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GIMP Innovations



Annyeonghaseyo! You have just step foot into 'GIMP Innovations'
GIMP meaning The Program We All Use Here. ^o^
Innovations meaning to Create Better Ideas and so on.
Here we will have resources, tutorials, and freebies, all for you guys! 
The Owner of this place is; gyucakes (Mwuah. ;D) 
And the Co-Owner is moonsetter.
We hope to help you with any question you may have and complete any requests you may want!
Thanks for visiting and have fun learning! ^o^


oo1 || Textures
oo2 || HQ Korean Idol Images
oo3 || HQ Ulzzang Images
oo4 || Patterns
oo5 || Brushes
oo7 || Gradients
oo8 || Fonts




oo1 || Basic Starting Tips
oo2 || Download for GIMP Link + How To Download GIMP
oo3 || Downloading Fonts on a Macbook Pro
oo4 || Downloading Fonts on Windows
oo5 ||
Blending Like A Pro
oo6 || Realizing Your Mistakes
oo7 || Review on GIMP 2.8
oo8 || Adding Patterns on GIMP. (MAC)


oo1 || Rendering Using Fuzzy Select Tool, Free Select Tool, and Paths Tool
oo2 || Making A Grid
oo3 || Creating Line Novas A.K.A Sunbursts
oo4 || How to make a 'Drop Shadow'
oo5 || Making Outlines for Pictures + Text
oo6 || How to create Rounded Borders
oo7 || Glowing Outline for Text
oo8 || Text Along Path
oo9 || Random Background

oo9 ||3D effect
o10 || Squiggles
o11 || Change the Loading Screen

012 || Finding HQ Pictures
013 || Selection to Path


oo1 || Blinking Text
oo2 || Moving your Characters around 
oo3 || Moving Outline

oo4 || "Wiggly" text
oo5 || Shaking text


oo1 || Angst Poster Tutorial - ohgodwhat
oo2 || Angst Poster Tutorial - deulcakes
oo3 || Cute, Romantic, Soft Poster - deulcakes
oo4 || Cute, Funny Poster - deulcakes
oo5 || How to make Backgrounds - deulcakes
oo6 || Character Charts - deulcakes
oo7 || Simple, but Cute Poster - ohgodwhat
oo8 || Soft, Romantic, Sad Poster - deulcakes




oo1 || Korean Girl Groups // Girl Renders
oo2 || Korean Boy Groups // Boy Renders
oo2 || Girl Ulzzang Renders
oo4 || Male Ulzzang Renders
oo3 || Textures 
oo4 || Patterns 
oo5 || Icons 
oo6 || Random PNGS
oo7 || Cute Fonts
oo8 || Angst Fonts

Got Any Questions for deulcakes or ohgodwhat?
Feel Free to PRIVATE MESSAGE us asking whatever. ^o^

gyucakes for Layout
inDesign for Inspiration and Used Textures



Comments are moderated. Keep it cool. Critical is fine, but if you're rude to one another (or to us), we'll delete your stuff. Have fun and thanks for joining the conversation!

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Valaeza #1
This is just greaaaaaat!!!
missfluffysoo #2
Chapter 18: I used the textures and maybe some of the tips. Thank you <3
abie529 #3
Chapter 43: i hope im not sounding annoying lol...i have another question...its about layouts. how and where can you make them?
abie529 #4
Chapter 22: how dd you do the box thing?
abie529 #5
Chapter 18: i wanted to ask if there was another link to those brushes, when i clicked on it, it didnt work..please help
Jang_Hye_Shin #6
Holly Auntie Bety, this tutorials are my new Bible. You're so helpful, thank you so much!
OnMyDreamU_U #7
Chapter 43: I just found this tutorial and its really help me!
Thanks you! hope you can update more about Gimp. :D
TamTamlovesChanYeol #8
Chapter 15: I find this really helpful!! :D
Most tutorials I've watched were really fast and I couldn't really catch up with it,but yours was what I was looking for in like forever! Thanks for making the video :)
jeon_leader #9
Chapter 28: can all these fonts be used in asianfanfic's story?
exofanfic-988 #10
Chapter 5: Annyeong,can i asked u something,does gimp use psd,if yes,tell me howww~

Your tutorial really help me <3