Music Is Love

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Kim Seuk Hye was known as a nobody. No one liked her. She got accepted into Kirin Art High School. She had the looks, talent, and well everything, but why didn't no one liked her? That's because she's a shy girl. It'll be hard for her to face some outcomes while attending this school.

Kim Seuk Hye

- Dreams of becoming singer

- Tends to have a hard time making friends

- Used to live in Busan

- A huge fan of SHINee

- Has a Busan accent that can get noticed easily


Jo Youngmin

- Attends Kirin Art High School (Kwangmin & Minwoo)

- Older Twin

- Becomes Seuk Hye's best friend

- Loves teasing CNU about having a crush on Seuk Hye

- In boyband BoyFriend


Lee Kiseop

- Attend Kirin Art High School

- Has a crush on Eunji

- Befriends Seuk Hye, Youngmin, Eunji

- In boyband UKISS


Jung Eunji

- Attends Kirin Art High School

- Became Seuk Hye's best friend

- From Busan also

- Huge fan of H.O.T.'s Tony


Shin Dongwoo (CNU)

- New at Kirin Art High School with his band members

- Starts having feelings for Seuk Hye and turns into a major crush

- Talents are rap, dancing, and bad boy image along with Baro

- Has a soft and romantic side when it comes to Seuk Hye

- In boyband B1A4

- Befriends with Youngmin, Kiseop, Seuk Hye, and Eunji


Cha Baro

- Attends Kirin with B1A4

- Rapper of B1A4

- Huge crush on Eunji

- Friends with Youngmin, Kiseop(kinda), Eunji, and Seuk Hye

- Bad boy image along with CNU & has a cute and soft side


-Cameo Time-







Hello my little Ducklings!~ I changed a whole lot of things in this story plot. I was reading these chapters and it looked and sounded exactly like Dream High 2, so I was very unsatisfied, so I decided to make a huge change. I might change the title also, to something else. I've added UKISS, BoyFriend, and B1A4. Why B1A4? It's because I've been watching B1A4 Hello Baby and their music videos, so I was having those BANA moments where I needed to add some B1A4 spice to it haha. Well enjoy. Ah, don't forget to subscribe to me and comment below also ^_^ Reading your comments makes me happy ^_^


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namurah () says:
This is so nice!!

tiffani123456 () says about chapter 30:
Eunseop please

tiffani123456 () says about chapter 27:
PleAse get kiseop and eunji together

tiffani123456 () says about chapter 19:
Please talk more about eunji and those who like eunji cause she is my bias

Momo-yang () says about chapter 29:
Yay! and update! *starts dancing* haha

frostysnowprincess () says about chapter 28:
Whoa Seukkie! XD

Momo-yang () says about chapter 27:
Oh Seukkie, that was a bit harsh.... tough love i guess, update soon

frostysnowprincess () says about chapter 25:
Omo! Go Seukkie! I can't wait to see what's going to happen~

Momo-yang () says about chapter 25:
Ooooo intense >.< hood luck seukkie!

MiraJisagonuro () says about chapter 25:
This is getting exciting!! :DD

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