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You , Me , and GIMP derps



Annyeonghaseyo! You have just step foot into 'GIMP Innovations'
GIMP meaning The Program We All Use Here. ^o^
Innovations meaning to Create Better Ideas and so on.
Here we will have resources, tutorials, and freebies, all for you guys! 
The Owner of this place is; gyucakes (Mwuah. ;D) 
And the Co-Owner is moonsetter.
We hope to help you with any question you may have and complete any requests you may want!
Thanks for visiting and have fun learning! ^o^


oo1 || Textures
oo2 || HQ Korean Idol Images
oo3 || HQ Ulzzang Images
oo4 || Patterns
oo5 || Brushes
oo7 || Gradients
oo8 || Fonts




oo1 || Basic Starting Tips
oo2 || Download for GIMP Link + How To Download GIMP
oo3 || Downloading Fonts on a Macbook Pro
oo4 || Downloading Fonts on Windows
oo5 ||
Blending Like A Pro
oo6 || Realizing Your Mistakes
oo7 || Review on GIMP 2.8
oo8 || Adding Patterns on GIMP. (MAC)


oo1 || Rendering Using Fuzzy Select Tool, Free Select Tool, and Paths Tool
oo2 || Making A Grid
oo3 || Creating Line Novas A.K.A Sunbursts
oo4 || How to make a 'Drop Shadow'
oo5 || Making Outlines for Pictures + Text
oo6 || How to create Rounded Borders
oo7 || Glowing Outline for Text
oo8 || Text Along Path
oo9 || Random Background

oo9 ||3D effect
o10 || Squiggles
o11 || Change the Loading Screen

012 || Finding HQ Pictures
013 || Selection to Path


oo1 || Blinking Text
oo2 || Moving your Characters around 
oo3 || Moving Outline

oo4 || "Wiggly" text
oo5 || Shaking text


oo1 || Angst Poster Tutorial - ohgodwhat
oo2 || Angst Poster Tutorial - deulcakes
oo3 || Cute, Romantic, Soft Poster - deulcakes
oo4 || Cute, Funny Poster - deulcakes
oo5 || How to make Backgrounds - deulcakes
oo6 || Character Charts - deulcakes
oo7 || Simple, but Cute Poster - ohgodwhat
oo8 || Soft, Romantic, Sad Poster - deulcakes




oo1 || Korean Girl Groups // Girl Renders
oo2 || Korean Boy Groups // Boy Renders
oo2 || Girl Ulzzang Renders
oo4 || Male Ulzzang Renders
oo3 || Textures 
oo4 || Patterns 
oo5 || Icons 
oo6 || Random PNGS
oo7 || Cute Fonts
oo8 || Angst Fonts

Got Any Questions for deulcakes or ohgodwhat?
Feel Free to PRIVATE MESSAGE us asking whatever. ^o^

gyucakes for Layout
inDesign for Inspiration and Used Textures


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Paralovesuperjunior () says about chapter 2:
Please do a korean idol images, Super junior ones. :) Thank you!

--LuckyHeart-- () says about chapter 42:
What is the software you use? CAn you link it to me please!! >< <3

syahhyuu () says about chapter 42:
Yay! Finally the tutorial for this poster! thank you so much & wish you luck to get into top 10!! i'll vote for you again~ :*

Smiggletastic () says about chapter 41:
Hai! I made a poster from this tutorial >_<
Here's the blog post! I hope you like it ^^
Thank you so much for the tutorial!

NorthMelon () says about chapter 26:
howd u access the 'single window mode'? because i cant find it anywhere

exostory2 () says about chapter 19:
What font did you use for the "Glowing Text"?

MissFaWa () says about chapter 18:
How to make this poster using photoshop?

GoldenPeace () says about chapter 18:
Hey, do you guys do Pixlr tutorials? I've been looking for so long, but so far it's only GIMP or Photoshop, and I have neither...

iammyd2 () says:
I'll vote for you!!

syahhyuu () says about chapter 33:
Yay!! I finally understand how to do this text along path !!
thank you author-nim ;u;

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