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Trigger Warning
by smexy_soul (subscribers-only)
Tags   genderbender   taeny   yulsic   | Report Content





" Soonkyu, dear. I think you should start giving up on Tae." Mr Lee said to Soonkyu.

" Why would i?" Soonkyu crossed her arms.

" Because there's no use. Tae will stick to Tiffany and that'll make you suffer more, dear." Mr Lee rubbed his temples.

" You were the one who asked me to hook up with him!" Soonkyu snapped.

" Because i thought you wouldn't suffer." Mr Lee defended himself.

" I'm out of this hell!" Soonkyu went off and drove her car to the park.

" Shit. What kind of father are you?" Soonkyu said to herself as she sat on a bench.



" S-soonkyu?" A very familiar voice came up from behind.

" You? Who are you?" Soonkyu is very familiar of this person but she could'nt remember who it was.

" S-sooyoung." Sooyoung introduced himself.

" You...what happened to you?" Soonkyu was amazed.

" You mean my old big round glasses?" Sooyoung asked. 

" Not only that...what happened to your clothing?" Soonkyu asked.

" Well, i somehow hire a stylist because i know my clothing are too old fashioned." Sooyoung explained.

" So handsome..." Soonkyu said to herself.

" Oh, i see. Um, i remembered you now. were there with me all the time, even when i get punished." Soonkyu now realised.

" Yeah." Sooyoung scratched his back head.

" Wait, how come? You're a smart and diciplined student. How come you got punished?" Soonkyu didn't care about the nerdy Sooyoung backthen.

" B-because i liked you........up until now...." Sooyoung said in a really soft voice.

" What?" Soonkyu was shocked but she was happy anyway.

" Oh, sorry. I didn't mean that. Why would such a beautiful girl like you fall for me? Sorry. I've to get going." Sooyoung made his way.

" WAIT!" Soonkyu shouted.

" Huh? Me?" Sooyoung pointed at himself.

" Yes. You.." Soonkyu blushed.

" You''re blushing...." Sooyoung pointed at Soonkyu's cheek.

" D-do you want to, you know..." Sooyou blushed himself too. He never thought he would get his dream girl.

" Yes, i do..." Soonkyu said and reached out fo...

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CoffeeMillk () says about chapter 1:
Awww happy family :')

dorkyboy () says:
hello there..I already read this story months ago..I'm sorry cause I didn't post any message..I totally love yours's full with drama, happiness, sadness and love of family especially YULSIC..keke..and I love taeny too..keke..Hyo is so for the great story..hope you will post other family story too cause it's difficult to find snsd family like YULSIC and TAENY as the parents with their children..keke..tq

yoongduck () says about chapter 1:
i love family storyline.....let's see next chap

jasmine1103 () says:
Could you make a pdf for this author-ssi? :)

Remymario () says:
Hmmmm chapter 1 they are being happy at first

Remymario () says:
Great story but babies talk in their language instead of English but greAt story

LittleSone18 () says about chapter 48:
What's wrong with you writer why they can't live in peace LOL =)) great story so far

Soshi1590 () says about chapter 91:
A happy and oh so sweet ending.
A lot of drama, by a lot like a tremendous amount of drama. But the good thing is that it didnt last for a lot of chapters.

I love Jessica in this fic, she is hilarious. Her interactions with every character in the story is something, usually ends up with me smiling or laughing at her antics.

folaau04 () says about chapter 91:
all my emotions in this story exploded haha I cried, laughed and got extremely annoyed/angry with the parents but I'm ok. I think in one of the chapter I was crying really hard and I was reading the message at the bottom and it said "I'm a Drama Queen :p

Did anyone of you cried? Raise your foot if you did :p" at that point I felt like choking you hahaha because of course I cried that was so sad plus I felt sorry for tae but I'm ok now hehe you did well on this story..


monchu_krist () says about chapter 91:
Finally i've finished this story..
Your story unpredictable author..
I think when i read your story, i had a headache because drama that you make..
But i like your story over all, sorry i've just comment in final part..
Thank you for this story author..

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