, Kyuhyun, her best friends and family


AKA: KyuHyun
Role: Seohyun's crush
Loves: His best friends, family, dog, playing video games and badminton


SoNyuhShiDae (SNSD)
AKA: Girls' Generation
Role: SeoHyun's best friend group


Super Junior
AKA: Suju or SJ
Role: Kyuhyun's group


I Have nothing much to say. This is my 4th fanfic. And my first SeoKyu fanfic. The concept of this story is based on something secret :P (hahaha xD) Though, I'm not copying this story/journal from another book, author etc. And also this journal is not really an everyday diary. Seohyun will just write down special things on specific dates.

I'm giving out the lists of my fanfics if you somehow want to read it. (I DO NOT PLAGARIZE)

1st FanFic - A Change For Love (HaeSica and YoonWon) [Complete]
2nd FanFic - Unstoppable Marriage (HaeSica) [Deleted { Sorry xD}]
3rd FanFic - Picture Perfect (ChunStal) [On Hiatus]  
[NEW!] 5th Fanfic -
I'm sorry... (Minhyuk-BtoB and You) [Complete]


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PrincessSnsd2002 #1
Chapter 46: Poor Seobaby so many problems
supergenerations_25 #2
Chapter 46: Pity seo... Too much problems for her...
AngelWithAShotgun #3
Chapter 45: awwwee seobaby ~
your dealing w/ so much problems
CrazyLovingKpopper #4
Chapter 45: Oh pity Seo...update soon..so I will be happy
supergenerations_25 #5
Chapter 45: pity Seobaby... she got too much problems with kyu and her family...>.<
supergenerations_25 #6
Chapter 44: Eihhhh cho kyuhyun!!! Gain your memories please...
LoVeKpOp2 #7
Chapter 44: KyuPabo!! Hope you get you're Memory Back And Know that Seobaby was You're Crush^.^ Update soon!!
AngelWithAShotgun #8
and yeaaaaa seokyu love is back
AngelWithAShotgun #9
Chapter 43: Yah kyu-pabo get your head staright and YES you know and youloved her now you know?
supergenerations_25 #10
Chapter 42: aishhh jinchaa.... kyu please regain your memories please... >.<