March 2 , 2012

A Girl's Diary (SeoKyu) | Very long hiatus

Afternoon 6:10pm

Dear Diary,

Annyeong! I had a crazy day! This will be pretty short but, guess what?  I forgot to tell you this but a few weeks ago, Hyoyeon admitted that she likes one of Kyuhyun oppa's friends which is Eunhyuk oppa! omo, omo! Finally!! Haha, she really admires Eunhyuk oppa! keke~

Anyway, at lunch time, we stalked Kyuhyun and his friends to the canteen! It was so fun! Out of excitement I literally and intensionally fell on the floor because I was nervous yet enjoying about the fact that we (TaeYeon, Hyoyeon and Tiffany) are stalking Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and other friends to the canteen. It was a moment to always remember! They hardly noticed us (actually, I think they know that they being followed). Speaking of "followed" I checked out my twitter, and Kyuhyun oppa has twitter. I checked out his profile and I was following him and he was even following me back! I was shocked and happy at the same time.

Also! Taeyeon unnie saw her crush/love , Leeteuk oppa. Taeyeon unnie was planning inside her mind. She didn't mention much about it but still, she said her plan worked out perfectly. Her plans was to sit next to Leeteuk oppa. Ohh~ I wonder how Leeteuk oppa feels! haha, I'll try to find out
Anyway, I have to go. See you!




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PrincessSnsd2002 #1
Chapter 46: Poor Seobaby so many problems
supergenerations_25 #2
Chapter 46: Pity seo... Too much problems for her...
AngelWithAShotgun #3
Chapter 45: awwwee seobaby ~
your dealing w/ so much problems
CrazyLovingKpopper #4
Chapter 45: Oh pity Seo...update I will be happy
supergenerations_25 #5
Chapter 45: pity Seobaby... she got too much problems with kyu and her family...>.<
supergenerations_25 #6
Chapter 44: Eihhhh cho kyuhyun!!! Gain your memories please...
LoVeKpOp2 #7
Chapter 44: KyuPabo!! Hope you get you're Memory Back And Know that Seobaby was You're Crush^.^ Update soon!!
AngelWithAShotgun #8
and yeaaaaa seokyu love is back
AngelWithAShotgun #9
Chapter 43: Yah kyu-pabo get your head staright and YES you know and youloved her now you know?
supergenerations_25 #10
Chapter 42: aishhh jinchaa.... kyu please regain your memories please... >.<