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March 27, 2012 (Graduation Day)

Morning 9:30 am


Dear Diary,

Hey! Today, I don't know If I should be happy or not. Today is Graduation day, the day were we go to our seperate ways in College. Surely, my dad wants me to have a different school or University at College. I wanted to stay in my own campus since I'm used to their system and especially, Kyuhyun Oppa is staying there. I wish I could stay, I really want to. My friends would be staying their also for College. GOSH! Life is so unfair. I wish so many things when I didn't know that I was going to leave, but now, I just wish to stay, I don't want anything else. Just that simple. But my dad won't allow me. (Sometimes I hate him for that)

Honestly, Even if I go on to a different campus, I would like to take the course of whatever Kyuhyun Oppa is taking, so I need to know this coming summer. I hopefully our relationship goes on to a next level haha xD

I'll tell you what I have experienced at Graduation later, okay? I need to go and get ready. Graduation starts at 3:30 or 4:00, lol xD I  forgot....




Evening 10:30 pm

Dear Diary,

I can sleep, I really can't. Not that I know that I'm really going to leave my campus. It's not fair! What am I going to do? Leave home and enroll by myself? I can't do that. My parents are going to kill me if I did!

So, the important fact is that I GRADUATED! With 2 awards and one Diploma! But still, I have Mixed emotions. We sang our farewell song, and my best friend, Taeyeon kept being teary-eyed knowing that I'm going to leave. Darn! I'm so pissed! Why do I have to have strict parents? Well, I can't decide if having strict parents are better than careless ones. 

I had a feeling that He kept looking at me when he was receiving his diploma and I was all smiley about it. Anyway, I have nothing to say because I'm to depressed. BTW! When I was looking at my parents' camera. They had took many pictures of Kyuhyun oppa. And my mom pointed him out and said "That's your crush , right?" and then I was like, O____O "Huh? How did you know Umma?" and then she smirked and replied "I did research". Haha my Mom's a stalker in my social account. Anyway, I was happy because my mom liked Kyuhyun oppa because he is smart, good-looking and she said he looks humble. While my dad is all complaning about it. Jeez -___-




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PrincessSnsd2002 #1
Chapter 46: Poor Seobaby so many problems
supergenerations_25 #2
Chapter 46: Pity seo... Too much problems for her...
AngelWithAShotgun #3
Chapter 45: awwwee seobaby ~
your dealing w/ so much problems
CrazyLovingKpopper #4
Chapter 45: Oh pity Seo...update soon..so I will be happy
supergenerations_25 #5
Chapter 45: pity Seobaby... she got too much problems with kyu and her family...>.<
supergenerations_25 #6
Chapter 44: Eihhhh cho kyuhyun!!! Gain your memories please...
LoVeKpOp2 #7
Chapter 44: KyuPabo!! Hope you get you're Memory Back And Know that Seobaby was You're Crush^.^ Update soon!!
AngelWithAShotgun #8
and yeaaaaa seokyu love is back
AngelWithAShotgun #9
Chapter 43: Yah kyu-pabo get your head staright and YES you know and youloved her now you know?
supergenerations_25 #10
Chapter 42: aishhh jinchaa.... kyu please regain your memories please... >.<